6 Key Things to Look for When Buying a House

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Looking for a house on the market? Do you know how to choose right? Here are the 6 key things you have to look for.

Every homeowner wants to be in a place where they feel proud and comfortable to spend most of their time in and even host guests. But achieving that ideal look isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires dedication, patience and a good sense of style.

But even with all these, there are always those amenities, such as the bathroom, bedroom, utilities(gas/electric) and HVAC, that carry more weight than others. Therefore, how you pick a house that meets your all-around needs matter a lot. So if you feel stuck, here is a basic guide on what you should look out for.

What's Inside?

The Energy System


Energy is one of the most essential utility bills in any modern household. Therefore, when choosing the energy system for your house, ensure it perfectly fits into your daily needs.

For example, consider the house appliances you have in place or plan to buy and see if it will meet their requirements. Deciding between electric and renewal depends on how Eco-friendly your other home fixtures are.

The choice also spreads to what’s in line with the regulations in your area code. Remember, you won’t enjoy peace of mind if authorities are after you. Also, ease of accessibility/availability counts.

If you’re planning on purchasing an older home, then you might consider an upgrade or total change as energy, especially electric ones, can become outdated. And if that happens to be the case, then it could pose as a fire hazard. And you definitely don’t want that.

The House’s Age/History

old house

You cannot compare a house that was built 5 years ago with one from 20 years back. The older the house, the high possibility of renovations and this factor should matter to you.

Why? Because if a house has undergone faulty repairs, be it plumbing or something else, then the effects could backfire on you.

When purchasing such a house, ensure you get detailed information on when the renovations were carried out and whether a certified contractor was involved. Don’t forget to ask for the reason behind it and above all, get paper-evidence.

All this will help you decide whether you’re ready to incur extra expenses or not.  For this one, you can decide to settle for one within a given age bracket to shorten the searching process.

Number of Bedrooms and Baths


This is vital especially if yours is a big family or if you love guest-hosting. When looking at the bedrooms, also take time to consider how far apart they’re from each other and other rooms in the house.

  • Do they each have bathrooms?
  • How much privacy do they provide?
  • Are they spacious enough?

If you have small children, you might want a room that’s closer to the master bedroom for easy accessibility during the night.

Spaces such as guest-bedrooms or one for your teenager, are better off having their own bath areas. If by any chance you wouldn’t mind a shareable bathroom, then it should be strategically positioned for all.

Still on the bathroom, decide as to whether you want one with a tub, shower or both. Do you want a separate toilet or an open space one? Remember all this boils down the privacy you want to achieve.

The HAVC (Heating Air Ventilation and Cooling) System

hvac system

The selection of the perfect HAVC system boils down to your location and house positioning. If you’re in a generally hot area, then you would want a house with large windows for fresh air and of course a cooling and ventilation system that can effectively work even when you aren’t at home.

So automated or not? Heating comes in extreme temperatures such as over winter. And all these should go in-line with the flooring of your house. What works for wooden floors might not necessarily function for tiled ones.


water faucet

Water literally runs every area of the house. From the bathroom to the kitchen, you cannot eat, bathe or dress in clean clothes without it.

So is the tap water clean? What about the one that goes to the laundry room or bathtub? Given that little organisms find a home in water, it’s advisable to verify the condition of the water supply of the house.

If it’s contaminated, are you willing to part with more cash buying bottled water? Or would you prefer having a water filter in place? Remember – it ensures clean drinking water for the house. And just like any other product, there are various types of water filters.

The major difference is whether it functions for a specific area or the whole house. Whole house water filters are economical as it cleans water from the main line before being released to the various outlets.


Classic checker kitchen floor tile idea

The floor of your house should speak volumes of who you’re as a person. What’s your style?

  • Does it complement the other fixtures you have in mind?
  • Is it in line with the location’s weather patterns?
  • What about the regulations?
  • What material is it made of?

For instance, if your desire is to get an Eco-friendly house, then you might want to consider one with bamboo or natural stone finishing.

How smooth you will want it, will also depend on whether you want to cover it with carpet or if you have little children. If your kids are still young, a flooring that will help them move around quickly and that too with their dolls is ideal.

The same case applies to the presence of elders or persons with disability and the use of wheelchairs/crutches.

Also, the pricing comes in the mix here. How much are you willing to spend in case you have to renovate? Does it match the quality it promises to offer?

For instance, manufactured wood should be carefully selected. The choice of flooring should also match the functionality of the heating and cooling system.

When choosing a house for your family/self, you’re not only selecting a place to call home but also with the comfort they deserve.

But while there are so many factors to consider in such circumstances, there are some basics that you should prioritize. The ones you can’t do without. Like the energy system, flooring, and heating system. The criteria you use in choosing them plays a significant role in landing your ideal home.