6 Ways to Pick a Statement Chair According to Your Living Room Style

Last updated on October 31, 2022

Here are six simple tips on choosing the perfect statement chair that will fit your personal living room style. Read on!

Although you like your color scheme and the cushions and sofa, something is still missing from your living room. Feels familiar?

Let us share some inspiring ideas for accent chairs for living rooms. Among the most underappreciated decor elements for a living room are statement chairs.

These unique chairs are a wonderful way to complete your design and add a personal touch, whether it’s with a bold color or pattern or a shape that quickly grabs your attention.

Additionally, they have a great deal of versatility. Extra chairs are required for visitors. You might benefit from having your chair transferred to a different room for a particular occasion.

And your statement chair will likely last even if you replace your sofa design.

Choose a Tone-on-tone Color

living room chair

When choosing a color for your accent chair, look to the walls of your living room for ideas. For a cohesive living room design, use a material that is a tone darker or lighter than the paint or wallpaper color.

This will create a color spectrum that you can easily build upon with other accessories. Keep your occasional chairs the same color when opting for a tone-on-tone scheme like this; consider blue-on-blue.

It’s not suitable for everyone, but why not make the most of your favorite color?

Combine Different Materials

coffee table and chair

Instead of attempting to match your accent chair to your sofa, you may choose one that is distinctly different in both shape and material. This will distinguish it on its own and elevate it above other elements in the design.

In this understated blue couch living room idea, a plump conventional sofa in blue cotton fabric serves as the focal point, while the accent chair, with its contemporary Scandi-style timber frame and plush, tactile leather seat, is in a whole other category.

The leather chair has long, angular lines and a basic feel, in contrast to the sofa’s rounded arms and textile slipcovers.

The fact that the color and materials have been carried over to the rest of the decor—from the wood components on the coffee table to the brown frames and rustic-looking wallpaper with its orange and blue tint—keeps them harmoniously blending.

Create a Symmetrical Layout

furniture arrangement

Do you need help arranging the furnishings in your living room? Move your furniture away from the walls and set up a central seating area rather than assuming the accent chair has to be tucked into a corner.

A square coffee table or chest placed next to your accent chair will give the chair the length it needs to produce a symmetrical impression, giving the area a tidy, almost official aspect.

Choose a Pair of Statement Chairs

pair of chairs

The same principle applies here as it did in the symmetrical design we discussed before, but instead of one accent chair facing the sofa, two identical ones do so, reflecting its width and establishing balance.

The sofa and chairs are similar in that they each have highly rounded curves and are all neutral colors, although the materials they are made of differ.

While the sofa is covered in plush velvet, the two accent chairs are covered in stunning, trendy teddy-bear boucle. Just imagine the pleasure in your eyes. Due to the coziness of these chairs’ hug-you tub shapes, we think you won’t want to leave them.

Match It Up

match chairs and decor

Matching or not, an accent chair is always a great addition to any home. Even while choosing a contrast accent chair can be a fantastic idea, some people want their furniture to match, and that’s OK.

Choosing a chair with the same fabric and with complementary colored legs will enable the two to sit seamlessly within your scheme and allow your eye to be led to your accessories and decor instead. You don’t have to choose from the same range as your sofa. 

With blonde wood legs and the same fabric as the accent chair in question, the only differences are the button back and the larger leg frame. By placing it on the side of your sofa, you can create a cozy layout that is cheered up by lovely cushions in coral and a color scheme with floral, geometric, and botanical motifs.

Combining a Footstool and Accent Chair

Armchair with Ottoman

Finding an accent chair with a matching footstool can give you a charming little living room set with extra comfort for your feet. Your accent chair doesn’t have to be a stand-alone piece.

You’ll see that the check material used for this accent chair blends in beautifully with the earthy colors and pattern of the throw and cushions, as well as the footstool.

What design features does your home have? There are many different accent chairs to pick from, including conventional, mid-century contemporary, bohemian, and Swedish minimalism.

A statement chair should complement the interior design of the space while also serving as a focal point. Think of it as the room’s furniture’s sibling—not a twin! As a result, you might find this article of great value.


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