20 Innovative Indoor Dog Kennels Ideas for Your Pet’s Comfort

Last updated on April 20, 2024

Explore creative ideas for indoor dog kennels because they can be a stunning decor piece that accentuates your style while providing a comfortable space for your pet.

“I’m proud to have composed this article and designed these innovative indoor dog kennel ideas, and hope you find them as inspiring and fun to implement as I did creating them.”

Creating a cozy, stylish, and functional indoor dog kennel doesn’t have to break the bank. With a bit of creativity and some basic DIY skills, you can transform a mundane pet space into a chic and comfortable haven for your furry friend.

From repurposing old furniture to creating a kennel that doubles as a stunning piece of home decor, this article is packed with budget-friendly ideas that are both practical and visually appealing.

Dive in to explore a variety of indoor dog kennel ideas that are easy to implement and sure to impress.

Multifunctional Kennel With Integrated Furniture

multifunctional kennel with integrated furniture

Integrating furniture design with a dog’s kennel not only ensures a cohesive look for your interior design but also maximizes the use of space. This consideration is especially useful in small living areas. The kennel, by design, could serve as a coffee table, nightstand, or side-table.

Consider these essential aspects to make the kennel function optimally:

  • Size: The kennel needs to be spacious enough for the dog to move comfortably and not feel cramped.
  • Ventilation: Ensure the design has adequate openings to allow for proper airflow.
  • Material: Choose materials that are durable, easy to clean, and safe for your pet.
  • Accessibility: It’s essential to have a convenient entry and exit point, preferably with a lockable door.
  • Padding: To ensure your pet’s comfort, consider integrating a soft mattress or padding.
  • Design: Choose a design that aligns and blends beautifully with your existing furniture.
  • Storage: You might want to consider adding compartments to store pet supplies.

Overall, the functional integration of a kennel and furniture can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your home while providing a cozy haven for your pet. They aren’t just practical; they can also be a stylish addition to your home.

Wooden Indoor Kennel With Rustic Design

wooden indoor kennel with rustic design

Crafting a wooden indoor kennel gives you the freedom to incorporate a beautiful rustic aesthetic to the overall design. This style can effortlessly blend with most home decor, adding a warm and cozy ambiance.

Here’s how:

1. Use Distressed Wood: The hallmark of rustic decor is aged, distressed wood. For the kennel, consider using reclaimed or weathered wood. Not only is this sustainable, but it also brings that sought-after vintage vibe.

2. Incorporate a Sliding Barn Door: Another way to enhance the rustic charm is by incorporating a mini sliding barn-style door for the kennel entrance. This perfectly encapsulates the country-style feel.

3. Complement with Earthy Tones: Paint the kennel in earthy, muted colors. Shades like taupe, beige, or soft gray can complement the wood in an appealing way.

4. Add Raw Textures: Texture adds depth to a rustic design. Consider hessian or burlap cushions for your pet’s comfort inside the kennel.

5. Decorate with Accessories: Small accessories such as antler sheds or faux fur rugs inside the kennel can offer an extra rustic flavor. But remember, always prioritize your pet’s safety when adding any accessories!

By blending these elements, your furry friend’s new home will exude a charming, rugged aesthetic that seamlessly complements your existing rustic decor.

Modern, Minimalist Metal Dog Kennel

modern minimalist metal dog kennel

Sleek lines and minimal design make these kennels an appealing choice for the contemporary home. While they might seem all about aesthetics, these kennels offer a substantial amount of utility as well. Here are a few points that elevate their standing in modern decor:

  • 1. Blend of fashion and function: They adapt with your interior and don’t stand out as eyesores. Their slick design language fits right in with the modern decor, fostering harmony in your space.
  • 2. Highly durable: Thanks to their metal construct, these kennels are extremely robust and sturdy, standing the test of time and canine enthusiasm.
  • 3. Easy to clean: The minimalistic design devoid of unnecessary nooks and crannies makes them a breeze to clean.
  • 4. Optimum ventilation: The grill design allows ample air circulation, creating a comfortable environment for your furry friend.
  • 5. Streamlined silhouette: These kennels come in compact designs to save your floor space while giving ample room to your pet.

