We have to agree that the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about home decor is the living room. It’s the main room where we entertain our guests and likely the room where we spend most of our time during the day too (that and the kitchen). But it’s a huge mistake to neglect other rooms of a home and if you have that nagging feeling of guilt too, read on.

While bedrooms are usually small compared to the living room, it doesn’t mean you should limit your decorating efforts to just bedding and a nightstand, with an occasional wall hanging. There’s more to bedroom decor and we’d like to show you several DIY bedroom decor ideas that you will likely find useful and inspiring.

Hammock Chair

Do you have some spare unoccupied space in your bedroom? You can make use of it by placing a chair there, or better yet, make it a DIY hammock swing chair. It will have an enormous effect in transforming the room decor by adding a lot of interest and a feature to look forward to spending time, as a reading nook or a private space to relax.

Bed Canopy

We had to include a tutorial for a bed canopy because that’s one of the best ways to completely revamp your bedroom decor. A canopy can make the room look cozier, even chic or boho. There’s little doubt about its decor value and many reasons to build it.

Chic Style Hook Rack

Whether your bedroom needs a hook rack is for you to decide, but this idea is for something that adds decor value more than it does function (although it is quite useful nonetheless). We want to add a chic accent to the room decor and using attractive vintage door knobs for a hook rack is a great way to do it.

Yarn Orb Ornament

Whether it’s for seasonal decor or as a more permanent decoration, colorful yarn orbs add that whimsical accent to your bedroom decor. Hang them from the ceiling or on the wall for pops of color and some vibrant design elements.

Flower Monogram

16 Beautiful DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You - Check out how to make this easy DIY Flower Monogram for your bedroom decor

Tutorial: www.decoist.com

We’d like to see something more than just a framed picture occupying a wall, so how about this beautiful flower monogram. It’s a very easy decor accent to make and the impact it brings to the table is very high. Also check out or list of great DIY wall decor ideas.

Rustic Minimalist Nightstand

The nightstand you can see here is the perfect option for small bedrooms but the warm rustic accent it brings to the room decor will fit any space. The simple yet functional and visually interesting design makes a real decor statement.

Suitcase Side Table

The whimsy of a suitcase transformed into a side table will easily become the focal point of your bedroom decor. Try choosing the suitcase in a contrasting color to your main scheme for the best effect.

Pebble Hanger

The DIY pebble hanger idea is one of those very simple yet genius ideas that can make all the difference. Find some unoccupied wall space in your bedroom and attach these pebbles for some whimsical accent.

Photo Clock

You might want to have a wall clock in your bedroom and that’s absolutely fine, but here’s a different idea for one. Choose your family photos or photos that have sentimental value to you and make them into a DIY clock.

Doily Lamp

Lace patterns can make wonderful decor accents with a boho or chic style quality. You can amplify the effect by highlighting it via a DIY doily lamp.

Push Pin Wall Art

16 Beautiful DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You - Check out how to make easy DIY Push Pin Wall Art for bedroom decor

Tutorial: makezine.com

Metallic decor accents have a quality to add some glamour to your style. It doesn’t mean you have to go splurging on table lamps, chandeliers or accent furniture, though. All it takes is a pack of push pins and a picture frame to create wonderful DIY wall art.

Brass Storage Unit

16 Beautiful DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You - Check out how to make an easy DIY Brass Storage Unit for bedroom decor

Tutorial: homedit.com

Speaking of metallic accents, here’s one for a minimalist storage unit. It can be used for some minimal storage space of your accessories or wall hangings. But don’t underestimate the impact on room decor that it may have.

Round Hanging Shelf

Adding decor interest via small decorative shelves is a simple yet very useful technique. It doesn’t take much space or effort to install one but the impact you can make to bedroom decor is quite significant.

Copper Light Sconce

A wall sconce is a particularly useful item to have installed for when you’d like to read your favorite book before you call it a night. It can add a lot of decor value to the room too.

Book Shelves

16 Beautiful DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You - Check out how to make easy DIY Vintage Book Shelves for bedroom decor

Tutorial: realsimple.com

You’ll add more interest and whimsy to your bedroom decor if you introduce some quirky accents such as these adorable book wall shelves. Use metal (as shown) or wooden brackets to install the shelves.

Modern Dreamcatcher

Last but not least, one of the more prominent pieces of bedroom decor is a DIY dreamcatcher. It’s the perfect wall art piece for that space above your bed and while there are many ways to make one – this is a modern version.