15 Repurpose Lazy Susan Cabinet Ideas for Innovative Home Storage

Last updated on May 30, 2024

Discover creative ways to repurpose your lazy Susan cabinet for enhanced home organization and style.

Indoor Herb Garden With Labeled Planters

indoor herb garden with labeled planters

Transform your lazy susan into a vibrant, spinning garden by arranging a variety of herbs in labeled planters for both culinary flair and aesthetic charm.

Custom Snack Station for Kids

custom snack station for kids

This configuration allows children to easily access their favorite snacks, promoting independence as they select their own treats.

Coffee and Tea Bar Featuring Various Blends

Spin the Lazy Susan to select from an array of coffee and tea options, neatly organized for your brewing delight.

Art Supply Organizer for Crafts

Transform your lazy Susan into a vibrant art station, where markers, paints, and brushes spin into view with a simple twist.

Spinning Bookshelf for Small Books and Magazines

Transform your lazy Susan into a rotating bookshelf, offering a neat and accessible way to store your favorite reads and recent magazines.

Shoe Organizer in a Closet

Transform your lazy Susan into a rotating shoe rack, offering easy access and visibility to your footwear collection.

Baking Supplies Center for Easy Access to Ingredients

A Lazy Susan transforms into a baker’s delight, organizing ingredients like flour, sugar, and spices for effortless rotation and access during baking.

Appliance Station With Toaster, Blender, Etc

Transform your lazy Susan into a convenient appliance hub, housing frequently used gadgets like toasters and blenders for quick access during busy mornings.

Board Game and Puzzle Storage Solution

Transform your lazy Susan into a central hub for board games and puzzles, making it simple to spin, select, and start playing instantly.

Mobile Bar for Entertaining, With Spots for Bottles and Glasses

Transform your lazy Susan into a sleek, spinning mobile bar, providing a stylish and accessible way to display your favorite spirits and glassware.

Condiment and Sauce Station for the Kitchen

This setup turns your lazy Susan into a go-to hub for all your cooking enhancers, keeping spices, oils, and sauces at your fingertips during meal prep.

Pet Supply Caddy With Food, Treats, and Toys

Transform your lazy Susan into a convenient one-stop shop for all your pet’s necessities, making it simple to spin and grab what you need during feeding time or play.

Homework Station With School Supplies

This rotating station keeps pencils, markers, and notebooks at your fingertips, making study time both fun and efficient.

Personal Care Product Organizer for Bathroom Essentials

Transform your lazy Susan into a streamlined hub for grooming goods, keeping everything from lotions to hairbrushes neatly at arm’s reach.

Repair Center With Tools and Small Hardware Organizing Slots

This setup transforms your Lazy Susan into a convenient hub for storing and sorting tools and small hardware, ensuring everything is at your fingertips when you need to fix or tinker.

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