Cheapest Mimosas Near Me: Guide to Best Affordable Mimosa Spots

Last updated on January 23, 2024

Scouting out the cheapest mimosas isn’t a sign of frugality, but a thrilling treasure hunt, because everyone loves the satisfaction of discovering a good bargain for a sensational sip.

In pursuit of the perfect balance of bubbly and juice without emptying your wallet? Look no further. Whether it’s elevating your weekend brunch with affordable mimosas, sipping on budget-friendly bubbly during happy hour, or indulging in the luxury of bottomless mimosas, this guide is your treasure map to the most cost-effective effervescence in town.

We’ll spill the secrets on the best local spots, daily deals, and the smart use of apps and social platforms to ensure your mimosa quest doesn’t break the bank. Uncover the zest of savvy sipping with tips that will make your taste buds and wallet thank you.

Cheers to mimosas that won’t cost a fortune!

Key takeaways:

  • Cheapest mimosas at local brunch spots
  • Happy hour specials and daily deals for mimosas
  • Brunch specials with unlimited mimosas and combo meals
  • Utilizing food and drink apps for mimosa deals
  • Social media groups and hashtags for mimosa lovers

Defining a Mimosa

defining a mimosa

A classic mimosa, a staple at brunches and celebratory gatherings, strikes a refreshing balance between chilled sparkling wine and chilled citrus juice, typically orange juice. At its essence, it’s a simple two-ingredient cocktail that boasts versatility and appeal across various taste preferences.

The traditional ratio, a golden standard, blends one part orange juice with one part chilled sparkling wine, leading to a light, effervescent sip. However, modern twists on this brunch favorite may include splashes of other fruit juices like grapefruit or cranberry, or even hints of liqueur for an extra zesty kick.

When dissecting the cost of mimosas at your local spots, it’s helpful to recognize that the type of sparkling wine used—be it Champagne, Prosecco, or Cava—can influence the price point. Upscale venues might opt for high-end bubbly, while more casual establishments might serve budget-friendly alternatives without sacrificing flavor.

While identifying wallet-friendly mimosas, consider the quality and type of ingredients, as these factors contribute to the overall value of your beverage experience. Whether it’s a bottomless mimosa brunch or a single glass to toast to the weekend, understanding the components of this beloved drink will enable you to find the best deals around.

Searching Locally for Mimosas

searching locally for mimosas

To pinpoint where the best-priced mimosas are being served in your vicinity, start by exploring local brunch spots. These places often offer mimosas as part of their breakfast or brunch deals. Dive into their menus online to uncover pricing details before heading out.

Another avenue is to check out neighborhood bars and restaurants known for their afternoon delights, as many run promotions to entice the midday crowd.

Engage with community-focused resources such as town bulletin boards, local newspapers, or community websites. They occasionally advertise businesses offering discounts or special offers on drinks, including mimosas.

Local food festivals and farmer’s markets might also serve as unexpected yet excellent venues for discovering affordable mimosa options.

Don’t forget to connect with friends and colleagues, as personal recommendations are invaluable. Word of mouth can lead you to hidden gems that offer not just affordability but also quality in their mimosa offerings.

Mimosa Deals and Happy Hours

To enjoy mimosas without breaking the bank, timing is key. Many establishments offer enticing happy hour specials that include discounted rates on mimosas. Dive into the dazzling array of local bars and restaurants between the usually slow periods of mid-afternoon to early evening, and you might just catch a brilliant deal.

These happy hours often extend to weekends, especially during brunch hours, when mimosas traditionally shine.

Moreover, don’t miss out on daily deal promotions that some venues advertise to draw in midweek patrons. For example, a ‘Two-for-One Tuesday’ or ‘Wine-Down Wednesday’ could very well cater to the bubbly crowd with excellent mimosa specials.

Always check the establishment’s event calendar, as some might designate specific days for extraordinary mimosa deals to ensure a lively crowd and a vibrant atmosphere. Remember, the key is to stay informed and strike when the time, and price, is right.

Brunch Specials Featuring Mimosas

Brunch specials are prime territory for those seeking value when it comes to enjoying a mimosa or two. Many local eateries and cafes recognize the allure of this sparkling beverage and often pair it with their brunch menus for a combo deal.

Here’s how you can make the most of these specials:

  • Look for Unlimited Offers: Restaurants may offer ‘bottomless mimosas’ for a set price during brunch hours, allowing for a leisurely experience without the worry of a growing tab.
  • Combo Meals: Some locations may include a mimosa as part of a brunch meal deal. This not only satisfies your appetite but elevates your dining experience at a reasonable cost.
  • Early Bird Benefits: Establishments looking to attract the morning crowd might discount their mimosas for early brunch-goers. Arriving ahead of the crowd could save you money.
  • Weekday vs. Weekend: While weekends are popular for brunch, weekdays may present cheaper deals as a way for businesses to boost slower days.

