Every DIY-er deserves a treat from time to time. You have probably done a lot of DIY projects, but perhaps they have all been necessities rather than something for yourself, and that needs to change.

You deserve a moment to just do something for yourself, and you can do that with a DIY vanity. Now, people need a few choices to choose from, so the following will showcase 15 DIY projects worth your time. It is up to you to figure out which one is best suited for your home or tastes, and be sure to just have fun with it!

Sink Vanity IKEA Hack

Ikea offers a wide variety of sinks, and some of them are quite small. Those who do not have a lot space in the bathroom might love this Ikea hack. All you need is one of their smaller sinks and DIY skills to turn a few wood pieces into a stylish vanity.

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Vanity

All you really need to purchase is a piece of furniture or a dresser, and paint it white. The farmhouse sink needs to fit the dresser, so make sure it fits. The kicker here is finding a tub-like sink, which adds a touch of playfulness rarely afforded to bathroom vanities.

Wooden Vanity

Woodsy vanities are great and timeless. You are going to need a few things like four 2 3/4″ posts and 29″ long wood pieces, just to name a few things. Of course, you are going to need a number of your trusted tools to get this project done and ivory bowl sinks, to top it all of.

Glass Top Makeup Vanity

There isn’t anything more glamorous than a glass top, which gives any vanity a touch of beauty that would be hard to rival. You have the skills to make the base, and all you need is the mirror and the glass to top off the look.

Pottery Barn Inspired Vanity

Your makeup and tools can be placed in beautiful pottery barn inspired vanity. Granted, the pottery barn look is not usually associated with vanities, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. All you need is a little patience and your DIY skills.

Small Bathroom Vanity

Sometimes, all you really want is a smaller vanity, and you can do this with some plywood and vanity legs. The project is not too hard, and you can make a number of them if you need to fill a large space. Remember, the mirror will be hanging, which should make this project easier.

Repurposed Vanity

Check out the tutorial how to make a DIY repurposed vanity

Tutorial: atozcustomcreations.net

Nothing beats repurposing a piece of furniture and breathing new life into it. Many DIY-ers love the feeling of being able to see beyond what others might. What you are going to need is a base like old sewing furniture. Most of these have a lot of character, and all you need to do is buy a sink that fits your base.

Double Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom vanity requires some thick pieces of plywood, wood boards, a large mirror, and vessel sinks. The sinks will be ivory, and the counter will end up having a dark blue hue, which should look great. It may take some time to complete, but it will be worth the trouble.

Open Shelf Vanity

Check out the tutorial how to make a DIY open shelf vanity

Tutorial: h2obungalow.com

This vanity boasts two glass sinks that sit on top of a few shelves. The shelves are made of wood pieces that are completed with a dark stain to give it that rustic look most homes should have. Just a little patience is all you need to create a great vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Shelves

A few pine boards are needed to make these bathroom vanity shelves. Not only does the design have an open look, but it is also unique. Not many people are expecting this type of vanity, making your bathroom unforgettable, which is something that you want.

Wall Mount Sink Vanity

Those who have a sink that is mounted on the wall know that it does not always have an appealing look, which is the reason you should consider the wall mount vanity. It gives you counter and storage space while beautifying your bathroom. You just need to apply your DIY skills, and you are done.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

There are times when your makeup station needs a little style. Nothing says contemporary style like the rustic look. You can accomplish this with some of your DIY skills and a number of boards. Your bathroom is definitely going to look like a whole new room, which you are going to love.

Plywood Vanity

Check out the tutorial how to make a DIY plywood makeup vanity

Tutorial: homewithlo.com

All you need is a few 2×4’s and a few drawers of the same size to make this vanity. Of course, you are going to need a good vanity mirror, preferably one with good lights to help illuminate you while you are doing your makeup. You will finally have all your makeup in one location.

Makeup Vanity IKEA Hack

This one is pretty simple. You will be using Ikea’s Malm dressing table and will convert it into a makeup table. You will be adding a fancy mirror and a few little things you might need like a hair appliance caddy. Of course, you can add other things you want.

Dresser Bathroom Vanity

Everyone loves the ‘dresser turned vanity’ look. The style has definitely caught on like fire. Paying to have this look done professionally could get expensive, so why not make it yourself? Just purchase the sink first to make sure it fits the cabinet measurement of the dresser you are considering.