What Are the Major Factors Affecting Your Roof?

Last updated on October 27, 2023

These are the major factors that affect your roof negatively and require proper maintenance to keep it in good standing. Read on!

No material of any sort lasts forever! Roofing materials aren’t designed to last for 100 years. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars to get a professional to install high-quality materials, they will still deteriorate at some point.

A properly installed and inspected roof increases the lifestyle of you and your family. Factors like climate and insulation badly affect the lifetime of a roof. But these two failures are not the only ones that can cause your lifestyle and pocket to crumble.

We will discuss many factors in detail in the coming paras. 

Why Does the Roof Detoriate?

roof detoriates

At some point in time, your roof will deteriorate if not properly maintained, and you will have to spend dollars to fix it. But sometimes, there are factors that you can’t control, like weather conditions. Even if you have a skilled professional to properly install the roof materials, the weather will arrive to shake your roof up.

However, this does not mean that you should not hire a skilled contractor to install your roof. What we mean to say is that if the roof is not properly cleaned, then the material will wear out over time.

We have listed some of the top factors that affect your roof: 

The Material Used

metal roofing

Asphalt shingles have been in use, for roofing, for a very long time because of the aesthetic look they offer. They are widely used in the world by the people because of popular demand and their looks. However, asphalt shingles are not considered as durable as other roofing materials, for example, metal roofs.

The lifespan of the asphalt shingles is 3 times lesser than the life span of metal roofs. You have to choose the perfect material for your roof to extend its lifespan. You will have to invest in good materials to increase the lifespan of your roof.

The Effect of Climate and Weather

The climate that surrounds you and the form of weather that you face from time to time can affect your entire roofing system. If you are living in an area where you experience regular wind strokes and storms, then there is a high chance that your roofing material will age faster.

Storms at regular frequent intervals will reduce the age of your roofing material. Maintenance of your roof after every storm will be necessary.

The Pitch and Design of Your Roof

Metal Roofing shingle

To manage the water flow, the slope and the style of the roof matter a lot. A roof that is properly engineered for a high-quality sloping system will make sure that the water does not stay on top of the roof. If you have a flat roof then you will have to regularly maintain it to extend the lifespan of the roof. You will be required to change the roofing materials now and then to avoid ponding water.

Roofing Ventilation

Another factor that affects the lifespan of your roof is Ventilation systems. Low-level insulation in an attic can result in high temperatures of the roofing material. Roofing materials heat up at high temperatures and resultantly can easily default. A good insulating system will help to regulate the temperature of your house.

Exposure to Sunlight

Besides the damage caused by storms and heavy rainfall, sunlight plays the main role in damaging the roofing materials. If the roof is painted in a darker color, then more sunlight is absorbed which results in the speedy degradation of the roofing materials.

To avoid sun damage, certain roofing material coatings are engineered to avoid direct UV rays on the roof. There is an option to choose a darker shade with some add-ons to reflect the UV radiation in the new roofing products. You can install a cool roof system to ensure that the lifespan of the roof increases and the energy efficiency is maximized.

Poor Installation

The lifespan and quality of your roof are dictated by the quality of installation of your roof. If the roofing system is installed poorly, then within the time you will face leaks and other issues in the system.

If you will hire a professional roofer, then you will be less likely to face any sorts of defects in the system. Hiring a professional is a better option, this way you will not have to frequently pay for repairing defects in your roof.

Ongoing Maintenance


Maintenance is a necessary step to avoid huge losses. If you’re avoiding maintenance of your roofing system, then you are, in literal terms, allowing the roof to age faster. Regular maintenance means checking in for ponding water, clearing out debris or dirt, treating any biological growth, watching for mold, etc.

If you avoid maintenance like avoiding clearing out drains or gutters or clearing out debris or inspecting your roof after bad weather, then you are negating any chance of filing an insurance claim for emergency repairs.

Taking into consideration the significance of maintenance, one can’t overlook the role of efficient gutter systems in preserving the overall health of the roof. While clearing out debris from the gutters and drains is a part of regular maintenance, it can be a time-consuming task. This leads us to a common question, are gutter guards worth it? 

Gutter guards can offer an effective solution to this issue, by preventing leaves and other detritus from clogging up the gutters, thus reducing the frequency of cleaning.

The Age of Your Roofing Materials

A potential weak point in your roof, a section that is aging faster, can cause the entire roofing system to age faster. If a part of your roof is older than the rest of the section of your roofing system, then it will create a weak spot in the system.

If you have called for an inspection then have to consider the age of your roof first. If your shingles are older than 8-10 years or metal tiles have not been inspected for over 20 years then it will be a wise decision to call for professional help.

The Takeaway

All the factors mentioned above contribute equally to the lifespan of your roof. Either your roof will age faster or with proper maintenance, you will manage to extend the lifespan.


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