Raised garden beds aren’t just for the show, they make a small garden more accessible and make watering plants a lot easier. Having one (or several) such garden bed in your garden can do wonders to its design and it’s not necessarily complicated or expensive to build.

We want to make it even easier for you, so we’ve gone ahead and found 10 very easy and cheap to make raised garden beds that you can choose from and find the perfect fit for your garden. Enjoy!

Cinder Block Garden Bed

If you have several cinder blocks left over after a renovation (or if you can get some), you can make a very quick and easy garden bed. Cinder blocks also give you the opportunity to frame the bed with flowers.

Wine Box Garden Bed

Wine boxes make great planters and you can make a garden bet out of an array of them. Get some boxes and let’s get building.

Long Garden Beds

Small gardens are difficult to work with because there’s not that much space to add big garden beds. This design allows you to use the space along walls and fences effectively.

Old Tire Garden Bed

Use some old truck tires to create an array of planters for your raised garden bed. The layout makes planting vegetables and herbs a breeze.

Accessible Garden Bed

Big garden beds have a drawback in that they aren’t very accessible and make planting and looking after plants a bit of a hustle. Not with this garden bed design that you can build yourself too.

Galvanized Trough Garden Bed

These troughs aren’t great only as water containers, they make the perfect garden beds too. They are pretty tall so the resulting garden beds are very accessible too.

Pallet Crate Garden Bed

Another chance to reuse and upcycle old materials by building a garden bed from pallet crates.

Keyhole Garden Bed

The keyhole garden bed design is a bit more elaborate but it’s very beautiful, functional and worth a little effort. Check out the tutorial.

Tiered Garden Bed

Source: au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Tutorial: au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Another space saving functional design for a small garden. Use it whenever you’re short on space and want to add a little design accent to your small garden.

Milk Crate Garden Bed

Building a garden bed can be as simple as stacking an array of milk crates. This is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to build a garden bed.

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