By assimilating these elements, a modern, minimalist metal dog kennel provides a perfect sanctuary for your pet without compromising on style or comfort.

Portable, Foldable Fabric Kennel

portable foldable fabric kennel

These kennels are brilliant for their simple design and ease of transportation. In moments, they can be collapsed down flat, making them ideal for trips, vacations, or simply moving around the house. Using durable yet light materials, they ensure your pet’s safety without being bulky or heavy. They come in an assortment of sizes and designs to satisfy both your aesthetic and your dog’s comfort. A removable, washable cover makes cleaning a breeze while a secure zippered door provides easy access for your pet.

Not only are they functional, but they also come in an array of colors and patterns, making it effortless to match your home decor or personal style. This, coupled with their budget-friendly price, makes them an urban pet owner’s dream come true.

Indoor Kennel With Inbuilt Food and Water Station

indoor kennel with inbuilt food and water station

Integrated food and water stations in an indoor kennel streamline your furry friend’s daily routine. This clever, all-in-one solution eliminates the need for separate bowls scattered around the house, which often get knocked over and dirty.

Firstly, this design is a lifesaver for those who are often away from home. It ensures your pet has a constant supply of nourishment throughout the day. Remember to select a kennel that includes easy-fill, high-capacity dispensers.

Secondly, this setup promotes cleanliness. As feeding takes place in a confined space, any spills are caught within the kennel. This cuts cleaning time and keeps the feeding area hygienic. Kennels with removable trays make this process even simpler.

Finally, consider versatility. Mountable bowls that can be positioned according to your pet’s comfort are a bonus.

To maximize the benefit, measure your pet’s eating and drinking habits to determine the size and capacity of the inbuilt station.

Kennel With Attached Play Area

kennel with attached play area

Integrating a play area within the confinement enriches your furry friend’s living environment, making it more enjoyable and stimulating. Here are ideas to achieve this:

1. Use a split-design kennel where one half serves as the play zone. Install interactive toys to keep the pooch entertained.

2. Incorporate a mini obstacle course for mental and physical stimulation. Remember to consider your pet’s size in the design.

3. Create a soft, cushioned corner for lounging or nap time. This offers relaxation after a busy play period.

4. Make sure to include a scratching post if you own a dog that loves to dig.

5. Toy storage can also be part and parcel of the play area for easy accessibility and clutter-free space.

6. If space allows, add a small wading pool for water-loving breeds. Remember safety is vital; never fill the water beyond your dog’s chest level.

The execution can vary based on your dog’s personality, needs, and the available space, ensuring a harmonious blend of function and aesthetics in your home.

Glass-walled Kennel for Clear Visibility

glass walled kennel for clear visibility

These unique kennels are as much a stylish interior accessory as they are a comfortable home for your pet. The glass walls ensure that your furry friend always stays within your sight, reducing their sense of isolation when you’re in the same room together.

An important consideration is ensuring the material’s safety – tempered glass is typically a preferred choice due to its greater strength and shatter-resistant properties compared to regular glass.

Glass-walled kennels also make cleaning a breeze. Simply wiping down the surfaces with a suitable cleaning product will suffice. Plus, unlike barred kennels, glass walls prevent pet hair from making their way onto your floor and furniture.

Additionally, these kennels present an opportunity to play with lighting. Strategic placement of the kennel where it can catch sunlight can create a warm, cozy nook, perfect for your pet’s afternoon slumber.

One key point, though, the glass should be sufficiently thick and opaque to ensure your pet’s privacy while still allowing for sufficient natural light. Customization options are usually available, allowing the finish to complement your existing decor swiftly and effortlessly.

Remember, a happy pet means a happier home.

Decorative Indoor Kennel Doubling As a Side Table

decorative indoor kennel doubling as a side table

There’s definitely a charm in integrating pet needs into the home’s living spaces, hence the growing trend of kennels that double as side tables. Not only do they save space, but they also add an interesting aesthetic value. Imagine a sleek, wooden table serving as your kennel’s roof. It can hold anything, from your much-loved potted plant to a stack of bestsellers you’re yet to delve into.

