15 Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Last updated on May 24, 2024

Transform the chaos under your kitchen sink into an oasis of organization with these clever storage solutions and tips.

Magnetic Spice Rack for Under-sink Doors

magnetic spice rack for under sink doors

Transform your under-sink doors into a spice haven; strong magnets hold containers in plain sight, making seasoning grabs a piece of cake.

Tension Rod for Hanging Spray Bottles

tension rod for hanging spray bottles

A tension rod under your sink transforms into a nifty hanging spot, letting you clip those spray bottles up and out of the way, freeing up precious shelf real estate for other cleaning essentials.

Over-the-door Pocket Organizer for Miscellaneous Items

over the door pocket organizer for miscellaneous items

Maximize every nook by slipping an over-the-door pocket organizer onto cabinet doors to cradle all those stray bits and bobs that often clutter the space under your sink.

Slide-out Trash Can and Recycling Bin

slide out trash can and recycling bin

Stash your waste and recyclables neatly with a dual slide-out system that keeps bins tucked away and streamlines disposal chores.

Corkboard Mounted Inside Doors for Hanging Small Tools

corkboard mounted inside doors for hanging small tools

Transform the inside of your cabinet doors into an organizational hub with a corkboard; it’s a perfect spot to hang your measuring spoons and other small utensils, keeping them within arm’s reach yet neatly out of sight.

Under-sink Mounted Paper Towel Holder

under sink mounted paper towel holder

Maximize your space and keep paper towels within arm’s reach by installing a holder directly beneath the sink, ensuring a quick cleanup without the clutter.

Wire Door Racks for Wrap and Foil Boxes

wire door racks for wrap and foil boxes

Maximize that vertical real estate on your cabinet doors by installing wire racks; they’ll keep your wraps and foils organized and at arm’s reach without cluttering your shelves.

Under-sink Drawer Dividers for Sorting Cleaning Supplies

under sink drawer dividers for sorting cleaning supplies

Drawer dividers transform your under-sink space into a neatly organized haven, with each cleaning essential having its designated compartment for quick identification and access.

Customizable Pegboard for Arranging Accessories

customizable pegboard for arranging accessories

A customizable pegboard allows you to snugly fit and effortlessly rearrange your accessories, ensuring everything from gloves to small brushes stays securely in place and within reach.

Ceiling Hooks for Hanging Scrub Brushes to Dry

ceiling hooks for hanging scrub brushes to dry

By employing ceiling hooks under the sink, scrub brushes air-dry more efficiently, keeping dampness and clutter at bay.

Swivel Storage Trays for Easy Access to Products

swivel storage trays for easy access to products

Swivel storage trays, cleverly tucked under the sink, spin your detergents and cleaners into view with a simple twist, saving you from the deep dive into the cabinet abyss.

Under-sink Water Filtration System Storage

under sink water filtration system storage

Maximize space by integrating your water filtration system neatly under the sink, ensuring that filters and accessories are out of the way yet easily accessible when you need a refresh.

Color-coded Bins for Separating Cleaning Tasks

color coded bins for separating cleaning tasks

Assign a hue, scoop the brew—designate a color for each cleaning duty, and let your bins be the guiding rainbow beneath the sink, streamlining your scrub sessions.

LED Lighting to Illuminate Under-sink Area

led lighting to illuminate under sink area

A well-lit under-sink area transforms the search for cleaning supplies into a less daunting task, courtesy of strategically placed LED lights.

Vertical File Holders for Storing Cutting Boards and Baking Sheets

vertical file holders for storing cutting boards and baking sheets

Maximize vertical space and keep cutting boards and baking sheets neat and accessible with upright file holders.

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