15 Small Gap Above Kitchen Cabinets Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Discover practical and stylish ideas to utilize the small gap above your kitchen cabinets, transforming overlooked space into functional charm.

Install LED Strip Lights for Ambient Lighting

install led strip lights for ambient lighting

Brighten up the gap above your kitchen cabinets with LED strip lights for cozy ambient lighting that adds warmth and depth to your kitchen space.

Arrange Decorative Baskets or Vintage Boxes

arrange decorative baskets or vintage boxes

Decorative baskets or vintage boxes add a charming touch above kitchen cabinets, perfect for storing small items or displaying decorative pieces.

Display a Collection of Antique Plates or Artwork

display a collection of antique plates or artwork

This idea involves showcasing antique plates or artwork above your kitchen cabinets to add a touch of elegance and personality.

Set Up Trailing Plants in Hanging Pots

set up trailing plants in hanging pots

Adding trailing plants in hanging pots above your kitchen cabinets creates a whimsical and natural look, bringing greenery into your kitchen space.

Place Themed Seasonal Decorations

place themed seasonal decorations

Transform the small gap above kitchen cabinets with seasonal decorations that add a festive touch year-round.

Mount Small Floating Shelves for Extra Storage

mount small floating shelves for extra storage

Mounting small floating shelves above kitchen cabinets offers additional storage without overcrowding the space, keeping items easily accessible while adding a touch of decorative flair.

Create a Mini Library With Cookbooks

create a mini library with cookbooks

Fill the small gap above your kitchen cabinets with a mini library of cookbooks to add a functional and decorative element to your space.

Use the Space for Wine Bottle Storage

use the space for wine bottle storage

Utilize the space above your kitchen cabinets for storing your wine bottles, adding a stylish and functional touch to your kitchen decor.

Install Hooks for Hanging Utensils or Mugs

install hooks for hanging utensils or mugs

Create a practical kitchen decor by hanging utensils or mugs on hooks above your kitchen cabinets.

Use It for Vintage Tins and Canisters

use it for vintage tins and canisters

Place vintage tins and canisters above your kitchen cabinets for a charming retro touch.

Set Up a Row of Small, Framed Photographs

set up a row of small framed photographs

Use the gap above kitchen cabinets to create a visually appealing arrangement of small framed photographs for a personal touch to your kitchen decor.

Display Unique Ceramic Sculptures

display unique ceramic sculptures

Position unique ceramic sculptures above your kitchen cabinets to add a touch of elegance and personality to your space.

Arrange a Series of Small Indoor Plants

arrange a series of small indoor plants

An array of charming indoor plants can add a touch of greenery and freshness above your kitchen cabinets.

Put a Model Train Set to Circle Above the Cabinets

put a model train set to circle above the cabinets

Add a playful touch to your kitchen by setting up a model train set to circle above your cabinets, bringing a whimsical and unique element to the space.

Install Crown Molding for a More Finished Look

install crown molding for a more finished look

Crown molding adds a polished touch to your kitchen decor, seamlessly blending the gap with the cabinets for a cohesive look.


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