25 Indoorsy Covered Patio Ideas

Last updated on September 29, 2023

Here are creative and inspiring ideas for designing and decorating your outdoor covered patio. Read on!

Creating a stylish and comfortable covered patio is the perfect way to make the most of outdoor living.

Blending your indoor and outdoor spaces is trending so a covered patio allows you to do just that. Here we see a lot of decor ideas that are traditionally used indoors.

Saul Cerni, Editor

A covered patio can be accommodated with stylish furniture, rugs, and boutique decor to create a luxurious outdoor space for entertaining family and friends all year round.

Outdoor Rug

This covered patio design is perfect for outdoor living, with a stylish new rug and boutique decor. The spacious backyard features a garden and plenty of ideas for inspiration, making it the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Dining Area

Featuring a stylish pergola with louvers, providing shade and protection from the elements while still allowing natural light to filter through.

The space is a home extension, creating an entertainment area that can be enjoyed all year round.

Pergola Cover

This covered patio design features a beautiful pergola with an arbor and polycarbonate roof, creating a perfect outdoor space for entertaining.

The patio cover provides ample shade from the sun and protection from the elements, while the outdoor kitchen allows for convenient cooking and dining.

Louvered Roof

This covered patio is a luxurious outdoor oasis, perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Its louvered roof and beach-style decor offer a modern yet cozy atmosphere.

The fire pit surrounded by comfortable patio furniture creates an inviting ambiance, while the addition of a patio cover provides shade from the sun and protection from any rain.

Outdoor Sitting Area

Featuring a stylish and modern look, the patio is complete with a cozy seating area and plenty of space for entertaining.

The walls are made of durable materials to ensure protection from the elements, while the floor is covered in a beautiful tile pattern that adds a touch of elegance.

Plenty of trendy details, such as outdoor decor pieces and patio furniture, make this space truly unique.

Outdoor Fireplace

This covered patio design is perfect for creating a cozy outdoor space. It features rustic decor with a fireplace and an outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor room is excellent for eating outside or relaxing in the garden. There’s plenty of space to create an inviting atmosphere with seating and plants around the perimeter.

Covered Patio with Fireplace

With its sleek window wall, this patio provides an open view of the exterior while protecting it from the elements.

The mountain’s modern vibe is enhanced with patio furniture that has a contemporary feel and allows for indoor-outdoor living. For evening vibes, string lights can be hung around the perimeter of the covered patio to create a cozy atmosphere.

Middle Child Makeover

Featuring a pergola, comfortable seating, and stylish decor, it’s sure to be the envy of your backyard.

Create a Backyard Oasis

Create a Backyard Oasis covered patio
Source: @decorsteals

This cozy covered patio is ideal for entertaining guests, with modern farmhouse-style string lights that provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Comfortable outdoor furniture creates a welcoming feel, while a firepit adds an inviting touch to any outdoor evening.

Standing Seam Pergola Cover

This covered patio design features a pergola with a standing seam roof. It provides the perfect outdoor living space for cooking with an outdoor kitchen, lounging in the living room, or simply enjoying the shade on a sunny day.

Cover Over a Deck

The custom deck provides plenty of space for outdoor dining, while the motorized pergola creates a cozy atmosphere in the evening.

Patio Perfection

The space is perfect for outdoor living, with a private garden, landscaping, and landscape photography providing plenty of inspiration.

Landscape architecture and garden design complete the look, creating a cozy ambiance for entertaining guests.


Daytime or Nighttime View covered patio
Source: @decorsteals

It features a stone fireplace surrounded by comfortable outdoor furniture, string lights for the evening ambiance, and an inviting outdoor kitchen with all the necessary amenities.

The porch decor adds charm and character to the space, with rustic farmhouse accents like magnolia home pieces, modern craftsman touches, and shabby-chic farmhouse-style furniture that makes the area feel even cozier.

Farmhouse Backyard

Remington Ranch Farmhouse Backyard covered patio
Source: @decorsteals

This is a lovely farmhouse-style covered patio with a stone fireplace. The design mimics a living room with furniture and an area rug.

Pergola Shade

This covered patio design features a pergola with a polycarbonate roof and Polygal panels.

The roof is supported by sturdy posts and beams, making it an attractive and durable addition to any patio.

Raised Patio

Raised Patio covered patio
Source: @decorsteals

This covered patio design perfectly blends modern farmhouse style and cozy comfort. It features comfortable outdoor furniture, string lights for ambiance, and plenty of porch decor to bring it all together.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Carnival Goldfish Patio covered patio
Source: @beyond_gray

A complete patio cover with a ceiling enables this design to use a ceiling fan and create a living room atmosphere. The fireplace and an outdoor kitchen make the space all the more enjoyable.

Poolside Patio

This poolside patio is an extension of the house and makes a fully-functional room. The indoor decor fits well here.

Covered Patio with Fireplace

This covered patio design perfectly blends modern farmhouse style and outdoor living. The large metal roof protects from fall weather while allowing plenty of natural light to filter through.

The landscaped design features a cozy outdoor fireplace surrounded by lush greenery, creating an inviting atmosphere for outdoor dining and entertaining.

Covered Patio with a Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition to a covered patio. There’s no reason not to have it in such a spacious outdoor space.

Swoon-Worthy Patio

The warm tones of the Southern Charm furniture, combined with the Janus et Cie outdoor decor, create an inviting atmosphere that is both cozy and stylish.

The covered patio features beautiful patterned flooring and lush greenery for added privacy. A few pieces of outdoor furniture provide comfortable seating for guests to enjoy while admiring the view.

Large Dining Table

This stunning covered patio design features reclaimed beams, custom home elements, and a pool for inspiration. The perfect spot to enjoy summer lovin’, the patio is surrounded by a lush backyard design.

Patio TV

It features a TV over a stone fireplace, outdoor furniture, and a paver patio that creates an inviting atmosphere.

The cozy porch decor includes rustic farmhouse-style accents such as distressed wood signs, mason jars filled with seasonal flowers, and cozy throw blankets draped over seating areas.

The covered patio also has plenty of plants to bring in natural elements.

Patio Lounge

Featuring midcentury architectural elements such as sliding doors and an open plan layout with plenty of natural light.

The neutral color palette is complemented by furniture in earth tones for a cozy atmosphere. Potted plants bring an organic touch to the space, while materials like boho rugs and woven baskets add texture.

Built-in Space

Everything is built in this covered patio, including the entire ceiling with lighting fixtures, a fireplace, a TV, an outdoor kitchen, and a dining area.


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