The Top 8 Cheapest Ways to Move Cross Country

Last updated on June 1, 2024

Here are eight ways how you can save while making a move cross country. Read on!

Moving across the country can be a financially challenging endeavor in addition to being a thrilling experience. The financial strain can be eased, and the move can be made more reasonable if you can find methods to transport your possessions that are both cost-effective and efficient.

The following are some of the least expensive methods to relocate across the country without completely emptying your savings account.

Getting Rid of Clutter and Scaling Down

declutter for moving

Take the time to organize and reduce the number of your possessions before beginning the packaging process. The fewer things you need to relocate, the less money you will spend on moving-related expenditures.

You should sell, give away, or discard things you no longer require or use. You can save money on packaging materials as well as on the cost of transportation if you minimize the amount of space occupied by your belongings.

DIY Moving

packing for moving

Moving cross-country on your own is likely one of the most cost-effective options. You should look into renting a moving vehicle or trailer and enlisting the assistance of friends and family members to help with the packaging and transporting your belongings.

Even though moving alone can save you money, it will take you significantly more time and effort on your behalf. Be sure to include expenses such as renting a vehicle, paying for gasoline, and purchasing any additional tools or equipment you may require.

Consider Renting a Portable Moving Container


Moving businesses are typically more expensive than using portable moving receptacles, which are available at a lower cost. These receptacles will be brought to your residence and left there for you to prepare and fill your possessions whenever it is most convenient for you.

After you have finished loading the container, the business will transport it to your new location, and you will be able to remove it whenever it is convenient for you. When compared to employing a moving business that provides full-service moving, this alternative gives you more flexibility and may help you save money.

Find Moving Supplies at a Discount


The purchase of completely new relocation materials can be a pricey endeavor. Instead, you should search for relocation materials that are either inexpensive or complimentary in order to save money.

Inquire with close acquaintances and family members to see if they have any unused cartons or other packaging materials from previous relocations.

You can also check with local businesses, such as grocery stores or liquor stores, to see if they have any complimentary cardboard cartons available.

Utilize items such as towels, blankets, and newspapers to protect your possessions while you pack. This will require you to be resourceful and inventive with your packing materials.

Transfer Your Belongings During the Off-Peak Season

moving out

When it comes to relocating costs, the time of year can have a significant impact. When you move during the off-peak season, which generally runs from September to May, you may be able to take advantage of cheaper prices and a greater availability of moving services.

In addition, it is best to schedule your relocation so that it does not fall on a weekend or at the end of the month, as these are typically the busiest periods for moving businesses.

Make the Most of the Space in Your Vehicle

car loaded for moving

Take advantage of the capacity you have accessible in your vehicle if you are going to your new location by traveling there.

Put more easily transportable things like garments, literature, and other personal effects into your vehicle. Because of this, the number of things that need to be moved by other means can be cut down, which could result in a reduction in the total expense of the move.

Send Your Personal Effects


Especially for more modest relocations, shipping your possessions across the country with the help of freight companies or package delivery services can be an efficient and cost-effective choice.

Find the best bargain possible by comparing the prices and services offered by different providers. It is important to keep in mind that this technique may not be appropriate for moving things that are either large or delicate, and that the transportation periods may be lengthier compared to those of other moving choices.

Think About Doing Some of the Moving Yourself

moving company

Consider a blended strategy in the event that a complete DIY relocation seems like too much of a challenge. Hire a moving company to assist you with certain aspects of the moving process, such as filling and offloading the vehicle, but handle all of the packaging and transportation on your own.

This can help you save money while still providing the benefits of receiving assistance from a professional.

The Takeaway

Moving across the country does not have to put you in financial ruin. You can significantly cut the costs of moving by getting rid of unnecessary items and minimizing, performing all or part of the move yourself (or choosing to do it yourself), purchasing portable moving receptacles, shopping around for inexpensive moving materials, and moving during the off-peak season.

To make your cross-country relocation more reasonable and manageable, it is in your best interest to investigate the various choices available to you and pick the one most suited to your requirements and your finances.


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