Futuristic Electric Bed: Will They Replace Normal Beds?

Last updated on April 30, 2024

The benefits of electric beds tend to outweigh the normal beds, making them more suitable and preferred, especially in the future. 

Beds have evolved into more than just a frame to a place where you put your mattress for the ultimate support and a good night’s rest. And in recent years, beds have evolved into technology in different ways that make sleep more comfortable and easier.  

Futuristic beds aren’t specific to one design type of bed but can be different designs that fit your preference. A great example is a massage bed that allows you to relive the day’s stress by relaxing your muscles.  

The massage bed is smart with the ability to control the pulse and intensity of the massage, making it perfect for relaxing without moving. Another common futuristic bed is one with lights that adds style and substance with a mode app that lets you have complete control. This light allows you to go out at night without waking yourself with full wakefulness.  

An adjustable bed may be something you only see in hospitals, but it’s evolved into a great way of getting a night’s sleep. With this bed, your head can be raised to reduce snoring, your feet to reduce pressure on your joints, adjust your position to the anti-snore mode, and can be controlled from your phone. 

Ergomotion bed

The main point of a futuristic bed is to incorporate comfort with technology and combine it with a good mattress. And you can shop here or at any stores near you. 

This article discusses how futuristic beds may replace normal beds or not, depending on the preference.  


Electric beds offer great convenience, especially if they’re adjustable, as you can control their positioning. If you are sleeping with your partner, a dual adjustable bed can let you get the right position of comfort without having to disturb one another.  

In addition, most electric beds can be controlled using your phone without having to get up from your bed. Furthermore, a bed with lights allows you to move in the dark without turning them on.  

Improved Posture

Back pain can be linked to an injury or medical condition, but it can be due to bad posture in some cases. And most normal beds may lead to worsened back problems as they may not offer adequate support.  

Electric beds, such as the adjustable ones, can be moved into different positions to find the right sleeping posture with the least amount of discomfort. Flatbeds don’t allow you to sleep on an incline which doesn’t relieve backache as opposed, unlike electric beds.  

In addition, normal beds don’t offer support even with pillows which might further add discomfort to you. Patients who’ve undergone surgery may also benefit from adjustable beds that release tension in pressure points instead of regular beds.  

Reduced Snoring

Snoring can be very disrupting, especially when you share your bed with your partner and require a good night’s sleep. The good news is that your bed can help reduce snoring and improve breathing based on the type you settle on.  

When you sleep, your tongue in the throat relaxes, and when on a flatbed, it may narrow your airways and lead to snoring. As a result, finding a way of elevating your head can prevent your tongue from narrowing your airways and lead to snoring.  

By sleeping on an elevated surface such as an adjustable bed, oxygen will flow freely throughout your body and lead to improved breathing. And with that, electric beds may be more favored than normal beds due to reduced snoring.

Improved Circulation and Reduced Swelling

Most people suffer from poor circulation due to blood clots or narrowed blood vessels, making it difficult for your body to efficiently send blood. As a result, you may need to find ways of improving your circulation, starting with the place you sleep.  

By getting an electric bed, you can elevate your legs slightly during sleep, which improves circulation. And once the circulation improves, you may experience reduced swelling, which leads to peaceful sleeping.  

Improved Comfort

ergo bed

When lying flat, pressure is created on different parts of your body, including hips, shoulders, head, and heels leading to discomfort throughout the night. Improved comfort happens with a normal bed that tends to be flat, even with a mattress.  

However, an adjustable bed tends to contour into your body which helps to reduce pressure on different areas of your body. Thus, it can also help reduce pressure on your body, leading to a good night’s sleep.

Bottom Line

Getting quality sleep is your chance of getting well-rest and ensuring that you are ready for the next day. And to do that, you may need to get the right bed, especially the electric ones that have grown in preference.  

And with the numerous benefits that futuristic beds offer, it might be time to consider them over normal beds. However, before settling for any type of bed, consider the pros and cons of each and what fits your preferences. 


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