Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair (Choose This!)

Last updated on October 12, 2023

The main difference between a gaming chair and an office chair is that the gaming chair looks more like a car seat.

Though most ergonomic features are the same in both chairs, a standard office chair focuses on function while the gaming chair adds a luxury design. The reasons are mostly historic (the first gaming chair was made from a luxury car seat.)

The takeaway: office chairs tend to be more ergonomic because that’s their focus over style. Gaming chairs do look great, though.

So, a gamer will most likely choose a pretty gaming chair, while someone who works from home and wants a comfortable but visually neutral chair will choose the office chair.

Let’s look at all of the differences and similarities of both types of chairs to compare the two.

What Is a Gaming Chair?

gaming chair

The first gaming chairs produced by DXRacer were produced around 2006, a company initially producing seats for sports cars. The company was known for producing luxury seats for luxury cars. However, the company experienced difficulties with Chrysler discontinuing several lines of cars. More companies began to produce gaming seats in 2008.

The gaming chair market grew rapidly in 2011 with the introduction of the live-stream platform Twitch and the popularity of eSports. Within the Twitch community, it became common knowledge that gaming chairs labeled streamers to be legitimate and respectable gamers.

The primary purpose of gaming chairs is to ensure that the gamer is comfortable and can move and shift to find the perfect position for playing their game. But it can also be used as an office chair.

What Is an Office Chair?

office chair

Standard office chairs will usually offer basic adjustable features such a height function, back angle, and swivel base. A task chair will have adjustable seat height and depth, adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, swivel, and tilt features.

The office chair was designed to increase productivity by making it possible for people to stay at their desks for an extended period of time.

The Differences Between the Gaming Chair and the Office Chair

gaming vs office chair

Gaming chairs are usually much more expensive than office chairs. They also tend to be made of higher-quality materials such as leather or wood. They are designed specifically for gamers, and they are often used by people who play video games regularly.

Office chairs are generally cheaper, but they are still very comfortable and durable. And because they focus on function over style, they tend to be more ergonomic.

Gaming chairs are usually racer-style, with a tall wingback, bucket seat, and raised seat edges. Lumbar and head support cushioning are usually included, along with adjustable armrests. Gaming chairs can recline much farther than office chairs and include rocking and tilt locks as options.

Office chairs are designed to make your life easier. Flat cushions help you sit comfortably. Wingless backs allow you to lean back without hurting yourself. Fixed lumbar supports prevent pain when sitting. Armrests move up and down but not side-to-side. Reclining seats offer more flexibility than standard models.


Office chairs should be comfortable enough to sit in for a long period of time. They should also be adjustable to suit your needs. Standard office chairs tend to be less comfortable than other types of chairs.

Gaming chairs should be used for shorter periods. Users should adjust their chairs frequently to avoid long-term damage. Sitting upright is better than slouching because it causes less strain on the back.

Ineffective chairs force people to sit in uncomfortable positions. This causes them to strain their backs and legs. Poor posture leads to muscle aches and pains. A good chair supports your body and keeps you comfortable while working. A person who works hard all day long may feel exhausted after a long period of time.

Gaming chairs are designed to help people sit comfortably while playing video games. Thick padding supports the body and keeps the spine straight. Tall backs support the spine’s natural curve. Cushioning adjusts to the user’s body shape.

These chairs are designed to be used by people who want to sit comfortably. They are adjustable, and they have different features to make them comfortable.


Gaming chairs are designed for people who play games, and they are a style choice. Office chairs are made for people who work. Both types of chairs come in many different colors, styles, sizes, and shapes. Some chairs are designed specifically for gaming, while others are designed for sitting at your desk.

Office chairs are designed to fit into any environment but also to fit into any workstation. Office chairs are often made out of materials that are easy to clean, and they’re comfortable enough to sit in for long periods. They come in different colors and styles, depending on what you want them to look like. They may be made out of leather, mesh, wood, plastic, metal, or other materials.

If you’re looking for a chair to use at home, then you’ll probably want something that looks nice. You can buy an inexpensive chair from IKEA, or you can go with something more stylish. If you’re going to spend money on a chair, you might as well get one that looks great.

If you’re buying a chair for your workplace, you don’t need to worry about aesthetics too much. Your boss doesn’t care how pretty your chair is. He cares about whether or not he can see his face when he sits down.


Ergonomics refers to the study of how humans interact with their environments. Ergonomics helps us understand why some jobs require certain positions and why we sometimes hurt ourselves doing those jobs.

Ergonomically sound chairs are designed to keep our bodies in good working order. They adjust to our individual needs to stay healthy and productive over the day.

The best gaming chairs are designed to help you relax and enjoy yourself while playing. This means that they should be comfortable, adjustable, and quiet.

It is important to note that a high-end office chair will most likely outperform a gaming chair in ergonomics. They are designed for long hours, putting function before style. The design tends to win over function with gaming chairs.

An office chair is meant to keep your body comfortable and relaxed. It’s supposed to provide support where needed and let your backrest comfortably.

An office chair will usually have lumbar support, armrests, and headrests. These features allow you to find a position that works for you.

Adjustable height allows you to change the height of your chair if it isn’t right for you.

Most chairs offer an option for high-back, low-back, and no-back. High-backs give you more room to move around, but they pressure your lower back. Low-backs put less pressure on your back, but they limit your movement. No-backs are just plain uncomfortable.

Most chairs also feature tilt options. Tilt allows you to lean forward or backward without having to stand up. This makes it easier to reach things on your desk.

Some chairs even include massage functions. A massage function can be activated through a button on the side of the chair. The chair will vibrate, which helps relieve tension in your muscles.

Some chairs are designed to prevent neck pain. Some chairs have built-in padding that keeps your neck from being strained. Others have special pillows that cushion your neck.


These are the types of backrests found in office and gaming chairs. While gaming chairs tend almost always to feature wingbacks, office chairs can have a range of backrest options.

Flat Backrest

Many office chairs have a flat back. The back is very low and does not offer much support. Flat backrests are designed to give you comfort, but not much else.

Reclining Backrest

Some office chairs have a reclining back. A reclining back allows you to lean back and relax. Lumbar support is crucial because it helps prevent muscle strain. Lumbar support gives your lower back extra support.

Winged Backrest

Most gaming chairs have a winged backrest. Winged backs are more ergonomic than flat ones. They help reduce stress on your spine by giving your lower back more room to move around.

The Final Verdict

Ergonomically speaking, office chairs are better than gaming chairs. However, a gaming chair is slightly more ergonomic than a budget office chair. Even a cheaper gaming chair comes equipped with the basic blocks of an ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic office chairs are better than gaming chairs because they are much more comfortable and offer many different features. Gaming chairs are limited by design and are usually less comfortable.

If you’re planning on using your chair for both gaming and work, you should consider getting an office chair. The extra features that it has will ensure that you’re comfortable no matter what you do.

You can always choose a cheaper chair if you prefer, but you won’t be able to enjoy all of the benefits that an office chair offers.


Are gaming chairs good for sitting all day?

No. While gaming chairs are designed to be comfortable for extended periods, they aren’t intended to replace your regular office chair.

Do gaming chairs cost less than office chairs?

Gaming chairs tend to cost more than office chairs because they are designed to be a luxury item. They offer function and style, while office chairs focus on function.

Which chair style has the better design?

This depends entirely on you. Some people like the look of a gaming chair, while others prefer the modern neutral office chair.

Are expensive office chairs really worth the money?

Office chairs are definitely worth the investment. You’ll spend a little bit more upfront, but you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.


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