15 DIY Medicine Cabinet Ideas for a Stylish Bathroom Upgrade

Last updated on May 15, 2024

Unlock creative DIY medicine cabinet ideas that will help you organize and style your bathroom with a personal touch.

Convert an Old Suitcase Into a Wall-mounted Medicine Cabinet

convert an old suitcase into a wall mounted medicine cabinet

To convert an old suitcase into a wall-mounted medicine cabinet, think outside the box and repurpose this unique item into a stylish storage solution. This DIY project adds character and functionality to your space while keeping your essentials neatly organized and easily accessible. The vintage charm of the suitcase paired with its new purpose as a medicine cabinet creates a eye-catching focal point in any room. Let your creativity shine by customizing the interior layout to fit your specific storage needs.

Repurpose a Spice Rack for Small Bottles and Supplies

repurpose a spice rack for small bottles and supplies

Maximize your space by repurposing a spice rack to organize small bottles and supplies in your DIY medicine cabinet, keeping everything neat and accessible.

Use a Vintage Window Frame With a Mirrored Back

use a vintage window frame with a mirrored back

Repurpose a vintage window frame with a mirrored back for a unique and decorative medicine cabinet.

Install a Recessed Cabinet Behind a Sliding Barn Door

install a recessed cabinet behind a sliding barn door

Maximize space in your bathroom by installing a recessed cabinet behind a sliding barn door – a stylish and practical storage solution.

Transform an Antique Radio Box Into a Charming Cabinet

transform an antique radio box into a charming cabinet

Transform an antique radio box into a charming cabinet to add a touch of vintage flair to your bathroom decor.

Create a Fold-out Cabinet in a Picture Frame for a Hidden Option

create a fold out cabinet in a picture frame for a hidden option

This clever DIY concept involves incorporating a fold-out cabinet within a picture frame, providing a discreet and stylish storage solution for your bathroom essentials.

Utilize Mason Jars Mounted On a Wooden Plank

utilize mason jars mounted on a wooden plank

Mount mason jars on a wooden plank to store and display small medicine supplies creatively in your DIY medicine cabinet. Ensure that the jars are securely attached to the plank to avoid accidents. This idea adds a rustic touch to your bathroom decor while keeping items organized and accessible. The clear jars make it easy to see what’s inside and add a visually appealing element to your cabinet. Customize the size and number of jars according to your storage needs and space availability. Use labels on the jars for easy identification of different medications or supplies.

Convert a Bookcase With Glass Doors Into a Large Medicine Cabinet

convert a bookcase with glass doors into a large medicine cabinet

Transforming a bookcase with glass doors into a large medicine cabinet provides ample storage space and a stylish way to organize your medical supplies. The glass doors allow for easy visibility of your items while adding an elegant touch to your bathroom decor.

Retrofit an Old Vending Machine for a Retro Look

retrofit an old vending machine for a retro look

Repurpose an old vending machine into a quirky medicine cabinet with a nostalgic retro appeal. The unique design adds a fun and unexpected twist to your bathroom decor.

Use a Shadow Box to Display and Store Items Decoratively

use a shadow box to display and store items decoratively

A shadow box is a shallow, enclosed glass-front frame that can be mounted on a wall to display and store small items in a decorative and organized manner. It adds a touch of charm and creativity to your medicine cabinet setup.

Make a Magnetic Board Behind a Mirror to Stick Small Metal Containers

make a magnetic board behind a mirror to stick small metal containers

The magnetic board behind a mirror allows for easy storage of small metal containers in a creative and space-saving manner.

Craft a Cabinet From a Recycled Barrel With a Mirror On Top

craft a cabinet from a recycled barrel with a mirror on top

Transform a recycled barrel into a unique medicine cabinet with a functional mirror on top for a rustic touch in your bathroom decor.

Build a Corner Cabinet to Maximize Small Bathroom Spaces

build a corner cabinet to maximize small bathroom spaces

Make the most of tight bathroom spaces with a cleverly designed corner cabinet.

upcycle a cookie tin box for a portable medicine kit

Easily transform a cookie tin box into a convenient portable medicine kit by adding compartments and labels for organization.

Design a Pull-down Cabinet Under a Bathroom Sink

design a pull down cabinet under a bathroom sink

Maximize storage space by creating a convenient pull-down cabinet under your bathroom sink. It provides easy access to frequently used items while keeping them neatly organized and hidden from sight. Perfect for optimizing small bathroom areas and decluttering your space in a stylish way.


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