15 DIY Gun Cabinet Ideas for Functional Storage Solutions

Last updated on June 28, 2024

Discover practical and creative DIY gun cabinet ideas to safely store your firearms in style.

Modular Gun Cabinet System

This design allows for customizable organization and expansion, adapting to your growing collection or varying storage needs.

Glass Front Display Cabinet

Showcase your collection while keeping it secure; a glass front provides visibility and adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Fingerprint Lock Gun Cabinet

Incorporating biometric technology, this cabinet offers a high-tech security option that unlocks only with your unique fingerprint, ensuring that your firearms remain accessible only to you.

DIY Gun Cabinet With Integrated Humidor

This design cleverly combines secure firearm storage with a controlled environment for preserving cigars, ensuring both are maintained in optimal conditions.

Rustic Barnwood Gun Cabinet

This design leverages aged barnwood for a charming, weathered look that seamlessly blends with rustic decor while securely housing your firearms.

Convertible Gun Cabinet/Table

This dual-purpose design functions as a sturdy dining or coffee table while discreetly housing firearms below, ensuring your firearms are both hidden and accessible.

DIY Gun Cabinet With Ammo Storage

This design incorporates dedicated compartments for both firearms and ammunition, ensuring everything is neatly organized and easily accessible.

Vertical Sliding Door Gun Cabinet

This design utilizes a space-efficient vertical sliding mechanism to access firearms, ensuring a sleek and unobtrusive look.

Fold-Away Gun Cabinet in a Closet

This design cleverly maximizes space by concealing your firearms within a closet, allowing for quick access and easy storage when not in use.

Hidden Bookcase Gun Cabinet

This design cleverly conceals your firearms behind a fully functional bookcase, blending security with everyday home aesthetics.

DIY Gun Cabinet With LED Lighting

Illuminate your collection with strategically placed LED lights, enhancing both visibility and the aesthetic appeal of your firearms.

Industrial Style Metal Gun Cabinet

Crafted from steel with exposed rivets, this cabinet offers a robust, urban look while securely storing your firearms.

Chalkboard Surface Gun Cabinet

This cabinet doubles as a message board, allowing you to jot down reminders or inventory lists right on its chalk-friendly surface.

DIY Camouflaged Hunting Gear Cabinet

This design cleverly blends your cabinet into a room or outdoor setting, making it ideal for those who prioritize stealth and aesthetics in their storage solutions.

Vintage Locker Gun Cabinet

Repurpose an old school or gym locker to store firearms securely, adding a nostalgic and functional touch to your decor.

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