By targeting these specials, you will enjoy the effervescence of a good mimosa while also taking advantage of the best prices available. Keep an eye out for seasonal or holiday brunch promotions that frequently pop up, presenting even more opportunities to indulge without breaking the bank.

Utilizing Food and Drink Apps

Harness technology to find unbeatable deals on mimosas by exploring dedicated food and drink apps.

Apps like Happy Hour Finder and The Happy Hour App pinpoint ongoing drink specials, including mimosas, in your vicinity.

Platforms such as Groupon or LivingSocial offer discounted vouchers for brunch and drinks, which sometimes include mimosa deals.

Check out apps specific to your area or those that rank highly on local app store reviews, as these may have tailored offers that aren’t broadly advertised.

Enable notifications on these apps to be alerted about time-sensitive deals or new participating venues.

Many establishments now have their own apps or loyalty programs that provide discounts or rewards for frequent visitors, so sign up and keep an eye on the mimosa promotions.

Efficiently browsing through these services will not only save you money on your next bubbly brunch outing but might also introduce you to new local hotspots you haven’t yet discovered.

Social Media Groups for Mimosa Lovers

Leveraging social media can unlock a treasure trove of deals on the beloved brunch cocktail. Active Facebook groups and Instagram pages dedicated to brunch culture often share the latest mimosa specials. These platforms are gold mines for finding member-posted deals or exclusive discounts offered by local bars and restaurants to group members.

On Twitter, follow hashtags like #MimosaSpecials or #CheapMimosas to stay in the loop. Local food bloggers and influencers sometimes announce limited-time offers to their followers.

Remember, engaging with these groups by posing questions about the best mimosa deals can elicit responses from community members with insider knowledge. Just ensure that you are adhering to group rules and community guidelines when posting or interacting within these groups.

Discount Days for Mimosas

Cashing in on discount days can significantly trim your mimosa bill. Many establishments offer reduced prices on certain weekdays to attract more customers during quieter hours. It’s a win-win for both patrons eager for a little bubbly on a budget and for venues looking to boost midweek sales.

To tap into these deals, it’s wise to:

  • Sign up for newsletters from your favorite local spots to get alerts on promotions.
  • Keep an eye out for “Mimosa Mondays” or “Tipsy Tuesdays,” which are common promotional days.
  • Inquire with the staff about any unadvertised specials that might be available.
  • Visit venues during off-peak times; late mornings or early afternoons often have better rates.

Remember, these offers may not be widely advertised, so asking the bartender or waiter can sometimes uncover hidden mimosa gems.

Seasonal Mimosa Offers

While classic mimosas are timeless, many establishments take advantage of seasonal fruits and themes to craft special versions of this beloved brunch cocktail, often at reduced prices. Here are some pointers to catch these timely deals:

  • Keep an eye on the calendar: Bars and restaurants often introduce special mimosas to celebrate various seasons or holidays. From a pumpkin spice twist in the fall to a berry-infused creation for summer, each season serves up unique flavors to explore.
  • Follow your favorite spots: Stay updated with your go-to brunch venues on social media for announcements on limited-time mimosa flavors and discounts.
  • Ask the bartender: Don’t hesitate to inquire about any unadvertised seasonal specials. Sometimes, the best deals are shared by word of mouth.
  • Visit farmer’s markets: Local vendors might collaborate with nearby restaurants, leading to fresh, farm-to-glass mimosa specials using the season’s best produce.
  • Look for festivals: Food and drink festivals, especially those celebrating harvests, may feature mimosas with ingredients at their peak, offering a chance to sip on premium blends at a lower cost.

Loyalty Programs At Local Bars

Joining a loyalty program at your favorite watering hole could be your ticket to enjoying mimosas without breaking the bank. Many local bars reward regular patrons with points for each purchase that can be redeemed for discounts on drinks – yes, including your beloved mimosa. If you’re a frequent brunch-goer, these points can accumulate quickly, leading to substantial savings.

Scout for bars that offer a “Mimosa Club” or similar incentive. These programs often include perks like a free mimosa after a certain number of visits or exclusive deals sent to members via email or text. Download the bar’s app or provide your contact information to track your visits and rewards. It’s a savvy move that could lead to enjoying your favorite bubbly orange concoction for a fraction of the price.

Do keep an eye on the program’s details: some may have blackout dates or restrictions on the type of mimosas available as part of the deal. Be sure to ask the staff for any nuances to make the most of the program. Loyalty has its perks, and in this case, it can mean sipping on inexpensive mimosas more often.

Comparing Prices Between Establishments

To ensure you’re getting the most bubbles for your buck, a simple price comparison can make all the difference. Start by jotting down the costs of mimosas from the menus of local eateries you’re interested in. Don’t overlook smaller cafes or less popular venues, as they often offer competitive pricing to attract customers. Remember, it’s not just about the lowest price, but also the quality and size of the serving.

