15 Office Built In Cabinets Ideas

Last updated on May 19, 2024

Discover creative and practical built-in office cabinet ideas that maximize space and boost productivity.

Floating Shelves With Hidden Brackets

floating shelves with hidden brackets

Floating shelves with hidden brackets add a modern touch to your office built-in cabinets. They provide a sleek and minimalist look while offering functional storage space for your essentials.

Integrated Task Lighting

integrated task lighting

Integrated Task Lighting enhances the functionality of office built-in cabinets by providing focused lighting for tasks. The built-in lighting seamlessly integrates into the cabinets, illuminating workspaces efficiently.

Sliding Door Cabinets

sliding door cabinets

Sliding door cabinets add a modern and sleek touch to your office space cabinets, offering a convenient way to access your items without the need for swinging doors.

Built-in Desk With Filing Drawers

built in desk with filing drawers

Imagine having a workspace seamlessly integrated into your office cabinets, complete with convenient filing drawers for easy organization.

Library Ladder Access

library ladder access

Library ladder access adds a touch of sophistication and functionality to your office built-in cabinets, allowing easy reach of high storage areas with style.

Glass-front Display Cabinets

glass front display cabinets

Glass-front Display Cabinets provide a stylish way to showcase your favorite office accessories with a touch of sophistication.

Modular Cubby Storage

modular cubby storage

Modular Cubby Storage provides versatile compartments for organizing office supplies, documents, and personal items efficiently.

Corkboard Backing

corkboard backing

Corkboard backing adds a functional touch to your office built-in cabinets, allowing you to pin up reminders, notes, and inspiration easily. It provides a versatile space for creative displays and organization within your office space. Corkboard backing helps personalize your workspace and keeps important information within sight and reach while blending seamlessly with the design of your office cabinets.

Pull-out Work Surface

pull out work surface

The Pull-out Work Surface is a convenient feature in office built-in cabinets that provides extra workspace when needed. It can be neatly tucked away when not in use, maximizing the available space in the office.

Adjustable Shelving Units

adjustable shelving units

Adjustable Shelving Units allow for customizable storage solutions in the office built-in cabinets, adapting to different items’ sizes and making organization a breeze.

Tambour Doors

tambour doors

Tambour doors offer a sleek and space-saving storage solution in built-in cabinets. The doors roll up and disappear into the cabinet, providing easy access to items without the need for outward swinging doors. Ideal for maximizing space in smaller offices where every inch counts.

Lockable Cabinets for Confidential Files

lockable cabinets for confidential files

For safeguarding sensitive information, opt for lockable cabinets integrated into your office built-ins.

Recessed Power Outlets

recessed power outlets

Recessed power outlets are convenient additions to office built-in cabinets, allowing easy access to electricity for devices without cluttering the workspace.

Built-in Whiteboard Panels

built in whiteboard panels

Elevate productivity in your office space by incorporating built-in whiteboard panels for spontaneous brainstorming sessions and jotting down important notes and ideas within arm’s reach.

Under-cabinet Lighting

under cabinet lighting

Illuminate your workspace efficiently with under-cabinet lighting – a sleek and practical solution for enhancing visibility and productivity in your office built-in cabinets.


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