15 Cherry Cabinet Kitchen Ideas for Your Home Remodel

Last updated on May 21, 2024

Discover fresh and creative ideas to enhance your kitchen with cherry cabinets, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

Modern Minimalist: Sleek, Handleless Cherry Cabinets With a White Quartz Countertop

modern minimalist sleek handleless cherry cabinets with a white quartz countertop

Achieve a modern feel by opting for sleek, handleless cherry cabinets and a white quartz countertop.

Retro Chic: Cherry Cabinets With Vintage Hardware Paired With Checkerboard Flooring

retro chic cherry cabinets with vintage hardware paired with checkerboard flooring

Pair your cherry cabinets with vintage hardware for a retro feel, complemented by checkerboard flooring for a touch of nostalgia and style.

Rustic Charm: Distressed Cherry Wood Cabinets With Stone Backsplash and Copper Accents

rustic charm distressed cherry wood cabinets with stone backsplash and copper accents

Imagine your kitchen with charmingly distressed cherry cabinets, a rugged stone backsplash, and accents of gleaming copper.

Contemporary Contrast: Dark Cherry Cabinets Against a Bold Geometric Tile Backsplash

contemporary contrast dark cherry cabinets against a bold geometric tile backsplash

Dark cherry cabinets provide a striking contrast against a dynamic geometric tile backsplash, adding a bold contemporary flair to your kitchen.

Coastal Cool: Light Cherry Wood Cabinets With Sea Glass Tile Backsplash and Sandy Granite Counters

coastal cool light cherry wood cabinets with sea glass tile backsplash and sandy granite counters

The Coastal Cool design infuses light cherry wood cabinets with a sea glass tile backsplash and sandy granite counters – bringing beachy vibes into your kitchen.

Old World Elegance: Ornate Cherry Cabinetry With a Farmhouse Sink and Classic Marble Countertops

old world elegance ornate cherry cabinetry with a farmhouse sink and classic marble countertops

Imagine your kitchen transformed into a luxurious sanctuary with intricate cherry cabinetry, a charming farmhouse sink, and timeless marble countertops. The Old World Elegance design concept brings a touch of sophistication and grandeur to your culinary space.

Bright and Airy: Cherry Cabinets With Frosted Glass Doors, Light Countertops, and Open Shelving

bright and airy cherry cabinets with frosted glass doors light countertops and open shelving

In a kitchen design featuring a bright and airy concept with cherry cabinets, frosted glass doors add a touch of elegance. Light countertops bring a sense of spaciousness, while open shelving provides a modern and accessible storage solution.

Industrial Edge: Cherry Wood Paired With Stainless Steel Countertops and Exposed Brick

industrial edge cherry wood paired with stainless steel countertops and exposed brick

Elevate your cherry cabinet kitchen with a touch of industrial edge by incorporating stainless steel countertops and exposed brick walls for a modern and edgy look.

Scandinavian Simplicity: Straight-line Cherry Cabinets With Minimalist Hardware and Pale Wood Floors

scandinavian simplicity straight line cherry cabinets with minimalist hardware and pale wood floors

Straight-line cherry cabinets in a Scandinavian Simplicity kitchen create a clean and minimalist look. Minimalist hardware and pale wood floors complement the sleek design, adding to its simplicity and elegance.

Traditional Twist: Dark Cherry Cabinets With Modern Lighting Fixtures and a Neutral Tile Floor

traditional twist dark cherry cabinets with modern lighting fixtures and a neutral tile floor

Add a modern touch to your cherry cabinet kitchen with sleek lighting fixtures and a clean tile floor to achieve a traditional yet contemporary look.

Zen Retreat: Horizontal Grain Cherry Cabinets With Bamboo Flooring and Tranquil Green Walls

zen retreat horizontal grain cherry cabinets with bamboo flooring and tranquil green walls

Imagine a kitchen with serene vibes—horizontal grain cherry cabinets, bamboo flooring, and calming green walls transport you to a Zen Retreat instantly.

Eclectic Artistry: Mix of Cherry Lower Cabinets With Upper Open Shelves Displaying Colorful Dishware

eclectic artistry mix of cherry lower cabinets with upper open shelves displaying colorful dishware

For a dash of eclectic flair, juxtapose cherry lower cabinets with open upper shelves displaying vibrant dishware.

French Country: Cherry Cabinets Accented With Iron Fixtures and a Pastel Backsplash

french country cherry cabinets accented with iron fixtures and a pastel backsplash

Imagine your kitchen with cherry cabinets complemented by iron fixtures and a soft pastel backsplash, enveloped in the charm of French Country design.

Gleaming Glamour: Cherry Wood With Glossy Black Countertops and Mirrored Backsplash

gleaming glamour cherry wood with glossy black countertops and mirrored backsplash

The “Gleaming Glamour” design concept elevates a cherry cabinet kitchen with glossy black countertops and a mirrored backsplash, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to the space.

Mediterranean Mosaic: Warm Cherry Cabinets With a Colorful Mosaic Tile Backsplash and Terra Cotta Floors

mediterranean mosaic warm cherry cabinets with a colorful mosaic tile backsplash and terra cotta floors

Warm cherry cabinets complemented by a vibrant mosaic tile backsplash add a Mediterranean flair to the kitchen. Terra cotta floors tie the look together, creating a cozy and inviting space reminiscent of a Tuscan villa. Each element brings in warmth and character, elevating the kitchen with a touch of rustic elegance.


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