If you are too busy to head out to the shore, you can still enjoy the idea of relaxation and tranquility by transforming your bathroom into a beach-themed oasis. By getting a few ideas on diy beach decor for bathroom, you can walk into your bathroom each morning and feel like you entered a tropical paradise. To avoid typical run-of-the-mill beach themes, here are a few ideas to take your back to the surf.

Change the Color

Beach-themes are always full of fun vibrant colors. You can easily change your towels and shower curtain with brighter colors. In addition, these simple changes do not cost a lot of money. Hawaiian prints and stripes can make your theme more festive and colorful.

Replace the Shower Head

Make your bathroom shower feel like you are cascading in a tropical, summer rain by changing the shower head. By replacing your old shower head with an enveloping rain shower head, you will feel like you are in a Caribbean paradise every time you take a shower. Best of all, this bathroom adjustment does not cost a lot of money.

Return to Nature

Using tropical plants is an excellent way to give your bathroom a beach vibe. Tropical plants and bamboo are easy to maintain and add a unique touch to any beach bathroom theme. If you have a seashell or coral collection from your last trip to the beach, you can put these items in a glass vase to create a lovely beach-themed arrangement.

These items are inexpensive and oftentimes free if you have enough items saved from past beach adventures. Adding these items to your bathroom decor will make a huge difference when creating your beach theme.

If you cannot make it to the beach this year, there is no need to worry. With the right diy beach decor for bathroom, you can enjoy the tropics right in the comfort of your home. With these low-cost tips, you can enjoy the luxuries of paradise without travelling or spending huge amounts of money.