The DIY Checklist for a Tidy Home 

Last updated on October 1, 2023

Use this checklist to keep your home repairs at bay the DIY way. You can do every item on the list yourself.

Whether you’re planning a spring clean or refreshing your home for sale, there are small and simple ways you can make it look and feel brand new.

From touching up the paintwork to cleaning out tricky spaces, these small fixes will make a big impact on the appearance of your home. 

Fill Cracks in the Walls

wall filler

You can repair a hole in a wall to make your surfaces appear like new. This is a quick job done with a tub of filler. Use a flat spatula to fill in the space and let it dry before sanding and painting the area. 

Plug Gaps in Doors and Windows

door bottom gap

Not only will plugging in gaps make your home appear tidier, but it will also stop draughts too. Use an expanding foam cork for bigger holes and tape for smaller cracks. Leave the filler to dry before tidying the surface, or if using tape, make sure it is of a similar color to your door or window frame.

Regrout Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

tiling shower floor

Moldy tiles can really bring down the appearance of your home. You can regrout them easily with a tub of grout and a grouting tool. An easier (and less messy) way to do this is to use a grouting pen to go in between the cracks of the tiles. 

Refresh Skirting Boards

floor and skirting

Skirting boards often get overlooked but keeping them clean can upgrade how your house looks. Give them a good spring clean with disinfectant and water. Or to really freshen them up, sand them down and repaint them. 

Remove Stains from Upholstery and Carpets

carpet cleaning

Day-to-day life can mean soft furnishings gather stains that we either don’t have time to or forget to deal with. From the curtains to the carpet and the sofa, go around your home and check for stains. Using an appropriate stain remover and brush or sponge to remove them. 

Rehang Wonky Doors and Handles

cleaning cabinet handles

Creating symmetry in the bathroom or kitchen can help your home look tidier. If a cupboard door is hanging oddly, now is the time to straighten it up and rehang it. You can also tighten or replace handles and knobs that are loose or worn out. 

Unclog Guttering


Turn your attention to the garden and unclog your guttering. This is easy to do by hand and can help to resolve or prevent plumbing issues during colder months, too. 

Bleed Your Radiators


We often forget this task until it’s too late. Bleeding your radiators might not make your home more appealing to the eye, but it will help heat it more efficiently, making it cozier to step into. 

Deep Clean the Drains

clogged drain

Standard bathroom and kitchen sink drains can be unscrewed and taken out to be given a deep clean. Be sure to get rid of debris lingering in the pipe and soak the drain to remove stained on dirt. 

Power Wash Decking and Pathways

pressure washer

Whilst you’re sprucing up the house, think about the garden, too. Power washing your deck or garden path can give it a new lease of life. Remember to weatherproof your deck, too, to keep it looking in top shape throughout the colder months. 


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