15 Creative Ideas for What to Put Above Kitchen Cabinets

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Discover creative and stylish ideas to adorn the space above your kitchen cabinets, transforming it from blank to breathtaking.

Seasonal Ceramics Showcase

seasonal ceramics showcase

Transforming the gap above your cabinets into a rotating exhibit of festive ceramics keeps the kitchen in sync with the seasons and adds a personal touch to your space.

Vintage Kitchen Gadgets Display

vintage kitchen gadgets display

Perched above your cabinets, a collection of vintage kitchen gadgets can serve as a charming nod to culinary history, infusing your space with a sprinkle of nostalgia.

Small Potted Herb Garden

Positioned above your cabinets, this verdant array will breathe life into your kitchen, offering both aesthetic charm and a pinch of homegrown flavor to your culinary adventures.

Kitchen-themed Artwork Series

Adorning the space above your cabinets with a series of foodie prints or quirky illustrations can infuse your kitchen with a personal touch of culinary flair.

Colorful Glass Bottle Arrangement

Illuminated by the gentle glow of under-cabinet lighting, an assortment of translucent glass bottles creates a stained-glass effect that adds a splash of color and interest to the often-overlooked space above the kitchen cabinets.

Rustic Wooden Signs With Sayings

Elevate your kitchen’s charm with quirky or inspiring phrases adorning weathered wooden plaques that infuse a farmhouse vibe into the space.

Oversized Wicker Baskets With Linens

Tucking plush linens into generous wicker baskets not only creates extra storage but also adds a cozy, rustic charm to the top of your cabinets.

Antique Tea Set Collection

Transforming that space above your cabinets into a charming gallery by showcasing an antique tea set gives a nod to timeless tradition while adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen’s upper echelons.

LED Light Strips for Mood Lighting

Bathing your kitchen in a soft glow, LED strip lights tucked above the cabinets add a warm, ambient atmosphere suitable for both lively social gatherings and tranquil midnight snacks.

Hanging Dried Flowers or Chili Strings

Draping strands of dried blooms and pepper garlands adds a rustic, homey charm, infusing your kitchen with a dash of nature’s palette and a whisper of the harvest.

Terracotta Pottery Pieces

Earthy terracotta pottery adds a warm, artisan touch, infusing a cozy Mediterranean vibe into your kitchen’s upper echelon.

Woven Tapestry or Textile Art

Draping a tapestry adds a splash of texture and cultural flair, turning the dead space above cabinets into a visual tapestry of color and pattern.

Model Ships or Nautical Decor

Elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic with a touch of maritime charm by displaying model ships or thematic nautical decor atop your cabinets, creating a visual anchor in the room.

Ethnic or Cultural Artifacts

Adding ethnic or cultural artifacts lends a global vibe and personal touch, celebrating heritage or travels with each curated piece.

Wine Rack With Aged Bottles

Transform that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets into a connoisseur’s corner by lining up some classic wine bottles on a sleek rack, adding a touch of sophistication and a vintage vibe to your culinary haven.

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