12 Easy DIY Donut Pillow Ideas for Yummy Accent Pillows

Last updated on November 17, 2022

Whether it’s “doughnuts” or “donuts” they are all the same, especially when it comes to pillows. Make these DIY donut pillows for adorable accents around your home. Read on!

We’re not going to ask you why you want to make donut pillows. Maybe it’s for your kids, maybe it’s for your inner child. It’s a fun project to tackle, indeed! It’s actually easier than you may think (that hole in the pillow looks intimidating to sew) – some of these ideas are even no-sew!

So grab yourself a yard of your favorite fabric (it will make a 30×30 inch pillow – for a 20×20 inch pillow take 3/4 yard of fabric), some stuffing, and let’s get to it. You’ll find that some of these creative ideas use repurposed materials (such as lonely socks!) which is all the more fun.

There are a few ways to make a DIY donut pillow too:

  • Using a cutout for the donut shape and the frosting. And then sewing it.
  • Cutting the fabric and using a hot glue gun to put it together.
  • Using old socks (for mini pillows).

Here are all of our favorite ways to make these accent pillows.

How to Make a Donut Pillow

Why a donut pillow? Why of all things worth creating, why chose a donut pillow? Well, we’re going to answer that question. We’ve decided to make a donut pillow because of the child spirit that is within us. Follow the tutorial on Instructables to learn how it’s done.

We’ve chosen this idea as the best DIY donut pillow on this list. It’s a well-written tutorial with great examples and it’s easy to follow. It may not be the easiest pillow to make but it certainly is worth the effort and it looks great.

If you are looking to give your guests a serious laugh or searching for the perfect homemade gift idea for a friend with a sweet tooth, this free pillow pattern will absolutely be your next sewing project. The pillow looks just like a giant donut. Complete with sprinkles and frosting, this quirky little project would make a great addition to your kid’s room. Check out the link to A Beautiful Mess to learn how to do it.

A simple and easy donut pillow using cutouts. See the tutorial on Cut Out and Keep for the full plans and instructions.

DIY Donut Pillow
Tutorial: weallsew.com

Time to make the donuts! Treat yourself to this cute little throw pillow that takes no time to stitch up. Super soft Cuddle fabric makes this accessory even cozier. Don’t worry, this project is as easy as cake. The icing on the donut for this project is the sprinkles. Follow We All Sew to see how it’s done.

DIY Donut Pillow w/ Strawberry Frosting How to Make
Tutorial: www.youtube.com

Strawberry frosting is one of our favorites so the donut pillow needs to have it. Follow this video to see the entire plans and instructions.

DIY Donut Pillow
Tutorial: www.youtube.com

Looks simple enough and very cute. Watch the video to find out how to make this.

Donut plush pillow DIY. An easy way to make a donut.
Tutorial: www.youtube.com

It’s very plush and it’s a donut. Check out the video to get the full instructions.

Crochet Giant Donut Pillow Free Crochet Pattern
Tutorial: fabartdiy.org

Crochet giant donut pillow pattern. Read this article on Fab Art DIY to learn how to use it.

No-Sew Donut Pillow

How To Make A No-Sew Donut Pillow – Pepe's How Tos
Tutorial: pepeshowtos.com

Whether you love donuts or not, this adorable yummy-looking donut pillow would surely make you fall in love with it. Follow the article on Pepe’s How Tos to see the entire guidance.

DIY No Sew Donut Pillow DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos
Tutorial: diyprojects.com

Add flair to your home decor with this cute DIY No-Sew Donut Pillow. This food pillow is just as beautiful as sewn pillows but won’t take all day to make. Check out the tutorial on DIY Projects to get the complete guidance and instructions.

Make a pillow from your lonely socks without sewing anything at all. Talk about being crafty and reusing materials. Follow the article on The Hauterfly for the complete plans and instructions.

DIY: No Sew Donut Pillow
Tutorial: www.youtube.com

Yes, you don’t even have to sew it to make it. See the video to get the entire details and instructions on how to make this donut pillow.


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