How to Make a Fake Plant Look Real [14 Ways]

Last updated on July 5, 2021

Fake plants are great when you want to add some greenery to your home decor but don’t want the upkeep attached. But they look… well, fake. Here’s how to fix it.

We all love our artificial plants for their ease of maintenance (you only have to clean them like any other accessory.) But there’s the caveat that they look fake. Something is just not right about a fake-looking plant in the corner, no matter how expensive it costs you.

Use these 14 ways to make your plants look more realistic. We promise that if you implement a few of these, no one will be able to tell the difference anymore!

High-Quality Faux Plants

fake plants look real

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There are various sets of faux plants that fit any budget. The quality will vary because it is hard to find high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. But no matter how much time goes by, the plant will keep looking like new, high-quality fake plants. Not everyone can afford the price, but no matter how many years you have them, they’ll always stay looking brand new. The quality you choose will determine how real they look.

Use Different Locations

Placing a fake plant in different areas of your house to make it look more realistic is a standard trick. Make sure you rotate the location and placement of the plant every once in a while for optimal appearances. Doing this will also make the space around it feel refreshed because of how many new prospective spots there are for the possessor to place plants or what type of container they want them displayed in, unlike when only there’s one spot this person can use, which could be getting stagnant from lack of variety. Variety ensures that there is no set pattern within an area that makes people aware that their favorite “plant” is fake.


Some people want to make their fake plants seem realistic. One great way to do this would be to position it in a spot that gets a lot of natural light. This will help evoke humanity into the environment and make it feel like the plant is alive and well.

When it comes to plants, real or fake, placement is important. Placing faux plants in places where they won’t be seen for what they are, like corner spaces of big rooms, will make them look best. Artificial plants which are not resistant to UV (radiation from the sun) should stay out of direct sunlight so their color doesn’t fade away- if they’re in a place where light from the sun will hit it directly, then put some covering over the plant because this only makes its color fade faster. Lastly, one of the most important factors regarding artificial plants’ appearance is how realistic they look.

Pots and Vases

Sometimes people want the indoor air around them to feel more natural. They might do this by getting a fake plant and placing it in a good pot to make it look real. One way of making this more natural is to buy a smaller pot, like some used for planting flowers outside, for planting inside. This is one way to add an interesting pot to their home decor scheme.

Use Natural Accents

One of the easiest and fastest ways to add a fake plant realism is by mixing natural elements into its base. Adding things like real dirt, sand, rocks, or moss can give an artificial plant hints of naturalism while adding textures to it. At Nearly Natural, some plants which resemble real ones come with this kind of element. For instance, many customers that buy cactus plants love putting flowers on the planters they place them on. This makes the plants look more realistic and brings more color and textures to them without realizing it’s not actually a real flower.

Clean Often

Fake plants often need more upkeep than real plants. Still, it is easy to maintain them, and they do not require light or water. We recommend dusting them every week.

Shape Them

A fake plant’s most recognizable flaw is looking too perfect. Bring some realism to the table by shaping the stems and leaves to droop a bit and grow less uniformly.

Use Different Plants

Different plants are used to compensate for the difference in a fake plant. A plant variety is doubled to cover for lack of realism when a fake plant is used.

Hang Plants High

If you hang fake plants high, they will look more believable and take on the qualities of plants that have been better cared for.

Add Live Plants

You may want to fill your space with live plants to bring variety to the furniture and add some color.

Choose Silk Plants

Look for faux plants and trees that look real. Some are made from cheap plastic material, and they don’t look perfect. If you want the best-looking fake plants or trees, go to a higher budget and get something better!

Use Real Dirt

If you want to make a fake plant look real, then you should use real dirt. Fill the pot or planter with dirt mixed with water and mud that is opaque. If the faux plants in your container have plants inside them, don’t submerge them in water – change the water regularly instead.

Choose Realistic Colors

Some experts recommend planting real trees instead of artificial plants because they will last longer. Too many people plant fake “tropical” or green palm trees, only to watch them rot 2 months later. They mistakenly believe that westerners crave exoticism and even show off with stark oranges, pinks, and aqua blues rather than satisfying their need for the natural greens of a California tree trunk representing reality better. Faux flower colors are also bad if they’re too bright – they call your bluff! Some experts recommend planting real trees instead of artificial plants because they will last longer. Too many people think it’s trendy to plant fake ‘tropical’ (or green) palm trees, but these often quickly rot.

Choose the Right Trunk or Stem

Abstract Both synthetic plants and artificial trees are offered, with the former being sharper-looking when compared to the latter. Nevertheless, even artificial trees have an enchanting range in their appearance depending on the style chosen. It is advised that one does comparison research before deciding on which one wants to go with. It is suggested that people make comparisons before going forward and purchasing a plant or tree of any kind to ensure they get what best meets their interests.


Are fake plants tacky?

Fake plants are only tacky if you don’t make them look real.

What to put a fake plant in?

Use a pot with real dirt, stones, or pebbles to anchor a fake plant and make it look realistic.


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