Consider materials that are durable yet complement your existing furniture. Hardwood is a popular choice for its sturdiness. Always go for designs allowing adequate air circulation, which a wire door could achieve perfectly. Cushion the interior with a comfortable bed or blanket that is machine washable. This way, your pet has a cozy retreat right within the family’s living area. Your furry friend’s new home becomes a functional piece of furniture that suits your own style – pleasant for everyone involved.

For the DIY enthusiasts among you, converting an old end table or nightstand to serve as a dual-purpose kennel is an exciting project. Quick tip – stain or paint it to match your living room for a seamless blend! If building from scratch seems daunting, many furniture stores offer dog kennel furniture that can blend into your décor seamlessly. Remember, designing a kennel that suits both your pet and your living space will add charm to your home while providing your dog with a space they can call their own.

Kennel With a Built-in Sleeping Area and Toys

kennel with a built in sleeping area and toys

Ensuring your pet’s comfort is crucial when considering indoor kennels. One remarkable approach is integrating rest and play within the confines of the kennel.

A plush, cozy bed can turn a mere kennel into a luxurious pet suite. Opt for the ones with removable, machine washable covers to keep the sleeping area fresh and clean.

A built-in toy box within the kennel can keep your pet’s favorite trinkets handy. This addition aids in preventing boredom and triggering enrichment activities.

It’s advisable to incorporate a non-slip mat under the bed, ensuring safety as your pet moves around.

Remember to account for ample space so that your pet can stretch and shift positions comfortably. A spacious kennel can accommodate a sleeping area without becoming cramped.

Chew-resistant toys work best for such settings, eradicating the odds of damage and potential choking hazards.

This setup offers the benefit of convenience, keeping your pet entertained and snug, all in one place.

Eco-friendly Bamboo Kennel

eco friendly bamboo kennel

Crafted from sustainable bamboo, these kennels exemplify environmental consideration without skimping on design. Bamboo, renowned for being sturdier than some types of wood, guarantees durability and resistance to wear, ensuring the kennel is a constant feature in your home for years.

Its naturally occurring anti-microbial properties are helpful for maintaining a clean environment, with the added bonus that odors don’t cling to the bamboo as they may with other materials.

Available in a variety of designs, the natural aesthetic of bamboo can seamlessly blend with your existing interior, adding a touch of class while keeping your home green. Furthermore, its lightweight nature simplifies movement, permitting easy relocation based on your décor changes or pup’s preferences.

On a large scale, opting for such eco-friendly alternatives contributes positively to global efforts of reducing deforestation. A note to add is that in production, less energy is employed making bamboo an excellent choice for the eco-conscious.

Care should, however, be taken as bamboo, although durable, isn’t the best fit for aggressive chewers. Still, many dog owners report positive experiences, especially due to its ability to mesh with their home décor and its core sustainability factor.

Climate-controlled Indoor Dog Kennel

climate controlled indoor dog kennel

Unpredictable weather shouldn’t be a challenge for your pet. Climate-controlled indoor kennels offer a worthy solution, ensuring comfortable temperatures year-round. These genius inventions carefully regulate the conditions using integrated heating and cooling systems.

1. Heating Function: Perfect for chilly winters, the heating facility provides a warm and cozy environment.

2. Air Conditioning: In sweltering summers, the cooling feature guarantees a refreshing haven for your furry friend.

3. Humidity Control: A bonus feature in some models, it optimizes the humidity, preventing discomfort and potential skin issues in pets.

4. Filtered Air Flow: Several of these kennels are fitted with air filters, ensuring your pup breathes clean and dust-free air.

5. Energy Efficiency: These kennels are designed to be power-saving, making them a sustainable and cost-effective option.

These features make climate-controlled kennels a stellar choice for pet owners, helping to ensure their loved two’s comfort. It is a justified investment in your dog’s well-being, providing them with a safe retreat regardless of the weather outside.

Luxury, High-end Upholstered Kennel

luxury high end upholstered kennel

Seamlessly blending comfort and style, these models offer the epitome of pet luxury. With their premium leather or velvet finishes, they effortlessly match high-end interior design schemes while providing a plush haven for your pet. Strong wooden frames ensure durability, further enhanced by sturdy metal hardware.

