15 Lazy Susan Organizer Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Last updated on May 22, 2024

Discover clever ways to maximize your space and keep essentials within easy reach using a Lazy Susan organizer.

spice jar carousel

Keep your kitchen organized and your spices easily accessible with a convenient spice jar carousel.

Refrigerated Condiment Station

refrigerated condiment station

A refrigerator condiment station keeps your frequently used sauces and toppings easily accessible and organized within your fridge.

Craft Supplies Sorter

craft supplies sorter

Utilize a lazy susan organizer to neatly store and access various craft supplies efficiently and conveniently. Rotate to find the perfect glue, glitter, or scissors for your next creative project.

Electronics Charging Hub

electronics charging hub

An Electronics charging hub, easily accessible and organized, makes charging multiple devices a breeze with a Lazy Susan organizer.

Homework Station With Supplies

homework station with supplies

A Homework Station with supplies organized on a lazy susan helps students easily access and tidy up their pens, paper, and other school essentials. Everything in one place for a stress-free study session!

Tabletop Mini Bar

tabletop mini bar

Transform your lazy susan into a stylish tabletop mini bar, perfect for entertaining guests and keeping your favorite drinks organized and accessible.

Baking Essentials Stand

baking essentials stand

Make baking a breeze by using a lazy susan organizer to store all your baking essentials in one convenient stand. It ensures easy access to ingredients, tools, and supplies while saving space on your countertop.

Coffee and Tea Caddy

coffee and tea caddy

A lazy susan organizer can be transformed into a compact coffee and tea caddy, allowing you to neatly store all your favorite beverages and accessories in one convenient and easily accessible space.

Office Supply Organizer

office supply organizer

An Office supply organizer is perfect for keeping all your pens, pencils, paper clips, and other supplies neat and easily accessible on your desk. It spins around for quick access to everything you need while working, helping you stay organized and efficient.

Snack and Dip Server

snack and dip server

A lazy susan organizer can turn into a fun snack and dip server, perfect for parties or family gatherings, making it easy for everyone to reach their favorite treats without any hassle.

beauty products carousel

A Beauty products carousel stores makeup, skincare, and haircare items efficiently on a rotating organizer, making it easy to access and keep items organized.

Art Supplies Turntable

art supplies turntable

Easily access and organize various art supplies with a rotating turntable designed specifically for artists and crafters.

Gardening Tools Holder

gardening tools holder

Rotate your gardening tools effortlessly with a lazy susan organizer designed for easy access and organization.

Sewing Kit Organizer

sewing kit organizer

A lazy susan organizer can double up as a helpful sewing kit organizer, providing you easy access to all your threads, needles, and supplies while working on your latest sewing project.

Pet Care Station

pet care station

A Lazy Susan Organizer can be repurposed as a convenient Pet Care Station for storing pet grooming supplies, toys, and treats in one easily accessible place.


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