4 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring an AC Repair Technician

Last updated on December 22, 2023

AC repair services are in high demand in summer as residents seek relief from the sweltering heat with reliable and efficient HVAC systems. Because of this, sometimes it takes time to find the right one for the AC repair. To find the right technician, do the following inquiries. 

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have in the HVAC Industry? 

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have in the HVAC Industry? 

Before hiring an HVAC technician, you’ll have to ask first about their experience in air conditioner repair and maintenance. This is important because hiring an experienced AC repair technician increases the possibility of getting a better quality repair service. 

An experienced technician knows how to deal with an air conditioning unit. Besides, he will come with all the tools required to repair an air conditioner. This way, your repair will be top-notch and can be done as early as possible. 

On the flip side, if you hire a novice technician, there is no guarantee that you’ll get a high-quality repair service. The technician will likely take your air conditioning unit as a way to practice his skills. However, during the process, it can further damage the unit.

As a homeowner, you wouldn’t want that to happen to the air conditioner. Also, a novice air con repair technician won’t be equipped with all the necessary tools required to do the repairs. As a result, the repair will take longer, and sometimes, the AC won’t be fully repaired. 

I am not saying that all novice HVAC technicians are bad or don’t have the skills to repair a cooling unit. But if you want to maximize the probability of getting the best air conditioner repair, it is advised to hire an experienced AC repair professional.

Do You Have HVAC Insurance Coverage for the AC Repair? 

After asking about the experience in the HVAC industry, you’ll have to ask about the AC repair coverage. New damages can happen during an AC repair service, or even the AC repair technician can get injured. If the repair service has insurance coverage, you won’t have to spend money on all these. The repair insurance will cover all the additional costs. 

It may come to your mind that you’re hiring an experienced HVAC technician, so why do you have to worry about the repair insurance coverage? This is because anything can happen during an AC repair. The main purpose of hiring an HVAC technician with insurance coverage is to protect you from unexpected costs. 

Pro-Tip: Apart from the HVAC repair insurance, you should also inquire about whether or not the repair company is providing any warranty with the repair. Usually, reputed and experienced HVAC companies offer a warranty with the service.

If you find out that the company you’re in discussion with doesn’t provide any warranty with the service, you should consider it as a red flag. Because it indicates that the repair company isn’t confident about their service and has the potential to scam you. 

According to this Anna air conditioning service provider, many companies offer a warranty with their repair. Also, most HVAC repair companies have repair insurance coverage. 

Do You Have an HVAC License and Certifications?

Do You Have an HVAC License and Certifications?

To get the best AC repair, you should hire a technician with an HVAC license and certification. To get the HVAC license, one must spend hundreds of hours studying the HVAC parts in the classroom.

Besides, it requires a certain years of experience in the HVAC industry. After that, one has to sit for an exam and pass it. When you hire such a technician who went through all these, it guarantees that the repair will be top-notch. 

Apart from these, an HVAC repair professional with a license and certifications will follow the guidelines set by the EPA. As a result, the disposal of harmful chemicals will be done safely, and you won’t be at risk of paying fines by any authority. 

On the other hand, an AC repair professional without a license or certifications won’t do any of these. Besides, it is likely that they will further damage your equipment and make the entire repair process lengthier. This is why there is no alternative to hiring a technician with a license and certifications. 

Can You Give Testimonials of Your Previous Clients? 

Finally, you’ll have to ask about the testimonials of the previous clients. By checking previous clients’ testimonials, you can know what to expect from a certain repair company.

Besides, by reading the testimonials, you can crosscheck the information provided by the repair technician. If the information matches with the testimonial, you’re good to go with the HVAC company. However, if it doesn’t add up, you should start looking for other repair companies.

Pro-Tip: If you have any relative or friend who has recently done AC repair, you can ask them for their recommendation. Also, you can read online reviews to check the previous homeowners’ experience with the company.

For this, it is advised to use Google Reviews or Yelp. If the rating of the repair company on these platforms is less than 4.00 out of 5, it indicates that the homeowners aren’t happy with their services, and you should look for the repair companies.


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