Need an additional privacy screen in your backyard? Build a DIY trellis screen. Choose one of these 10 easy ideas with tutorials. Great list! #DIY #backyard #garden

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If you need a little bit more privacy in your backyard from your neighbors or you want to hide ugly areas, you need a privacy screen. A DIY trellis screen is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make one.

You can build a privacy screen in many ways, and a trellis screen is one of our favorites. It’s an easy project to build one, the materials for it come easy, and the additional plans make your backyard space a lot more appealing. You can create a lattice in many different sizes for your exact needs. It can be a small screen to hide ugly trash cans or a big one to make as much privacy as you need.

Here are ten great project ideas with tutorials that will help you build a trellis screen in no time and on any budget. Just choose the one you want and get ready for a new woodworking project in the backyard.

DIY Espalier Trellis Privacy Screen for the Backyard

This is a fantastic DIY espalier trellis privacy screen for the backyard from easy-to-find materials. Check out the tutorial for the full details.

Added Privacy in Your Backyard by Building a Trellis

How to get added privacy in your backyard by building a trellis as a simple project. Follow the tutorial to learn how to do it.

How to Build Simple Privacy Planters with Lattice

How to Build Simple Privacy Planters with Lattice - DIY Danielle


Build simple privacy planters with lattice trellis for a simple backyard project. Follow the link for the full guidance and instructions.

$12 Outdoor Trellis/Privacy Screen

What a terrific $12 outdoor trellis privacy screen and a straightforward woodworking project. Check out the tutorial for the complete guidance and instructions.

A Privacy Trellis You Really Can DIY

What a beautiful privacy trellis you really can DIY as an easy home project. Check out the article to get the full plans.

How to Build a Privacy Planter

What a terrific way to build a privacy planter for a straightforward project. You can make it from cedar and stock lumber. Follow the tutorial to see the complete plans and instructions.

Build a Pergola with Trellis Screens

Create a pergola with trellis screens for an easy project to hide trash cans and other ugly things in the backyard. Follow the tutorial to find out how it’s done.

DIY Lattice Privacy Wall

DIY Lattice Privacy Wall


Make this tremendous DIY lattice privacy wall as a straightforward backyard project idea. See the tutorial to find out how to do it.

DIY Lattice Screen Trellis

Diy lattice screen trellis


Create this DIY lattice screen trellis as a cheap backyard project. You can use the trellis for veggies and fruits too. Follow the link for the video tutorial to learn how to do it.

Simple DIY Trellis Screen to Hide Ugly Areas in Your Backyard

This is a terrific simple DIY trellis screen to hide ugly areas in your backyard, and you can do it in a few hours too. Follow the link for the full guidance.