What Factors in My House Affect My AC Filter?

Last updated on October 3, 2023

Your AC filter is the key component to a properly functioning air conditioning system. Here are the factors that affect its longevity. Read on!

Summer is coming to an end, and you probably feel like you won’t rely on your AC unit as much. However, the autumn months can be stuffy in some states, so you’ll still find plenty of use for it. It’s important to keep looking after your AC throughout the year, no matter the temperature outside.

You probably already know that your AC filters regularly need changing. However, you’re probably wondering: how often should I change my AC air filter? This depends on several factors. In general, people say filters should be changed approximately every month. However, the following factors in your house might affect your AC filter…



As a pet owner, you’ll need to pay more attention to your AC. While you love your furry friend, you probably know that they shed lots of fur, which can damage the quality of air. Certain filters can become clogged by this, making them less effective. So, you’ll need to do some research and find the best filters for your pet-filled home. Be aware of this if anyone with allergies comes into your home, as the AC could make it worse. You’ll probably need to change the filters more regularly, too.

Multiple Residents


If there are several people living in your house, you’ll need to change your AC filter more often. This is because more people are using the air. AC units circulate the same air, so you need to make sure that the filters are clean to prevent any germs from being spread. Try to change the filters more than once a month if you’re living in a flatshare, have a big family, or regularly have lots of guests over.



If you or other members of your household smoke, you will certainly need to change your AC filters more often. This is because the pollutants released by a cigarette are so substantial that they can rapidly coat an AC filter with residue. You don’t want this being pumped around in your home – especially if you have young children. Generally, if you do smoke, make sure you do so outdoors instead of inside the home. Don’t forget that there are plenty of schemes to help you to quit smoking, too. 



AC units can be great for those with allergies. Instead of opening the window on a hot, pollen-heavy day, you can stay cool by turning on your AC unit instead. However, if the filters aren’t changed properly, your AC unit could cause issues with your allergies, too. Just walking into a dry, cold room can cause a runny nose. So, change your filters more regularly if you are easily susceptible to a flare-up.  


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