How to Use an Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser?

Last updated on October 10, 2023

Using an automatic liquid soap dispenser is as simple as moving your hands towards its nozzle. Still, there’s more to preparing it for operation and installation. Read on!

The automatic soap dispenser is perfect for kitchens where you have small children or pets that might accidentally knock over the container of soap. The dispenser will automatically dispense soap when it senses movement in its environment. It’s also great if you’re using an electric range because there are no hot surfaces to worry about.

Automatic soap dispensers are also great in the bathroom where they provide convenience and better personal hygiene. It’s so much easier to wash your hands when you can easily access soap without having to touch the dispenser.

It seems using a soap dispenser like this is straightforward, but you still need to know a few quirks about how they function and how to handle them. Especially when it comes to troubleshooting problems.

How to Install an Automatic Soap Dispenser

using an automatic soap dispenser

So first, to use a dispenser, you have to install it. While the specific installation instructions may vary per manufacturer, a soap dispenser is not a complicated device and the steps are pretty common:

  • Open the door of the machine;
  • Remove the cover plate on top of the machine;
  • Take out the cartridge from inside the machine;
  • Fill it with liquid soap;
  • Put the cartridge into the machine;
  • Close the door of the machine;
  • Mount it on a wall if it has an option.

How to Control an Automatic Soap Dispenser

While a touchless soap dispenser doesn’t need you to push any buttons to use, some models may have control buttons. These either turn the machine on/off or control how much soap it dispenses.

Button A: The first time when you turn on the power supply, press the button “A” to start up the machine. After starting up, press the button again to stop the machine. When pressing the button “A”, there will be no sound or light. If you don’t hear any noise after turning off the power supply, please check whether the battery is dead.

Button B: On semi-automatic devices, pressing the button “B” will make the liquid flow through the nozzle automatically. You should not touch the button during operation because touching may cause damage to the machine.

Button C: Pressing the button controls how much liquid soap dispenses per turn.

All control buttons and their names will vary per manufacturer and model, so please refer to the manual for the details.

Innovative Technology

Common technology that you will find in soap dispensers:

  • Touchless Liquid Soap Dispenser: This kind of product has a unique design and can save your energy by reducing electricity consumption.
  • Waterproof Design: With waterproof design, the device won’t get wet even if it falls down.
  • Easy Operation: Just put the cartridge into the machine, close the lid and push the button “Start/Stop”.
  • No Noise: There is no loud noise while operating.
  • Foam soap: Dispensers may inject air into liquid soap forming a lather.

Improved Hygiene

This is how using an automatic soap dispenser increases your personal hygiene:

  • Touchless: Do not need to touch the handle of the machine, so it prevents the spread of germs.
  • Cleaning: Wash hands with warm water before washing dishes.3.
  • Safety: Children cannot play around the machine.
  • Environment-friendly: Save more than 50% of water compared to the manual handwashing method.
  • Healthier: Use less detergent which saves money and reduces pollution. It can work as a sanitizer dispenser.

Useful Tips

  • When using the machine, please pay attention to the following points:
  • Make sure that the distance between the two holes is about 10cm.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the cartridge while putting it into the machine.
  • Before installation, please clean all parts thoroughly so as to avoid clogging.
  • Be careful with the opening of the machine. Don’t let your fingers get stuck in the gap between the door and the body of the machine.


Is it possible to refill the bottle without removing it from the machine?

Yes, most dispensers have easy access for refilling.

What kind of soap goes in an automatic soap dispenser?

Any liquid soap will work in an automatic soap dispenser. You can use a hand sanitizer or another solution as well.

How do you get a soap dispenser to work?

You must ensure that the dispenser is installed correctly. Make sure that the cartridge fits snugly within the housing. Also, make sure that the cartridge does not protrude beyond the end of the housing.

Can I replace my old cartridge with a new one?

No, cartridges are designed specifically for their machines. They are not interchangeable.


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