Making your bathroom look contemporary can be a bit overwhelming considering the many designs that are available today. From sophisticated and imposing rustic bathroom decor to bright and cherry modern style, you are sure to find a design that suits you. For the best contemporary bathrooms, here are a few options that surpass your wildest dreams to turn that dull space into a great refreshing and relaxation space.

Use a natural color palette

If you use a natural color in your bathroom backed up by some warm materials, you are sure to bring a modern rustic appeal to your space. You can go for wood to bring that pleasant ambiance, and spice it up with natural and artificial light. If your bathroom space is small then try including mirrors and monochromatic palette to bring the balance.

Add a Free-standing bathtub

If your bathroom is located at a penthouse or any apartment floor, you can flaunt a free-standing bathtub right next to the window so that it overlooks the city. This gives you an opportunity to have your bubble bath and have a sensory and visual experience in addition to adding a modern touch to your space.

Rethink all the artwork in your bathroom

If you have some of your favorite photos or postcards in your computer then print and put them in expensive frames and hang them in your bathroom in a creative way. You can also swap some of your art pieces from other rooms and place them on your counter-tops to add a unique look.

Add some fresh coat of paint

Adding new color on your Bathroom walls can change the space completely. Go ahead and paint your cabinets, ensuring that you match the color with your curtains. Also consider wall decals to transform your walls and add some modern feel to your space.
There are many designs you can choose from and remodel your bathroom to make it contemporary. These are some of the creative ways that can help you change that space entirely and make it feel modern.