25 Creative DIY Bird Bath Ideas That Make a Unique Garden Feature

Last updated on May 3, 2019

Welcome your feathered friends to your garden with a unique DIY bird bath. Here are 25 easy ideas with tutorials to choose from.

A beautiful birdbath makes a lovely water feature in your garden too. So there’s all the more reason to create it. You can be very creative about it too, and use lots of different recycled materials. It’s all about your imagination. And did we mention you’re saving a lot of money this way as well?

Check out these great project ideas for your very own unique DIY bird bath!

DIY Bird Waterer and Bath with a Repurposed Glass Lid

DIY Bird Waterer and Bath with a Repurposed Glass Lid
Tutorial: www.sadieseasongoods.com

A glass casserole dish lid from the thrift store is the perfect piece to repurpose and upcycle into a bird bath or waterer from which they can drink. Read the tutorial to get the complete guidance and instructions.

DIY Bird Bath from an Urn

Mami Talks™
Tutorial: mamitalks.com

What an excellent DIY bird bath as a variation of instructions from Lowe’s. Check out the link to get the entire guide.

DIY Leaf Bird Bath

DIY Leaf Bird Bath
Tutorial: www.birdsandblooms.com

This DIY leaf bird bath project will create a one-of-kind watering place for the birds in your backyard, and working with cement is easier than you think. Read the link to learn how to do it.

Flower Pot Bird Bath

Flower Pot Bird Bath
Tutorial: www.thriftyfun.com

Using a few inexpensive terra cotta flower pots you can make a beautiful bird bath for your garden. This is a guide about making a flower pot bird bath.

Reclaimed DIY Bird Bath

My Repurposed Life®
Tutorial: www.myrepurposedlife.com

How to make an easy DIY birdbath using recycled items readily available at thrift stores. Use an extra large candlestick and a pot lid. Follow the article to see the full details.

Make Your Own Birdbath from a Lamp

Make Your Own Birdbath
Tutorial: www.domesticimperfection.com

Make your birdbath from a lamp and terra cotta pot as a simple project. Read this website to get the complete plans and instructions.

How to Make a DIY Bird Bath from a Garden Pot

How to Make a DIY Bird Bath
Tutorial: momhomeguide.com

Bird baths can be expensive to purchase. Lauren of Mom Home Guide shows you how to make your DIY bird bath from a simple (and inexpensive) garden pot and saucer.

Lamp DIY Bird Bath

Lamp DIY Bird Bath
Tutorial: www.diyideacenter.com

If you have a lamp that you don’t use anymore reuse the bottom half for the post. Then, glue a beautiful glass dish on it so birds can cool off and relax. Any bird will love this DIY bird bath!

DIY Tomato Cage Bird Bath

DIY Tomato Cage Bird Bath
Tutorial: mylifeabundant.com

Looking for a straightforward way to make a bird bath? All you need is a few garden items and this DIY project done in minutes. See this website for the complete plans and instructions.

How to Build Your Own Two Tier Bird Bath for $20

How to Build Your Own Two Tier Bird Bath for $20
Tutorial: thriftymuse.com

Create a two-tier birdbath for $20 with non-toxic pet safe aquarium sealant. Beautiful, safe and budget-friendly. Check out the tutorial to find out how to do it.

DIY Bird Bath Made from Flower Pots

DIY Bird Bath Made From Flower Pots
Tutorial: thethriftycouple.com

How to make a birdbath by stacking plastic flower pots with the base! Ideas for flower pots to spruce up your garden and yard. Follow this website to find out how to do it.

DIY Bird Bath with CD Mosaic

Woman Finds A Giant Crack In Her Birdbath — And Has A Brilliant Idea To Fix it
Tutorial: boredomtherapy.com

What a fantastic DIY bird bath with old CD shard mosaic. Follow this website to get the entire details.

DIY Copper Bird Bath

DIY Bird Bath
Tutorial: www.hallmarkchannel.com

Ken Wingard is showing you how to celebrate nature with this DIY. This is an awesome DIY bird bath as a budget project idea. Follow the tutorial to see the entire guidance.

DIY Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain

DIY solar powered bird bath fountain
Tutorial: instructables.com

This lovely birdbath fountain makes a great water feature in your garden. It’s easy to make, too. Just follow these straightforward instructions.

Repurposed Old Lamp Bird Bath

When Creativity Knocks
Tutorial: whencreativityknocks.com

Mark LaFerney repurposes an old lamp to create a beautiful destination for his feathered friends. Read this website to get the complete plans.

Soil Cement Bird Bath

a garden art diy craft tutorial
Tutorial: www.bluefoxfarm.com

Although not quite Hypertufa, this Soil Cement Bird Bath has very similar techniques. Build this DIY garden craft the easy way. Follow the tutorial to get the full plans and instructions.

DIY Bird Bath Garden Fountain

DIY Bird Bath Garden Fountain -
Tutorial: onceuponsahm.com

Check out this easy DIY Bird Bath Garden Fountain including cleaning and installing steps. Read the article to get the complete details and instructions.

Bird Bath and Stool

Bird Bath and Stool • Franklyn + Vincent
Tutorial: www.franklynandvincent.com

This is a terrific bird bath and stool made the easy way. Check out this website to find out how it’s done.

Repurposing DIY Bird Bath

Spring Repurposing Project: Beautiful DIY Bird Bath
Tutorial: www.faithful-to-nature.co.za

Here is a fun, creative repurposing project for bird-lovers looking to attract more feathered friends to their Spring garden. Turn an old pot lid and a pillar candlestick into a beautiful bird bath,

DIY Wooden Vase Birdbath

DIY Wooden Vase Birdbath
Tutorial: thriftyrebelvintage.com

Make a birdbath out of a wooden vase and a pretty bowl. Check out this website to see the complete details.

Homemade Bird Bath

Homemade Bird Bath
Tutorial: www.education.com

Looking for something to do with all those plastic 2-liter bottles that seem to accumulate endlessly? Turn them into a unique mini birdbath. Check out the tutorial to get the entire guidance.

Glass and Wood Slice Bird Bath

Tutorial: decoart.com

This is a terrific birdbath made from wood slices, glass bowls, and vases on a budget. Read the tutorial for the full details.

Clay Pot Bird Bath

A Cowboy's Wife
Tutorial: acowboyswife.com

Birdbath fixtures are quite pricey.  And most of them are rather ugly.  Make your unique design by painting clay pots. Follow the tutorial to find out how to do it.

DIY Teacup Birdbath

DIY Teacup Birdbath
Tutorial: thechicsite.com

This quick and easy DIY project will create a Teacup Birdbath that all the local birdies will love to enjoy. Follow the article to find out how to do it.

Satellite Dish Bird Bath

DIY bird bath made from a satellite dish
Tutorial: instructables.com

And old satellite dish already has the perfect shape for a bird bath. So all you have to do to use it as one is to fixate it to a tree for a unique feature in your garden. Check out these instructions.


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