15 Ideas for Cabinet Covers That Will Transform Your Space

Last updated on June 2, 2024

Get creative inspiration for stunning cabinet covers that transform your kitchen or bathroom from drab to fab.

Sure, you could slap some paint on those cabinet doors and call it a day. But where’s the pizazz in that?

I’ve scoured the corners of the design cosmos to bring you cabinet cover ideas so fresh, even your cabinets will feel young again.

Buckle up for a wild ride through innovation station! 🌟

Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint transforms cabinet covers into creative canvases.



Decoupage involves decorating cabinet covers with cut-out images or decorative paper layers using adhesive.

Fabric Panels

fabric panels

Fabric panels offer a versatile and stylish way to cover cabinet doors, adding warmth and texture to your space. These panels can be easily swapped out to match your décor or to freshen up your kitchen or furniture.

Magnetic Sheets

magnetic sheets

Magnetic sheets are a versatile option for cabinet covers, allowing you to change the look easily with various magnetic decorations.

Vinyl Wraps

vinyl wraps

Vinyl wraps are adhesive sheets that can transform cabinet surfaces with various colors and patterns, offering a quick and easy way to update your cabinets.



Wallpaper can transform boring cabinet covers into colorful and stylish statements.

Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood adds a rustic and eco-friendly touch to cabinet covers.



Corkboard is a fun and functional way to cover cabinet doors, creating a customizable surface for pinning notes, photos, and artwork.

Stainless Steel Panels

stainless steel panels

Stainless steel panels add a modern and sleek look to your cabinets, giving them a professional kitchen feel. Ideal for contemporary spaces looking to achieve an industrial aesthetic effortlessly.

Rattan Inserts

rattan inserts

Rattan inserts add a touch of natural texture and warmth to cabinet covers, creating a cozy and stylish look that complements various design styles.

Stenciled Patterns

stenciled patterns

Stenciled patterns offer a creative way to add intricate designs to cabinet covers using paint and stencils for a personalized touch.

Glass Inserts

glass inserts

Glass inserts add a touch of elegance and sophistication to cabinet covers, allowing for a sleek and modern look while showcasing the contents within.

Mosaic Tiles

mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles add a touch of elegance and intricate design to cabinet covers, creating a unique and visually appealing aesthetic.

Peel-and-stick Tiles

peel and stick tiles

Peel-and-stick tiles: Easily transform your cabinet covers with these convenient adhesive tiles without the mess of traditional tile installation.

Textile Wallpapers

textile wallpapers

Textile wallpapers add texture and warmth to cabinet covers, mimicking the look of fabric without the high cost.


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