12 Easy DIY Speaker Stands That Do Improve Sound Quality

Last updated on September 26, 2023

Elevating your speakers from the ground or tabletop (or any other surface) eliminates vibrations and improves sound quality. DIY speaker stands are very good for it. Check out how to make them.

adjustable speaker stands

It’s true. Speakers do sound better when elevated from the surface. It’s simple acoustics. For one, they are closer to the ear level. And more importantly, the eliminated vibrations do improve the quality of sound. All you need to do is to put them on stands.

So how do you make them? You have these main options:

  • Make them from a sheet of plywood (or wooden board) with legs attached. You can even use hairpin legs for style.
  • You can make them entirely from wood as a woodworking a project (it’s basically a simplified box or a post).
  • You can also use PVC pipe to make the stand.
  • Adding some storage space is a good idea too.
  • Finally, don’t forget the style and what it does to your decor.

One more thing, before we begin. You might want to think about how the speakers will stay on the stands. If you make an elaborate project that has some sort of fixtures or pins, they will do the job. But if you keep it simple you will want to secure them. Don’t worry, though, something as simple as Blu-tack will do the trick.

Here are our favorite speaker stand ideas with tutorials.

Bookshelf Speaker Stands

If you have surround speakers but nowhere to put them (and you don’t care for the idea of drilling into your walls to mount them), these DIY speaker stands get them off the ground.

They don’t look out of place in a home, and they add some useful storage inside for CDs or DVDs at the same time. Follow the article on Life Hacker for the full details.

Floor Speaker Stands

Anyone who really enjoys listening to their home stereo or entertainment center knows that speaker placement is important.

Not only does that placement affect the quality of the sound, but it can also affect where we hear the sound coming from.

Speakers on the floor are great for boosting the base sound. The Plywood has some ideas on this stand design.

DIY project of building open frame Harbeth speaker stands for Harbeth M30.1 and M30.2 speakers. Step by step photo guide with thorough description on Audio Nostalgia.

Hairpin Speaker Stands

Mount Your Speakers in Style With diy speaker stands
Image: silviacraft.com

Mount Your Speakers in Style With hairpin speaker stands. Follow Silvia’s Crafts to see how it’s done.

Wooden Speaker Stands

How To Make Timber Speaker Stands, Strong and Sturdy
Tutorial: www.youtube.com

A friend asked to build him some custom speaker stands. Here’s what we came up with; 2 stained, pine speaker stands using dowel joints. Follow the video to learn how to do it.

We made some really simple speaker stands using different tools. Watch the video to see the complete details.

Build these sleek custom speaker stands to up your home stereo game and learn some angle measuring techniques in the process. Watch the video to for the complete details and instructions.

Instead of wall mounting the satellite speakers we wanted to put them on some stands. Check out this instructable to see how it’s done.

These speakers are made out of affordable, basic pine. At the base of the speaker is a weight to keep it all steady. Check out the Instructable to see how it’s done.

Need some robust yet unobtrusive speaker stands? Make them. See this Instructable to learn how it’s done.

Desktop Speaker Stands

DIY Speaker Stands
Tutorial: www.youtube.com

We made some desktop speaker stands for M-Audio AV 40 speakers and this is how it’s done. Includes a template. See the tutorial for the entire details and instructions.

Metal Speaker Stands

This Instructable will show the steps to creating a modern-looking speaker stand. Read the Instructable for complete guidance and instructions.


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