Bathroom is not always the room of a house that gets the most home decor attention. Usually we go for minimalist simplicity and functional rather than aesthetic design. That’s especially true for small bathrooms.

But if you’re from those people who has suddenly remembered the most neglected place of their home, we have several DIY ideas for easy bathroom decor touch up to make it more personal and welcoming. Use these ideas to complete the decor of your home without skipping a corner.

Wall Art

Consider wall art letters for a surprising touch in your bathroom.




Instead of tiles, try using pebbles for some areas such as the shower floor.


Since bathrooms are usually small and they require storage for many bathroom accessories, shelves are welcome in bathroom decor. And this is where you can get really creative.

Re-use and upcycle wood for nice rustic shelves.



Use baskets for a rustic accent.

Our beloved upcycled jar shelves make an appearance in bathroom decor as well.



Crates make great shelves too.

Upcycle Bottles

There are many uses for bottles in a bathroom and you can make it count, such as this whiskey bottle being used as a liquid soap dispenser.

Upcycle Racks

Old wooden racks make great cabinets. Use them for a cheap alternative and a rustic accent.

It’s easy to make one out of reclaimed wood too.



Ladders make natural towel racks.


It doesn’t have to be all functional. Create vignettes for that art deco element.

And sometimes art deco can be functional too.

Be Creative with TP Holders

No risk of running out of toilet paper with this design.

Old Bicycle as a Vanity

Who would’ve thought that an old bike can make such a wonderful bathroom vanity.

Make It Personal

Hanging pictures and arranging decorative accessories for display is a great way to make bathroom decor personal. There’s no reason why it should not get the same decor benefits as your other rooms.