What is a Construction Project Manager and What Do They Do?

Last updated on December 3, 2020

For any project to result in success, there must be an overall leader that oversees most of the activities. When it comes to construction, that leader is known as a construction manager. If you are the project manager, then you need to understand your responsibilities.

One of the most critical roles that you should be keen on is risk management. This includes securing the safety of workers. You should also have a contingency plan that can help you manage risks well. Read on!

What's Inside?

Roles of a Construction Project Manager


Apart from risk management, you need to be good at planning so that you can accomplish every work on time without going beyond the projected budget. You have to ensure that the project is in line with the building codes. 

In the US, every building has to comply with the legal requirements, and being keen on this can prevent you from complicated legal issues. You have to come up with a project plan, discuss it with your employees, and keep on tracking its progress. A plan minimizes time wastage and makes it easy for you to complete the project. 

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Time Management

A good project manager should also be skilled in regards to managing time. You have to come up with a reasonable timeline in which the project should be completed. Since constructing a building involves different stages, you can set up a timeline for each stage and try to minimize delays. 

For you to manage time effectively, you have to come with a schedule for every construction worker. Sometimes, you may need to readjust the schedule if there are some delays. You can even use a time management app to handle time well. 

Allocating Resources

You have to be keen on distributing resources well so that you don’t experience a shortage and cost the project more money. You should know the precise materials that the project needs, where you can get them from at affordable prices, and how much you need to complete the job. Try as much as you can to minimize wastage of resources to save on costs. 

In case any changes occur along the way, you should be able to modify the overall plan so that it can provide room for the changes. Sometimes in construction projects, unforeseen circumstances occur, and knowing how to redistribute resources in this instance is a must. The lack of allocating resources well can lead to the delay of the construction project. 

Budget Management

One of the critical issues that affect how fast or slow a project gets completed is the budget. As a construction project manager, you have to manage the budget well to facilitate smooth operations. Managing the financial plan well and evaluating the budget from time to time is the secret to successful project management. 

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