What Are Zero Gravity Recliners? Everything You Need to Know

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Considering a zero gravity recliner for your home? First, let’s find out what it is exactly and how it works. Then you can make the right choice. Read on!

The craze on zero gravity recliners is continuously spreading throughout the entire globe. Have you ever wondered why people won’t stop talking about recliners that are believed to defy gravity? If you have not yet seen or experienced sitting on a zero-gravity recliner at least once in your life, here are a couple of useful pieces of information that you can read on to give you a picture of what it is. 

What's Inside?

What is a Zero Gravity Recliner?

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To give you a heads up, these recliners do not really defy gravity. The term came from the concept of NASA’s zero-gravity technology. The term was coined because when you use a zero-gravity recliner, you assume a position that mimics an astronaut’s position when taking off for space missions. 

How Does it Work?

A zero-gravity recliner puts you in a suspended position that allows no force of gravity to act upon your body. This distributes the person’s weight, thereby relieving stress and giving the user a whole lot of other benefits. This comes with varied adjustments and add-ons to make your experience a specialized one.

What are the Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners?

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There wouldn’t be a craze if this item has nothing to offer. Zero gravity recliners come with numerous benefits. 

Eases Pressure in the Spine

Sitting on a chair already puts a lot of pressure on our spine, prolonged periods of sitting can cause muscle tension and end up in forms of neck and back pain. Most people who suffer from these conditions are advised to assume proper positioning when sitting or lying on their backs.

When you use a zero-gravity recliner, your entire weight is distributed evenly. This then lessens and takes away spine pressure to prevent unwanted neck and back pains. This explains why the use of this product is recommended for many.

Facilitates Improved Blood Circulation

Usual sitting and standing positions have the heart pumping against gravity. While this is normal, it is good to know that you can assume a position that lets your heart pump better. Using zero-gravity recliner positions your body in a way that your heart is able to pump better, thereby effectively providing proper circulation throughout the entire body.

Aid in Improving Body Posture

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According to bestvacuumresource.com, a lot of people spend most of their time sitting in their offices or standing for a long period. While these situations are inevitable, we cannot deny the fact that their postures are suffering from these conditions. 

Hence, it is good to invest in a zero-gravity recliner as this maintains the normal “S” curve of our spine. With regular use, you will find your posture improving and your body feeling a lot better.

Helps in Back Surgery Post-Operative Period

A lot of people go through back surgery and spend a couple of months recovering. Recovery comes with pain and requires proper body positioning. It is recommended for people who had back surgery to use zero gravity recliners to lessen pain and recovery time.  

Good for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy comes with mobility issues. It is hard for a pregnant woman to stay sitting, standing or in a certain position for a long time. Most of the time, they develop back pains and have a hard time finding a good position to sleep in. 

This is where zero-gravity recliners come in. Women who use this have a better chance of getting a better night of sleep. This is because its design allows the user to assume a position that relieves back pain and lessens muscle straining. 

Eliminate and Prevent Snoring

Snoring is a common occurrence for many. This happens because airflow is impeded or obstructed. This usually comes from improper positioning. When you use the zero-gravity recliner, you assume a position that facilitates better airflow. Hence, the chances of having obstructions can be eliminated. 

A Useful Buying Guide for Zero Gravity Recliners 

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Determine Your Physical Needs

Thanks to technology, zero gravity recliners come with varied functions. This is why knowing your physical needs and intent for buying is important. Determine whether you need this for proactive functions or for rehabilitative purposes. 

While this automatically provides support to your muscles and joints, some can be equipped with additional features such as massage and heating systems. You can also choose among the different designs to accommodate your body build and preferred comfort.

Check for Space and Size

The size of the zero-gravity recliner you are to purchase should depend on the person who is going to use it. There are a couple of models with size differences to make sure there is one for everyone. Most zero gravity recliners have an ergonomic design, so make sure to give it a try to make sure it fits you well. 

It is also important to know where you are going to place the recliner. Will you be working in a spacious room or are you in a tighter location? Knowing this will give you an idea on what size of recliner to buy.

Set a Budget

Expect to find a wide array of choices to choose from. Setting a specific amount or price range can help narrow down your options and help you decide on which model to get. This also gives you an idea of whether you can afford some add-ons to the recliner you want.

Zero gravity recliners have revolutionized the concept of functionality, style, and comfort. This is a good investment for those who want to maximize their efficiency while taking better care of their health. Learning about the benefits can help you realize if this is something that you should be looking out for. Use the buying guide to help you choose the right one for you. Get one for yourself and prepare to see the improvement it gives you and those around you. 

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