How Much Weight Can a Wooden Double Swing Glider Hold?

Last updated on May 17, 2022

A wooden double glider swing can hold between 200 and 1,400 pounds depending on the type. Here’s a breakdown.

A wooden double glider swing is a type of seat with two benches, allowing the entire family to enjoy it simultaneously. 

The weight limit on a single bench swing can range anywhere from 200 to 700 pounds or so, but with two benches, you can double up that capacity so everyone can relax with a cool drink while swapping stories late into the evening.

How to Know the Double Facing Glider is Safe?

double glider swing

You can tell if your double glider swing with a canopy is safe by checking its design specifications. 

If it is designed to hold more weight than the maximum weight of two adults, then you know that it can safely carry more than just two people at a time.

If the vintage face to face glider swing does not list its maximum capacity or says that it holds up to “4 adults,” then you will want to look for another model so that you don’t accidentally exceed its safety rating or have an accident because some other part failed during use.

What are the Weight Limits of Other Types of Gliders?

There are numerous different types of wood glider swings available on the market. 

They can be in the traditional design you would see on most porches or in classic European styles. Or they can be made of different materials like cheaper wood, metal, and plastic.

Plenty of bench gliders are made without a roof or canopy or do not have the structure of the Moon Valley rustic double glider swing that has a maximum weight limit of 1,400 pounds, which is about 5-7 adults, though you will fit 4-5 comfortably.

Other weight limits for gliders on the market include:

  • Regular Bench Gliders without Roof: 200-500 lbs.
  • Chair Gliders: 300 lbs.
  • 2-3 Person Bench Gliders: 300-500 lbs.
  • Gliders with Tables Between them: 200-600 lbs.

The most crucial factor is the material that makes up the seating option. The more well-built and sturdy the glider swing set, the more weight you can hold without worrying about causing any damage. 

For the most part, these will be wooden gliders because they will not bend like metal and will not break down like plastic.

As long as you take good care of the wood materials, you can expect your face-to-face glider swing to last a long time.

Difference Between Swings and Gliders

The primary difference between a porch swing for seating and a cedar glider swing is that a swing is attached to something overhead while a glider rests on a platform. 

Think of porch gliders as a type of rocking chair that moves horizontally on the ground.

Swings are more common and hang to a ceiling beam. These move vertically along a forward and backward curve. 

That means you do not get an equal motion as you would with a double-facing glider swing.

Gliders produce a much smoother motion because they have a stable base. You do not need to drill a hole or use a stud finder to locate a beam like you would with a swing. 

Everything is assembled to stand on its own, and with a face-to-face glider swing for adults, you get a lot more seating capacity than a traditional wooden porch bench swing.

What is the Real Lifespan to Expect if You Are Always Burdening Glider Near the Limit?

You should not be surprised to learn that if you always exceed the weight limit, you will likely be replacing the glider sooner than you would if you were not. 

You may love your outdoor gliders with a canopy on top, but they aren’t invincible. Overloading a swing set can cause it to break under duress and lead to injury for the people sitting.

Keep in mind that everyone needs to consider the weight limit. While some gliders may hold more weight than others based on their construction materials and design considerations, it’s always best practice for people to double-check the instructions first.

What Happens if You Exceed the Weight Limit on 4 Person Glider Swing?

If you exceed the weight limit for a wooden double swing glider, then it could be dangerous to use. The swing will start to sag and become unsafe. 

The wood may also break, which can be very dangerous as well. If you want to be safe while using your wooden double swing glider, then make sure that everyone on it weighs less than the suggested maximum limit.

You want to enjoy your double lawn glider swing for years to come, and that requires keeping it in good working order. Most of the time, that will be 1-4 people with the occasional small child or pet on a lap.

What Parts will Break First if You Over Exceed Weight Limit of a Moon Valley Double Glider?

The maximum weight limit for this 4-person glider swing is up to 1,400 pounds. If your guests exceed this limit, you should expect the slider mechanism to fail first. 

This is the frame that allows smooth horizontal movement. It is likely this will simply stop working, and the glider will become more of a stationary seat.

If you continue to exceed the weight limit, the bench seats themselves could start to degrade and break. Once those are gone, the upper frame will collapse and bring down the canopy. 

This is an extreme situation that is far from likely to happen because 1,400 pounds takes a lot to reach. That is why the durability Moon Valley Double Glider is popular.

How Wide are Seats on this Wooden Double Glider Swing?

The Moon Valley Double Glider has interior seat dimensions of 46” wide, 19.5” deep, and is set at around 27” in height. A bench width of 46” is almost 4 feet of space. 

The average shoulder width of an American woman is 14.4” and an American man is 16.1” or so. That means you can easily fit 2 adults per bench with about 10-17 inches of space leftover.

That is why you should be able to easily fit a couple of kids or small pets on the glider as well. 

Many families enjoy the benefits of a wooden glider on their porch, in the backyard, or near a landmark on the property where everyone can sit and relax while enjoying each other’s company.

The Takeaway

If you want to know how much weight a wooden double swing glider can hold, the answer is that it depends on what type of wooden double swing glider you have. 

A Moon Valley double glider will carry more weight than most other face-to-face glider swings for adults. However, you should not exceed the limits of any wooden swing set for safety reasons. 

That is why a wooden glider built by a reputable company and known for its durability is the wiser choice. 


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