7 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Good Mattress for Your Bedroom

Last updated on January 5, 2023

Getting a new bed for your bedroom? Here are seven reasons why you should get a good new mattress too. Read on!

Good sleep is about more than just the amount of hours you get in every night. Other factors play a huge role as well – the temperature of your bedroom, what and how long ago you’ve eaten before calling it a night, as well as what you have been doing right before bed. It isn’t a secret that if reaching for the smartphone as you’re getting ready to fall asleep is part of your evening routine, the quality of your sleep won’t be as good as it could be.

Another important thing that you need to factor in is the bed itself. If you sleep on a dirty mattress thrown on the floor, without proper bedding, you shouldn’t be surprised at the dip in your quality of sleep. You need to care about the cleanliness and quality of the surfaces you sleep on — in addition to the right bedtime routine, they are what determines the mood you’ll wake up in the next morning.

Not many people realize how much detail they should take into account when buying a new mattress. In addition to the basics, such as the material it is made out of and your preferred softness, there’s also the average life of a mattress — good ones will last you for up to twenty years, whereas some of the worse models will start popping springs after about five years or so.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a new mattress or trying to find a reason why you can’t seem to get a good night’s rest, check out our list of the main reasons why having a quality mattress is so important!

You’ll Avoid Physical Ailments

One of the most common giveaways that your mattress might be overdue for a change is frequent back pain and waking up with a hurting neck that you just can’t seem to crack in the right way. There are a couple of things that may cause these ailments, such as sleeping on a mattress that is too soft, or simply too old. Remember — when the springs start popping out at you with the speed and impact of a lightning bolt, it may be time for a little revolution in your bedroom.

It’ll Fit Just Right

Most people use mattresses that have been inherited from someone else — either their apartment’s previous owners or family members. While it’s a good way to save some cash, it isn’t necessarily all that beneficial for your comfort. Regardless of whether it is a box spring or a foam mattress, everybody’s body is different, and even if the last residents had no issues with their mattress, your experience might be different. Buying a mattress yourself will help you make sure that you’ll get just the right amount of comfort and support you need.

Investment for the Future

On average, people replace their mattresses once every ten years. That’s a really long time in and of itself, but if you buy a mattress from a reputable distributor that uses only the best materials, this average lifetime might be extended by another five years. Of course, it all depends on what types of mattresses you’re into — foam mattresses may need to be replaced much more frequently than an innerspring mattress and vice versa.

Less Stress

Sleeping on a top-quality mattress may contribute to greater pressure relief and rest quality at night, which will, in turn, contribute to a happier, less stressful morning, regardless of how early you have to wake up. Finding the right mattress may be a little intimidating, given all the available choices, but once you get it, you will notice the difference almost immediately!

Better Brain Health

It is no secret that if you haven’t slept well, you won’t be able to perform as well at work and other activities. Sleeping eight hours on a top-quality mattress will do wonders for your memory, brain function during the day, as well as the general state of your mental health.

You’ll Help Your Luck a Little

There are plenty of good things that happen to us during the day that we’re all too quick to give luck credit for. A smooth commute to work, or making the run for that train you were sure you weren’t going to catch? Was that luck, or something else? Just as sleeping well can improve your brain function, it can make that tiny difference between a good and a bad day. Keep it in mind when you go shopping for a mattress.

Stronger Immune System

Finally, the first line of defense of your body is also dependent on a solid eight hours of sleep. The immune system can benefit incredibly from sleeping in comfortable conditions, which will keep you protected from all sorts of viruses and bacteria in those fall and winter months.

The Takeaway

Buying a mattress may seem like something trivial, but it’s actually a choice that might just determine the next couple of years of your mood in the mornings. 

There are so many options to choose from! Innerspring mattresses, memory foam, side sleepers, latex foam — each type of mattress is a viable choice and is almost entirely dependent on your own perception, sleeping position, and what you’re used to. Some experts claim that the best mattresses are medium-firm, and while that is generally true, you need to remember that there are literally hundreds of manufacturers, and so the definition of what a medium-firm mattress is is also entirely subjective.


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