1. Comfort Meets Style: The upholstery can be of high quality fabrics such as leather or velvet, providing your dog with a warm and cozy feel while adding a luxe touch to your room.

2. Durability is Key: Solid frames, often made from hardwood, provide longevity despite regular usage. Quality stitching and reinforced corners also enhance durability.

3. Match Your Interiors: These sophisticated kennels are available in various colours, patterns, and styles that sync with different décors, from modern minimalist to vintage chic, and more.

4. Easy Maintenance: Interiors are usually lined with removable and washable cushions or mattresses, which makes keeping them spotless a breeze.

5. Enhanced Features: Some boast additional amenities like lockable wheels for mobility, integrated storage spots, or dedicated feeding areas.

Kennel With Sound-proof Material for Anxious Pets

kennel with sound proof material for anxious pets

When shopping for a kennel that caters to anxious pets, sound-proof materials offer a valuable solution. These work by buffering external noises, providing your pet with a comforting, peaceful environment, much like a sanctuary.

1. Material Matters: Look for kennels made from layers of accoustic foam or sound-absorbent padding. Both are excellent at blocking outdoor distractions, like traffic or loud neighbors.

2. Structural Design: Traditionally, sound-proof kennels have a sealed structure to prevent noise leakage. An ergonomic model with ventilation ensures the comfort of your furry friend without sacrificing sound insulation.

3. Detachable Covers: If a completely sound-proof kennel is outside your budget, consider a heavy-duty noise cancelling cover. These are often made from sound-absorbent fabrics and easily slip over your existing kennel.

Remember, while a sound-proof kennel can provide a quiet retreat, it’s also vital to address the underlying issues causing your pet’s anxiety with the help of a trained professional.

Customizable Kennel Matching the Home Decor

customizable kennel matching the home decor

Choosing the best materials, colors, and design elements can seamlessly integrate a kennel into your existing space. It’s about marrying functionality with style. For instance, opting for a wooden kennel in a room with hardwood furniture can maintain a cohesive look.

Fabrics used for cushioning inside the kennel can complement your couch or curtains. You could even get creative with paint to match the kennel with wall colors, creating an uninterrupted visual flow. Bear in mind, the perfect kennel doesn’t have to scream “pet furniture”, but subtly blend in, adding to your home’s aesthetic harmony.

Personalize with accessories, such as decorative nameplates, customized cushions, or stylish toys that align with your décor theme. Height is another consideration — a kennel aligned with your coffee table or console creates horizontal lines adding balance to the room. Remember to keep pet comfort and safety a priority amid all decor decisions.

Compact Kennel for Small Dog Breeds

compact kennel for small dog breeds

Optimizing small spaces without compromising the comfort of your tiny furry friend can prove challenging. Enter compact kennels – a streamlined solution that not only saves room but also assures cosiness for smaller breeds.

Consider kennels with a rectangular or square design to utilize corner spaces effectively. Remember, the size should adequately allow for your dog to stand, turn, and stretch. Another key feature to look for is the material. Ensure it’s sturdy yet light to prevent accidental tipping.

Compact kennels shouldn’t mean restricted airflow. Aim for designs that offer ample ventilation, like those with grated doors or windows. Don’t overlook the entry point either – it has to be large enough for your dog to move in and out comfortably.

Finally, to add a touch of charm, try integrating the kennel with your home aesthetic. Choose hues that match your color scheme or accessorize with cozy mats and toys that your small breed will love.

Raised Kennel With Under-storage Space

raised kennel with under storage space

This design serves a dual purpose. It provides your pet with a comfortable space above the ground, while the space beneath can be utilized for storing their toys, food, and other accessories. It’s superbly efficient for smaller homes where storage options might be limited.

When considering this option, ensure that the elevation isn’t too high for your pooch to climb comfortably. The storage area should be a pull-out drawer or have doors for easy access. Materials such as wood or metal are durable and easy to clean. Consider adding a ramp for older or smaller dogs.

