6 Signs You Have a Broken Garage Door

Last updated on October 6, 2023

Here are six tell-tale signs that your garage door is broken and you need to fix it as soon as possible. Read on!

One thing is for sure. Whether you keep your garage the traditional way or turn it into an addition to your house, if your garage door isn’t working properly, it will lower the value of your house.

Luckily, there are methods to keep up with garage door upkeep and steer clear of this unforeseen trap down the line.

The best course of action is always to hire an experienced garage door repair business for your garage door service if it is broken.

How do you identify a damaged garage door? What indications must never be disregarded?

Seek immediate professional repair if you notice any of the following six indicators that your garage door is broken.

Seem to Be Sagging on One Side

old garage door

Examine your garage door while it is closed from the outside. Verify that the bottom seal is visible evenly along the ground. Use your garage remote opener after that, and when the garage door opens, keep an eye out for any indications that one side is lower or higher than the other.

According to the experts at garage door installation Baltimore, it may be an indication that you have broken wires if the garage door seems to sag just on one side or if it looks unequal when it is closed or while it is opening.

You must contact experts to fix this if you notice it. You can take all the essential steps, then contact specialists to help you with this.

Over time, cables may spontaneously deteriorate. Additionally, they are more likely to snap if the springs are destroyed, which puts additional stress on the cables. Broken wires provide a serious safety risk since they can cause the door to suddenly close at any time if they are not fixed.

Unusual Noise

blue garage door

Even when the door is opening or shutting, the rollers on the back should be turning. They may become significantly noisier when opening or shutting if they eventually start to stick or stop turning entirely. The doors may fall off their tracks if the stuck rollers are not replaced.

When they open or close, you might hear a single, incredibly loud boom that sounds almost like a firecracker. This could indicate that the spring has just cracked.

Remains Unpromptedly Closing and Opening

Garage door

You may have noticed that on a few occasions in the last few weeks or days after closing your garage, it suddenly opened up again. If there are no sagging or loud sounds along with this problem, the sensor might be the sole thing that’s broken.

Modern doors have sensors that alert them when they have to stop to prevent crushing something below. The sensor may begin to respond when nothing is truly there if it falls out of calibration. They suddenly reopen as a result of this. 

They Seem to Stick and Stop While Running

garage door

There are times when you might see that the door isn’t opening or closing as usual. They may appear to shake or irregularly stick to the track as it closes or opens. In a partially closed or open position, it might also come to a complete stop.

When this happens, lubrication may be all that is needed to solve the problem. The rollers and tracks of your garage door may require lubrication if it is an older model or if the air has been very dry recently. But this trembling, sticking, or stopping can be a sign that you have a couple of damaged components on your hands.

The Remote Doesn’t Work

A common garage door problem is when the remote control malfunctions. Before concluding that the harm is more severe, there are several techniques to debug this problem.

Try any other door openers you have for it first, if you have any. If all but one of the openers function, the problem is with that particular opener, and you might need to change the batteries. As an alternative, try utilizing the garage door opener instead.

The remote openers might need to be resynchronized with the door if nothing seems to be 


Damage and Dents All Over

A damaged door causes issues beyond its appearance. It’s possible that the impact that resulted in the damage and dents also caused problems with the tracks or other internal parts of the door. Furthermore, a door’s ability to close and open properly may be hampered by large dents.

It’s time to buy a new one if it has suffered significant damage.

Although a damaged garage door may seem like a mere inconvenience to you, it can seriously compromise your property value and pose serious safety risks. The best course of action when trying to fix a damaged garage door is to always hire a pro. This is always the better option because it is safer and more efficient.


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