CNC Tooling Basics for Home Remodeling Professionals

Last updated on April 30, 2024

If you’re interested to get started with CNC tooling and how it can help you in your home remodeling projects, these are the basics you must learn. Read on!

Computer numerical control machinery has been used by the manufacturing industry for decades, but CNC equipment is now widely used in a variety of sectors for a broad range of tasks.

Home remodeling is one area in which CNC tools can be very beneficial.

If you’re a professional home remodeler, it can be more than worth investing in CNC tools to help you perform tasks more efficiently and to a higher standard.

Get started by checking out the following CNC tooling basics every professional home remodeler should know.

What Exactly Is CNC Tooling?

cnc tooling

You can find numerous types of CNC machines, such as grinders, lathes, and mills. What they all have in common is that they use pre-programmed computer software to dictate their movements.

Tasks can be performed with the utmost precision again and again, so there’s a lot less room for error in comparison to manual tools.

A wide range of complex tasks can be accomplished with just a single set of prompts.

How Are CNC Machines Programmed?

The first step in programming any kind of CNC machine is to use CAD software to create a technical drawing of the task you want the tool to perform.

The design is converted into G-code. The code tells the machine how it should behave, such as its speed, feed rate, and coordination.

Once the code is inputted and the CNC tool has been tested with a trial run, you can be sure the machining will be performed correctly and accurately every time.

Is CNC Machinery Affordable?

As a home remodeler, you’ll want to keep your costs down as much as possible. The good news is second-hand CNC tools are available at affordable prices.

You can find a used milling machine, lathe, router, and other CNC equipment from leading brands like Haas, Mazak, and Toshiba.

What Are the Different Types of CNC Machines?

Numerous CNC machines are available on the market, so whatever job you need to complete, you’ll be able to find a CNC tool to help you perform it more precisely and efficiently.

Here are some of the most popular CNC tools.

CNC Mills

The computer programs used for CNC mills help the tools to guide pieces across various distances. Basic CNC mills consist of a three-axis system and most new mills are able to accommodate the X, Y, and Z axes.


You can cut workpieces in a circular direction with a CNC lathe and produce complex designs that simply wouldn’t be possible with manual lathes. The majority of CNC lathes consist of two axes: X and Z.

Water Jet Cutters

In CNC machining, water jets can be used to cut hard materials like metals and granite. That’s achieved via the application of high-pressure water. Sometimes the water can be mixed with strong abrasive substances to generate even better results.

Plasma Cutters

With a CNC plasma cutter, a plasma torch cuts the metal or other material. CNC plasma cutters use a combination of electrical arcs and compressed-air gas to produce the speed and heat required to cut through robust materials.

What Materials Can Be Used with CNC Tooling?

The types of materials that CNC machines can cut depend on the kind of CNC tool being used. But in general, almost any type of material can be used with CNC equipment, which is why CNC tooling is so helpful for home remodeling professionals.

The most commonly used materials in CNC machining are metals like steel and aluminum, plastics like polyproline and acrylics, and woods like hardwoods and softwoods.


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