Consider the atmosphere and extras that might come with your beverage — sometimes a slightly pricier mimosa might include a better experience or a unique twist on the classic. If a restaurant sources premium orange juice or offers a selection of juices, this might justify a higher cost.

Lastly, keep track of the frequency of your visits. Some establishments offer discounts or punch cards for regulars, so the most affordable choice in the long run might not be the cheapest upfront. With these tips, you’ll be clinking glasses without breaking the bank.

Special Events With Mimosa Specials

Timing is everything when hunting for budget-friendly bubbly. Keep an eye out for events such as Sunday Funday or Bottomless Brunch, which often feature mimosa specials to entice a crowd.

Local festivals, holiday celebrations, or even charity events can sometimes offer mimosas at reduced prices to stimulate attendance and create a festive atmosphere.

Stay informed by joining event newsletters and following venues on social media for announcements on upcoming gatherings with drink deals. Food and wine festivals, in particular, may present packages that include unlimited mimosas. Be mindful of tickets for such events; purchasing in advance can often secure a better rate.

Community calendars are gold mines for uncovering themed brunches or weekender events in the area that serve up mimosas without breaking the bank. Remember, these specials are typically time-sensitive, so mark your calendar and set reminders for those not-to-miss occasions.


For those seeking an upscale yet affordable brunch experience, Ascension Coffee is an ideal spot. Their mimosas are not only budget-friendly but are known for being particularly refreshing. This Australian-style coffee shop offers a tranquil atmosphere perfect for a weekend meet-up.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Pricing: Ascension offers mimosas at competitive prices, making it a go-to for those looking to enjoy a bubbly brunch without breaking the bank.
  • Variety: Beyond the classic orange juice and champagne combination, they occasionally feature unique twists on the traditional mimosa, infusing different flavors that cater to a variety of palates.
  • Ambiance: With its laid-back environment, Ascension creates the perfect backdrop for sipping mimosas and leisurely enjoying your morning.
  • Brunch Pairings: Their menu includes delectable brunch items that pair exceptionally well with mimosas, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Keep in mind that weekends can be busy, so consider arriving early or making a reservation if available.


At Bread Winners, experiencing the joy of affordable mimosas is part of their weekend brunch allure. Known for its cozy atmosphere and a wide array of breakfast items, this hotspot doesn’t skimp on the bubbly. Patrons can look forward to generous mimosa offerings, often served in pitcher form, perfect for sharing with friends.

The prices are competitive, making it an attractive option for those wanting to indulge without the splurge. Additionally, Bread Winners often hosts themed brunches where mimosa deals are paired with delicious, specially curated menus, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the weekend ritual.

Remember to arrive early or be prepared to embrace a wait, as their popularity isn’t a well-kept secret.


Nestled in the heart of several Texas locales, Cane Rosso slings authentic Neapolitan pizzas but doesn’t shy away from pampering brunchgoers with budget-friendly bubbly. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Brunch Timing: Typically, weekends are when you’ll find their mimosa deals up for grabs. Check if they’re serving brunch to align with the specials.
  • Mimosa Promotion: Cane Rosso’s offerings often include a deal where you can enjoy discounted mimosas with the purchase of an entree.
  • Bottle Service: For those interested in more than just a glass, look out for their bottle service, which may come accompanied by a carafe of fresh juice.
  • Menu Pairing: A plethora of dishes complement their mimosas well, with fan favorites including their breakfast pizzas and savory brunch items.
  • Location Specifics: Each Cane Rosso might have slight variations in their deals, so a quick call to your nearest location can ensure you’re getting the best price.

Before heading out, a peek at their social media might reveal limited-time offers or new brunch items that pair perfectly with that flute of fizz.


Nestled in the vibrant Knox/Henderson neighborhood, Chelsea Corner offers a charming retreat for those craving budget-friendly mimosas. The establishment has made a name for itself with its unique indoor and outdoor seating that sets the stage for a relaxed mimosa-sipping experience.

On weekends, Chelsea Corner becomes a hub for brunch enthusiasts, serving mimosas at bargain prices that are sure to entice even the thriftiest of patrons. With its rich history dating back to 1974, the venue combines a sense of nostalgia with contemporary offerings.

To maximize savings without sacrificing the bubbly pleasure of a good mimosa, keep an eye on Chelsea Corner’s social media for periodic promotions that may include discounted refills or special brunch pricing, making it an ideal locale for those seeking both value and ambiance.


At Dream Cafe, a much-loved morning spot, you can experience both the quintessential brunch atmosphere and affordable mimosas. Known for its eclectic menu and vibrant outdoor seating, the cafe offers a Mimosa Brunch Special that’s easy on the wallet. Patrons can enjoy a standard mimosa, but those with adventurous palates might opt for one of their unique twists, like the mango or cranberry variations.

