5 Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Bed a Makeover

Last updated on July 30, 2020

After your bedroom has looked the same for years, it can become boring. If you want to make a change, but do not have the time or money for a full remodel, there are a few ways that you can dress up your bed, giving your room a whole new look.


Adding decorative throw pillows is a great way to spruce up your bed a bit. You can keep your sham and pillows in the back, and stack the pillows on top. This can change the look of your bed.

Body Pillows

Many people use a body pillow each night when they go to sleep. Unfortunately, when the bed is made, the body pillow does not look too good. What you can do, is dress your body pillow up. Go out and find a pillow case which go with your current comforter set, and prop some matching throw pillows over it. Now your body pillow serves two purposes.

Mix and Match Pillow Cases

Using pillowcases which are the same colors and the same patterns can be boring. If you really want your bed to pop, you can use mismatched pillowcases that are coordinated. A great way to add texture is to use one solid pillowcase, one striped pillowcase, and one pillowcase with a small pattern.

Tucked Band

If you want to breathe life into your tired old comforter, you can do a “tucked band”. You can place an accent textile in the middle of the bed, and tuck it in on each side. This can give the illusion of a brand new comforter.

Above the Headboard

To breathe new life into your bedroom using accessories, you can add a decorative picture or painting above the headboard. The best type of wall hanging would be one with colors that match your bedding.

It does not cost too much money, or take too much effort to give your bed a makeover.

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