15 Bathroom Cabinet Colors to Inspire Your Next Remodel

Last updated on May 22, 2024

Transform your bathroom’s vibe with creative cabinet color ideas that marry function with flair, ensuring you find the perfect hue for your haven.

Terracotta Orange

terracotta orange

Embracing the warmth of sunbaked clay, a terracotta orange cabinet infuses your bathroom with an earthy, welcoming vibe ideal for starting the day on a cozy note.

Champagne Gold

champagne gold

Basking in the understated elegance of Champagne Gold, your bathroom cabinet becomes the toast of the room, reflecting light with a gentle, warm glow.

Peacock Blue

Diving into a shade that truly makes a splash, Peacock Blue cabinets evoke a sense of regal elegance, transforming your bathroom into a lavish retreat.

Frosted Glass

Embodying a sleek, contemporary vibe, frosted glass cabinets offer a hint of mystery with a practical, easy-to-maintain finish that diffuses clutter and exudes calm.

Rose Gold

Infusing a touch of elegance and warmth, Rose Gold cabinets offer a lustrous finish that bathes your bathroom in a soft, romantic glow.

Gunmetal Gray

Gunmetal Gray infuses a sleek, contemporary vibe into the bathroom, acting as a sophisticated backdrop that complements both bold and subdued accessories.

Lavender Mist

Enveloping your bathroom in Lavender Mist creates a soothing sanctuary, ideal for a tranquil spa-like retreat from the daily hustle.

Coral Pink

Infusing a dash of playful warmth, a coral pink cabinet graciously dominates a bathroom space, offering a vibrant yet soothing visual embrace that feels like a permanent sunset glow.

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna infuses warmth into your bathroom space, offering a cozy, earthy vibe that doubles as a nod to nature’s palette.

Glacial Blue

Glacial Blue cabinets infuse a serene, icy-cool vibe, reminiscent of a tranquil arctic retreat, ideal for crafting a rejuvenating bathroom sanctuary.

Espresso Brown

Espresso Brown infuses a touch of sophistication and warmth, creating a cozy yet elegant atmosphere for any bathroom retreat.

Marigold Yellow

Injecting a dose of sunshine into your space, Marigold Yellow cabinets enliven the bathroom with a cheerful warmth that energizes your morning routine.

Dusty Rose

Bathed in the gentle glow of a Dusty Rose cabinet, your bathroom transforms into a serene sanctuary, perfect for unwinding after a bustling day.

Platinum Silver

Platinum Silver cabinets add a sleek, sophisticated vibe, reflecting light to make your bathroom feel more spacious and luxurious.

Sunset Peach

Imagine a warm embrace at the day’s end; Sunset Peach infuses your bathroom space with a soothing ambiance, perfect for winding down in a calming soak.

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