Top 5 Effective Home Cleaning Tips

Last updated on October 23, 2022

Use these top five effective home cleaning tips to clean your house like a pro even if you hate doing it. Read on!

Cleaning our homes is something that we all have to do, whether we like it or not. Even if you’re someone who puts off cleaning until the very last minute, eventually you have to cave and spruce up your living space.

But while cleaning is something we’ve all become accustomed to, that doesn’t mean we’re being as efficient as possible when getting our homes squeaky clean. If cleaning has been getting you down lately, then these tips can help you to make the most of the time you set aside to dust shelves, vacuum your carpets, and scrub surfaces.

Educate Yourself

cleaning kit

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning is not having enough knowledge. Not everything in your home can be cleaned with the same spray bottle and cloth. In fact, bathroom cleaners can ruin furniture finishes in the living room while kitchen sprays might stain the upholstery. It’s also dangerous to mix together certain cleaning products and you should only use bleach as directed on the back of the bottle. Failing to do this can result in chemical burns or the inhalation of toxic fumes, so pay close attention to instructions. 

Whether you’ve been wondering how to clean your dryer vent properly or whether you’ll ever get the glass on your oven door clear again, the internet has lots of great advice for your specific cleaning needs.

Tidy Up First

Cleaning can be a real challenge when there’s too much clutter lying around. How can you possibly hope to vacuum your floors when yesterday’s clothes and your children’s toys are strewn all over them? Always put things away before getting out your rubber gloves for greater efficiency.

Avoid Stopping Halfway Through

While it’s fine to stop for lunch if you’re cleaning your whole house, try to avoid short breaks while in the middle of scrubbing the bath. Once you’ve sat down, it can be much harder to get back up and resume your task. You’ll probably come back to your bathroom later and move all of your cleaning kit out of the way before getting ready for bed. If you struggle with staying motivated, try to do a different room each day so you’re tackling bite-sized chunks at a time.

Make Time for Rarely Cleaned Areas

When was the last time you cleaned the filters on your washing machine? And have you washed your curtains since you bought them? Everyone has things in their home that they forget to clean, but these areas need to be addressed every now and again. A good time to get this done is before a big event or celebration because most households try to clean a little bit more during these times of the year. A lot of these jobs can easily be tacked onto your regular cleaning and won’t actually take that much out of your day.

Don’t Clean Alone

Cleaning by yourself can feel overwhelming, especially if you live in a bigger house with others. Try to rope in the rest of the family and work as a team to get things done more quickly.


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