Try adding matching baskets or storage boxes to give a more uniform appearance. Label each for effortless accessibility and organization. This style is particularly relevant for those seeking kennels that blend seamlessly with their interior design while featuring useful elements.

Hidden Kennel Inside a Cabinet or Under a Staircase

hidden kennel inside a cabinet or under a staircase

One effective way to integrate a kennel into your home decor without occupying any additional space is through clever use of existing areas. Essentially, these types of kennels are hidden in plain sight, camouflaged within the house’s architecture.

Primarily, you can make use of idle spaces like under-stairs alcove or the inside of a seldom-used cupboard. These places often being under-utilized, are an ingenious spot to house your furry friend. This not only conserves space but also adds a touch of novelty to your interior design.

Secondly, ensure appropriate ventilation and proper lighting are in place. It’s paramount for your pet’s comfort and well-being. Adding a pet-friendly carpet or a cosy bed can increase the comfort level.

For cabinets, it’s essential to modify the doors, either by removing them completely or replacing them with easy access points like doggy doors, curtain panels, or security gates, which ensures your pet can freely move in and out.

Lastly, consider safe and easy to clean materials for the inside. Stainless steel applied on the wall behind the kennel can make cleaning effortless. Unfinished wood can also be used, with a coating of pet-safe paint for a stylish finish.

Remember, the idea behind a hidden kennel isn’t to seclude your dog, but to provide them with a cosy space of their own that seamlessly blends with your home decor. Prioritize their comfort alongside ensuring the place complements your styling.

DIY Repurposed Furniture Kennel

diy repurposed furniture kennel

Turning a piece of unused furniture into a kennel is not just cost-effective but also adds a unique touch to your interior. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Identify Suitable Furniture: Look for old cabinets, end tables, or nightstands with ample internal space.

2. Modify for Comfort: Remove doors or drawers to create entrance points. Make sure there are no sharp edges or protruding nails that might harm your pet.

3. Ventilation: Drill holes or cut out patterns on the sides for airflow.

4. Personalize: Paint or varnish the outside to blend with your decor. Customize with your pet’s name or motifs of your choice.

5. Pad for Comfort: Lay a comfortable, washable mattress or cushion inside.

6. Safety: Make sure the furniture doesn’t topple over. Add furniture anchors if needed.

Remember, the goal is to create a safe, comfortable, and personal space for your furry companion. With a little creativity, you can transform an old furniture piece into a fabulous DIY dog kennel. Happy crafting!

Kennel With Veterinary-approved Comfort Mattress

kennel with veterinary approved comfort mattress

Delving further into the comfort aspect, it’s vital to choose a mattress that has the seal of approval from veterinarians. This guarantees not just comfort, but also better health for your furry friends.

1. Correct Posture: These specially designed mattresses assist in supporting your dog’s spine and prevent postural issues.

2. Joint Care: They often encompass an orthopedic factor that provides relief for dogs suffering from joint ailments like arthritis or hip dysplasia.

3. Temperature Regulation: Some mattresses have temperature control features. These are particularly beneficial for dogs that easily get overheated or too chilly.

4. Hypoallergenic Material: They can be made of materials that prevent allergies and skin irritations.

5. Ease of Cleaning: Most vet-approved mattresses are easy to clean and resist odors and stains, vital for maintaining a hygienic environment.

This little addition can make a world of difference to the overall well-being of your pet.

Safe-proofed Kennel With Chew-resistant Material

safe proofed kennel with chew resistant material

Providing a safe environment for your canine companion is a priority. One suitable option to consider involves materials that resist your pet’s tendency to chew. Besides reducing the risk of damage, chew-resistant materials are less likely to cause health issues like choking or digestion problems if ingested.

Select those made from robust metals or hard plastics. They should be smooth-surfaced and devoid of sharp edges. Do ensure that the kennel doesn’t have easily removable or small parts that a dog might swallow.

Fixation points for bowls are essential to prevent your pet from gnawing at them. Moreover, opt for strong, durable flooring to prevent your dog from gnawing through. The addition of a chew-proof mat or cushion inside the kennel can help provide comfort without potential harm.

Always choose the highest quality possible in line with your budget. Remember, safety is paramount even when making budget-friendly decisions.


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