Floor and Wall Tiles Calculator

Last updated on September 28, 2023

This is our wall and floor tiles calculator that will allow you to calculate how many tiles you need to cover the entire area, including around windows, doors, corners, and other obstacles. You can use either inches or meters for measurements (metric or US), but please ensure that you use the same units for accurate calculation (i.e. only meters or inches, but don’t mix them with centimeters or feet.) Scroll down to read the instructions.

Tile Calculator

Enter Dimensions

Width (wall or floor):

Wall Height (or Depth of floor):

Enter Tile Size

Tile Width:

Tile Height:

Additional Options

Grout Width:

Wastage Percentage (e.g. 10 for 10% extra tiles):


You will need 0 tiles.

function calculateTiles() { // Get input values with updated IDs let width = parseFloat(document.getElementById(“tileCalc_width”).value); let height = parseFloat(document.getElementById(“tileCalc_height”).value); let tileWidth = parseFloat(document.getElementById(“tileCalc_tileWidth”).value); let tileHeight = parseFloat(document.getElementById(“tileCalc_tileHeight”).value); let groutWidth = parseFloat(document.getElementById(“tileCalc_groutWidth”).value); let wastage = parseFloat(document.getElementById(“tileCalc_wastage”).value) / 100; // Convert percentage to decimal// Ensure all values are entered and are greater than 0 if (isNaN(width) || isNaN(height) || isNaN(tileWidth) || isNaN(tileHeight) || isNaN(groutWidth) || isNaN(wastage) || width <= 0 || height < 0 || tileWidth <= 0 || tileHeight <= 0 || groutWidth < 0 || wastage 0 ? height : width); let tileArea = tileWidth * tileHeight; let numberOfTiles = Math.ceil(areaToCover / tileArea);// Add wastage numberOfTiles += Math.ceil(numberOfTiles * wastage);// Display the result using updated ID document.getElementById(“tileCalc_result”).innerText = numberOfTiles; }

Are you thinking of tiling your bathroom or laying tiles on the kitchen floor? If you are, you will need to decide which type of tile to use and how to choose the best kind of tiling for the job. You will also have to consider whether to buy expensive tiles or cheap tiles. So, you have considered all aspects of your tiling project and you are ready to order the tiles. But, how many boxes of tiles will you need to complete the job and do you know anything about calculating floor and wall tiles?

How Many Tiles Do I Need To Buy?

Do an online search to locate a floor and wall tile calculator. This simple free online tool will help you to calculate the number of tiles needed to cover the area. Every tiling project differs, so it is important to use a reliable tiling calculator. An easy to use online calculator that will help you to estimate the approximate amount of tiles needed.

How to Use an Online Tile Calculator

To calculate the tile quantity you will need to enter the following information:

  • The width and height of your chosen tiles
  • The dimensions of the wall or floor to be tiled
  • Will the tiling go around doors and windows?
  • Do you need to buy extra tiles to allow for breakages and wastage?

Submit all of the necessary information into the online tile estimator and press the button marked “calculate”. The handy calculator will use the measurements given to work out the number of tiles needed for the job. If you have measured the area in feet and inches you should use the feet to meter converter provided.

Do I Have to Use a Floor and Wall Tile Calculator?

You could estimate the amount of tiles needed by drawing-up a plan. In fact, many DIY manuals have been devised to help to calculate the number of floor and wall tiles required. But, it is easy to estimate the number of floor tiles or wall tiles needed using a handy online calculation tool. Many professional builders download a free tile calculator app to work out the amount of tiles required.

Will I Be Able to Calculate The Number of Border Tiles Needed?

Yes. The simple online calculation tool allows you to determine how many border tiles needed.

Experienced tilers use online tile calculators frequently and they will tell you the floor and wall tile calculator is a valuable tool. In fact, many professional tilers utilize sophisticated tile estimating software to ensure few tiles are wasted. However, DIY enthusiasts should not feel daunted by the simple online tools that help to calculate the number of tiles needed. If you are tiling a simple back-splash it is easy to determine the amount of tiles required, however, if you are laying a large area of floor tiles or tiling a bathroom you will need to locate a reliable online tile calculator to do the job for you.


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