Furthermore, the refill policy here is generous, allowing for a leisurely brunch experience without the pressure of a hefty tab. Be sure to check their schedule, as the deals are often specific to certain days or times, ensuring you make the most of their offerings.


OLD MONK stands out as a go-to for those seeking wallet-friendly mimosas with character. Situated at the bustling Henderson Avenue, this classic European-style pub offers an array of craft beers and imports, but it’s their mimosa specials that draw the brunch crowds.

With a cozy patio, it’s an ideal spot to unwind over the weekend.

  • Enjoy their affordable mimosas during brunch hours.
  • Delight in the laid-back atmosphere perfect for group gatherings.
  • Pair your mimosas with their hearty brunch menu – think traditional English breakfasts and more.
  • Check out their website or call ahead for current deals and mimosa pricing to plan your visit.

Remember, specials may vary, so always confirm before you make your plans to ensure the best deal.


Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar offers a delightful twist to the traditional brunch with its mimosa offerings that come at a wallet-friendly price.

On weekends, they feature a deal that is hard to beat – $10 for a carafe of mimosas, providing an affordable way to enjoy this classic brunch cocktail with friends.

Not only do you get to sip on bubbly and refreshing mimosas, but you can also pair them with Pie Tap’s variety of delicious, oven-fresh pizzas and hearty brunch items.

This spot becomes a favorite for those who appreciate the combination of good food, good company, and good deals.

Keep in mind, the ambience here is laid-back yet energetic, making it ideal for casual gatherings.

With locations in both Dallas and Plano, Pie Tap ensures that enjoyable and inexpensive mimosas are easily accessible to locals on the lookout for a fun and budget-friendly brunch experience.


Sundown at Granada, a neighborhood beer garden and restaurant, offers an enticing deal for mimosa enthusiasts. Nestled next to the historic Granada Theater, it’s the perfect spot for those looking to indulge in a leisurely brunch while sipping on budget-friendly bubbly. Their rooftop patio provides an ideal setting for a relaxed weekend vibe.

  • Mimosa Specials: Catering to the budget-conscious, Sundown at Granada boasts a noteworthy mimosa special during their weekend brunch.
  • The Atmosphere: With its inviting ambiance and casual setting, it’s a prime destination for both locals and tourists seeking a spirited brunch scene.
  • Food Pairings: Consider pairing your mimosas with their diverse menu options, which emphasize organic, non-GMO, and locally sourced ingredients.
  • Live Music: Adding to the allure, live music often accompanies the weekend brunch, giving guests a multisensory experience.

Remember to check their current offerings, as specials may vary by season or event.

Local Reviews and Recommendations

Tap into the collective knowledge of your community by perusing local reviews before deciding on your mimosa destination. Online platforms, such as Yelp and Google Reviews, serve as treasure troves of firsthand accounts that can guide you to the most affordable options. Be on the lookout for mentions of mimosa affordability in reviewers’ comments. Take advantage of user-generated photos to get a glimpse of the ambiance and portion sizes. Use the search filters to narrow down results to establishments with the best deals.

Furthermore, don’t underestimate the power of local recommendations. Community forums and Facebook groups often have threads dedicated to finding the best brunch deals in town. Members are usually eager to share their latest discoveries and might even offer tips on the best times to visit. Joining these groups can also alert you to one-off promotions and events that feature discounted mimosas. Remember to contribute your own experiences to pay it forward to fellow mimosa enthusiasts.


What’s the difference between mimosa and bottomless mimosas?

The difference between a mimosa and bottomless mimosas is that a mimosa is a single serving of the cocktail, while bottomless mimosas typically offer unlimited servings within a specific timeframe, often seen in brunch settings.

Does Boston have bottomless mimosas?

No, Boston does not offer bottomless mimosas due to local regulations.

What are bottomless mimosas?

Bottomless mimosas are cocktails typically offered by restaurants for a flat rate, characterized by their unlimited refills.

What is the meaning of bottomless brunch?

A bottomless brunch refers to a unique dining event typically held in the late morning or early afternoon, characterized by an unlimited supply of alcohol and a predetermined food menu, commonly lasting for approximately two hours.

What are the regulations around serving bottomless mimosas in California?

In California, bottomless mimosas are allowed under The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations provided they are not served to a visibly intoxicated patron or after 2 AM.

Which restaurants are renowned for their mimosa brunch in Austin, Texas?

Some of the top restaurants known for their mimosa brunch in Austin, Texas include Irene’s, Bouldin Creek Cafe, and Snooze, an A.M. Eatery.

How has the culture of bottomless mimosas influenced New York City’s dining scene?

Bottomless mimosas have transformed New York City’s dining scene by driving demand for more brunch options and competitive pricing, influencing restaurants to create innovative offerings to entice patrons.


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