How to Make the Most of Floor-to-Ceiling Windows in Your Bedroom

Last updated on October 19, 2023

Do you have floor-to-ceiling windows in your bedroom? Lucky you. Here’s how to make the most of them.

Your bedroom is where you spend cozy nights watching the sunrise and sunset, so why not make the most of floor-to-ceiling windows?

Floor-to-ceiling windows are great for bedrooms because they let in natural light and make the space feel more open. In addition, they can provide a stunning view that can help you relax and wind down at the end of the day.

If you live in an urban area, floor-to-ceiling windows can also help reduce noise from outside. And if your bedroom is on the upper floors of a building, you’ll enjoy beautiful views of the cityscape.

Whether you’re looking to add value to your home or simply want to create a more inviting and comfortable bedroom, floor-to-ceiling windows are definitely worth considering. 

Here are a few tips to maximize the natural light and views in your bedroom.

Use Furniture to Make the Most of Your View

bedroom floor to ceiling windows

If you’re lucky enough to have a bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, you can make the most of your view using the right furniture. Here are some tips:

  • Place your bed before the window to wake up to a beautiful view. If possible, use a low-profile bed, so it doesn’t block too much of the window.
  • Use light-colored Modern Furniture to keep the room bright and airy. White or cream-colored furniture will reflect light and make the room feel bigger.
  • Consider using a daybed or chaise lounge in front of the window. This way, you can enjoy the view while reading, relaxing, or taking a nap. 

Dress Your Windows for Privacy

floor to ceiling window curtains

If you have floor-to-ceiling windows in your bedroom, you may wonder how to dress them for privacy.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • Sheer curtains are a good option if you want to let in some natural light while still maintaining some privacy. You can also layer sheer curtains with thicker curtains or blinds for more coverage.
  • Frosted window film is another option for privacy. This can be applied to any glass surface and comes in various designs. It is also easy to remove if you decide to change things in the future.
  • Blinds are a classic choice for privacy and come in various materials, colors, and styles. If you want something easy to operate, motorized blinds are a great option.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

floor to ceiling window light

As more and more people are looking for ways to be eco-friendly and save on energy costs, taking advantage of natural light has become increasingly popular.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of floor-to-ceiling windows in your bedroom and take advantage of natural light:

  • Keep window treatments simple. Heavy drapes or blinds will block out much of the natural light from your windows. Instead, opt for light, airy curtains or shutters that let the light shine while providing some privacy.
  • Use reflective surfaces. Mirrors, metal fixtures, and even white walls can help reflect and bounce natural light around your room, making it feel brighter and more open.
  • Let the sun wake you up naturally. Many of us need an alarm clock to wake up on time, but waking up to the sun can help you feel more energized and refreshed.

The Takeaway

There are many reasons to love floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom. They let in an abundance of natural light, make the space feel more open and airy, and can even help save on energy bills.

But perhaps the best reason to choose floor-to-ceiling windows for your bedroom is that they offer stunning views. Whether you want to wake up to a beautiful sunrise or enjoy a moonlit night, floor-to-ceiling windows give you a front-row seat.


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