How to Decorate Large Spaces

Last updated on October 23, 2023

Use these tips if you need to decorate large rooms in your home. This advice will help you avoid the common pitfalls when dealing with large spaces.

Most of the time, big spaces and rooms in your home are great, they’re perfect spaces for entertaining guests and enjoying time with your family, however, there is one downside for large interior spaces and that is the fact the size can sometimes be impractical in daily life.

One of the biggest size-related impracticalities is that it can be hard to properly decorate and furnish them. In large space, it’s hard to strike the proper balance of décor, with so much space. It is very easy to end up over-decorating and making your large space feel cluttered and ironically cramped, but equally, it’s easy to under-decorate a large space which will make it feel unhomely and possibly even sterile.

So how can you avoid the pitfalls of decorating in a large space and successfully decorate your home’s large spaces in a way that makes them feel homely and welcoming? Well, read on for some handy advice to help you in your decor journey.

large living room decor

Designate Zones to Divide Space

In small spaces and rooms, you don’t have much space to work with, so most rooms just have one function, but in a larger room with more space, you can have multiple functions and zones in your room. Doing this will also help you effectively decorate and furnish the room knowing the zones you’ll have.

For example, with a large living room, you can break the space up into a seated zone for watching TV, an open area for entertaining, and perhaps another zone for dining in. Doing this will help split the room up into more manageable areas, which can all be individually decorated as part of a larger space.

Be Mindful of Scale

In a large space, it is important to make sure the size of your furniture and furnishings scale with the size of your room. While a cozy two-seat sofa may fit perfectly in a small living room, having a tiny sofa in a large room will look jarring and give you issues with empty space in the room.

So, whenever you buy furniture or furnishings for your large spaces, make sure that it’s appropriately large for your space. Larger sofas, wider blinds, and bigger coffee tables will look more ‘in place’ in a larger room. Upscaling the size of your furniture will also make decorating easier for you, as everything is to scale you won’t have issues with too much empty or negative space.

Avoid Wall Hugging Furniture

One common design mistake made in large spaces is leaving too much-unused space in the room, this unused space often occurs near the middle of the room. This is because people are used to decorating smaller spaces, where furniture is placed by walls out of necessity.

But in a large space, wall-hugging furniture will leave empty space. To counter this, place your furniture more towards the center of the room, ideally after breaking the space into various zones, you can use your zones to guide your furniture placement to create cozier areas and spaces within the room itself. 


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