How to Stop Faux Fur Blanket from Shedding – Effective Tips and Guide

Last updated on October 29, 2023

Discover the secret to stopping faux fur blankets from shedding because even the coziest decor deserves a maintenance-free existence.

Addressing the common issue of faux fur blankets shedding, this article provides practical and budget-friendly solutions. Shedding can cause a mess and reduce the lifespan of your beloved blanket. But don’t worry, there are effective ways to combat this issue.

We’ll delve into a step-by-step guide on how to stop your faux fur blanket from shedding, ensuring you can enjoy its warmth and comfort for longer. From pre-treatment to daily care, every detail will be covered to help you maintain the plushness of your faux fur blanket.

So, let’s get started on preserving the beauty and functionality of your faux fur items.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding why faux fur blankets shed during manufacturing process
  • Proper washing techniques for reducing shedding
  • Shake-and-dry method to remove loose fibers and reduce shedding
  • Vacuum cleaning method for gentle removal of loose fibers
  • Proper storage solutions to minimize shedding, including cotton bags and rolling blankets before storing.

Understanding Why Faux Fur Blankets Shed

Shedding in faux fur blankets occurs mainly due to the manufacturing process. During creation, individual fibers are woven into a backing which can cause some fibers to be loose. Regular use and improper cleaning methods can lead to these loose fibers falling out, resulting in the blanket’s shedding. Understanding this is vital in addressing the issue effectively.

Points to remember:

  • 1. The manufacturing process can cause loose fibers that fall out easily.
  • 2. Misuse or improper care can accelerate the shedding.
  • 3. Shedding is a normal, albeit bothersome, occurrence with these blankets.

Proper Washing Techniques for Faux Fur Blankets

To keep your faux fur blanket looking as good as new and to reduce shedding, proper washing techniques are crucial. Start by opting for hand washing, which provides gentler manipulation of the fabric. This helps to preserve the integrity of the faux fur fibers and decreases shedding.

Here are some key points:

  • 1. Fill a basin with cold water; warm or hot can break the synthetic fibers and increase shedding.
  • 2. Use a mild detergent, steering clear of bleach or other harsh chemicals.
  • 3. Gently agitate the blanket in the water. Avoid vigorous scrubbing or twisting.
  • 4. Rinse thoroughly to ensure all the detergent is out of the fur.
  • 5. Press gently to remove excess water, but never wring the fabric.
  • 6. Lay the blanket flat in a well-ventilated area to dry naturally. Avoid using a dryer – the high heat can damage the fibers.

By following these steps, your faux fur blanket will not only come out cleaner, but it will also shed less. It’s an easy yet effective method that will help guarantee the blanket’s lifespan and beauty.

The Shake-and-Dry Method to Reduce Faux Fur Shedding

First, firmly hold the corners of the blanket and give it a thorough shake. This removes any loose fibres that are primed to shed.

Next, lay it flat – this could be on a clean floor or a drying rack – so it is fully spread out.

Allow the blanket to air dry, steering clear of heat sources like radiators or direct sunlight which can damage the synthetic fur fibres.

As it dries, lightly tap on the surface of the blanket with your hands. This small action helps already loosened fibres to dislodge and fall away without disturbing the intact faux fur.

Once dry, use a soft brush to gently comb through the fur. This step not only leaves your blanket looking pristine but also helps to exfoliate any additional loose fibres.

Remember to brush in the direction of the fur for the best results and to avoid causing unnecessary shedding.

The Vacuum Cleaning Method for Shedding Reduction

Start by ensuring your blanket is dry – vacuuming a wet blanket could cause more shedding. Employing a handheld vacuum, keep it on the lowest setting to prevent damage. Carefully run the vacuum over the surface of the blanket; a light touch is essential here.

This method effectively and gently removes loose fibers that contribute to shedding. It’s key to not scrub or press too hard, as this can trigger more shedding or potentially damage the fur.

Endeavor to vacuum your faux fur blanket weekly to help manage and reduce shedding.

The Role of Proper Storage in Preventing Faux Fur Shedding

Appropriate storage solutions can considerably minimize shedding. Firstly, keeping your blanket in a cotton bag will allow it to breathe while protecting from excess friction that causes shedding. Steer clear of plastic containers, as they can make the fur matted and dull.

Position in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight or heat sources, as heat can cause the faux fur to dry out and shed. Avoid folding or bunching your blanket as it can damage the fibers leading to shedding. Instead, gently roll it up before storage. It’s always a good idea to give the blanket a quick gentle shake before storing it away, this will remove any loose fibers that might cause more shedding while in storage.

Remember, some shedding will always occur, but these steps will help minimize it significantly and lengthen your faux fur blanket’s lifespan.

Pointers for Removing Pilling From Faux Fur Blankets

Removing pilling, those annoying little balls of tangled fabric, is an essential step in preserving the aesthetic appeal and soft texture of your blanket. Here are some pointers to make the job easier:

1. Brush Technique: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a fabric brush and gently stroke in the direction of the fur to eradicate the pilling.

2. Fabric Comb: Available in most home stores, a fabric comb is a handy tool that easily removes pilling from the surface of the blanket.

3. Shaver: Electric fabric shavers are particularly efficient in safely removing pilling without harming the fur.

Remember, applying too much pressure can damage the fur. Always test on an inconspicuous part of the blanket first to ensure there’s no risk of damage.

Maintaining Faux Fur Blankets for Longevity and Shedding Prevention

Consistency is key when it comes to ensuring the durability and appearance of your faux fur blankets. Here’s a simple routine you can adopt:

  • Regular Brushing: Brush your faux fur blanket gently every week to keep it looking fresh and fluffy. Use a soft-bristled brush and remember to stroke in the direction of the fur.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Faux fur discolouration can be caused by excessive sunlight. Try to store it somewhere shaded and cool to avoid this.
  • Clean Spills Immediately: If spills occur, clean immediately using a damp cloth and mild soap (be sure to check the manufacturing instructions first).
  • Inspect Often: Routinely inspect your blanket for signs of wear and tear. Early detection means you can address these problems before they escalate.

Adopting these steps will go a long way in extending the longevity of your faux fur blanket and keep shedding to a minimum.


How do you keep a faux blanket from shedding?

To prevent a faux blanket from shedding, utilize a low-frequency vacuum cleaner or a lint remover, ensuring it is used gently to avoid any potential damage to the blanket.

Why is my faux fur shedding?

Faux fur tends to shed and pill over time, particularly with regular washing or storage in high humidity conditions.

How do you stop fur from shedding?

To prevent fur from shedding, store it in a cool, dark area where it won’t be exposed to light or heat.

Is faux fur supposed to shed?

No, faux fur is not supposed to shed, although loose fibres may come out at the cut.

What are some preventative measures for faux fur shedding?

To prevent faux fur shedding, regularly brush with a soft bristle brush, avoid heat exposure, machine wash on gentle cycle inside out, and never wring or twist to dry.

Which types of faux fur are less prone to shedding?

Acrylic and modacrylic faux fur are typically less prone to shedding due to their durable and sturdy fibers.

How do fabric softeners work to prevent faux fur shedding?

Fabric softeners work to prevent faux fur shedding by coating individual fibers, reducing friction, and thus minimizing the possibility of breakage and shedding.


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