How to Heat Your Bed Without an Electric Blanket [13 Ways]

Last updated on October 12, 2023

We’ve counted 13 ways to heat your bed without an electric blanket. Which one is the best? We think that’s the heat pad closely followed by the hot water bottle.

Yes, we actually think there’s something better than the famous hot water bottle. Read on to find out why.

The age-old question — how to heat a cold bed? Nobody ever wanted to go to a chilly bed. That’s why an iron bed heater was invented — it used hot coals to heat the bedsheets. And it worked.

Today, we have technology that saves us from putting hot coals in our beds and from a potential fire hazard. An electric blanket is one of those inventions that solve the problem. There are even cordless heated blankets that have no wires and aren’t hooked to a power socket directly.

But what if you want to keep electricity out of the bed. Let’s face it, getting electrocuted or burnt is a natural fear to have when you plug your bed into an outlet. There’s the concern of running up the power bill too.

So, what are the other ways to heat your bed? Turns out there are quite a few — we’ve counted 13. And here they are.

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Hot Water Bottle

hot water bottle
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No doubt, one of the best ways to raise the bedsheet temperature is by using a hot water bottle for warmth. This will make your bed more comfortable while sleeping on a cold night, and it lasts relatively long.

Chances are you’ve already used it on an occasion, either to heat the bed or to keep yourself warm cuddled up. It’s a great solution all in all.

A hot water bottle is a rubber container with a cork (it looks more like a bag or a pillow than a bottle.) From the outside, it has a rugged surface that prevents burns and sliding in the bed. You fill it with water and enjoy the warmth for quite a while. They can come in nice kitted covers too.

As great as it is, we still think there are better ways, besides the electric blanket.

Heat Pads

hot-cold gel pack
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You can get hot-cold gel pads that are primarily used to treat injuries. You can either heat one up in the microwave (or alternative), or freeze it in the freezer. The benefit is that it maintains its temperature for a long time.

A gel-filled heating pad covered in a fabric will keep you warm longer than a hot water bottle. There’s also no water involved, thus no possible leakage. You first get the gel-pack from its container and put it in a microwave for a minute or so. It’s not necessary to remove the pack from its cover, but it seems more hygienic to leave it out of the microwave.

A silk handkerchief might substitute the cover in a pinch. Be sure not to overheat the gel – oversee it first to make sure it doesn’t burst. If it gets too hot, it can burst and create a huge mess.

As a natural alternative, people actually make these heat pads from feed corn. Not to be confused with popcorn, it’s dried corn grain that holds heat very well. So you put it into a sachet, heat it in a microwave and use it to heat the bed. Such a sachet can be heated over and over again. It works really well, and it’s the most natural way to do it.

Get Your Body Temperature Higher

bedroom workout

Now on to other methods to heat your bed before sleep. These aren’t as ideal as the above two, but they can work too, if for instance, you don’t have a hot water bottle, or feed corn around.

Doing some exercise to increase your body heat will save you from feeling cold. Although you wouldn’t want to dramatically raise your body temperature before going to bed, increasing it slightly would prevent you from feeling cold.

Warming Drinks Before Bedtime

hot tea

Get a cup of warm drink before going to bed at night. This helps with the natural desire to cool down and fall asleep. It’s best to stay away from caffeine drinks, which can interrupt sleep. But there’s no need to stick to chamomile tea either.

Try Different Fabrics

warm blankets

The best way to remain warm in your bed during the winter season is by buying various types of comforters, such as those having soft and fuzzy textures.

For your bedsheets in the winter, flannel is an excellent option. Flannel is coarse cotton that has been brushed to make it soft rather than smooth.

Down comforters are another option. The down filling traps the air as well and provides extra insulation. Weighted blankets can have the same effect.

Create Layers of Blankets

bed blankets

Rather than just using one warm duvet, make several layers of blankets or quilt. This idea is to create air pockets and render insulation (a poor conductor of heat). The layers work well, so you can strip them if you’re cold at night. Try layering your garments to ensure the highest insulation.

Layer Your Nightwear


The best way to prevent heat from escaping is to trap air within layers. Choose thicker clothes in your closet and use them as layers. Wear a layer of thermal underpants. Make sure you pick a clothing size that suits you well. Sleep with your pajamas on top. You’ll see that cotton, cashmere, and cashmere pajamas are more comfortable to sleep in.

By covering our feet, we are guaranteed to feel warmer. If you’re sleeping in a cold spot, you can make sure to wear an extra jumper with a hood to keep the neck and ears warm. Putting on a wool hat is also an option.

Finally, you can add or remove clothing appropriately during the night.

Use Thermal Underwear

thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is made from a two-ply mixture of polyester and cotton and occasionally wool. This fabric has two different layers, and it traps the heat from your body. This trapped heat insulates the bed from the outside. Thermal underwear comprises a long-sleeved vest and leggings. Thermals don’t look sexy, but they have unparalleled comfort.

Use the Tumble Dryer

tumble dryer

You can also put your sheets into the tumble dryer before sleep. Though you can’t do this every night because it’s difficult to dry and place them back on the bed every time.

Use the Blow Dryer

blow dryer

One successful approach is using a hairdryer. This works efficiently and does not take much time. Just blow hot air under the sheets on the hottest setting — it will heat up in no time. It’s actually a great hack if you have no other options.

Try to Increase Room Temperature

home furnace efficiency

Make sure to close the windows whenever possible to keep out the cold weather. Ensure that the bedroom is sufficiently heated to ensure a good night’s sleep, no matter the outside temperatures.

Bedding that has specific insulating properties can also warm you up inside the bed. These are just a couple of natural ways to get cozy in bed.

And finally, a couple of fun ones.

Get a Dog

dog in bed

Dogs enjoy lying down to cool them down. Their average body temperature is higher than yours. If there are cold spots still left, get multiple dogs.

Take a Laptop to Bed

laptop in bed

I don’t know about you, but this thing on my lap heats up pretty quickly. Watching a bedtime movie before falling asleep will heat things in no time.


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