What Are the Uses of Makita Grinders?

Last updated on June 27, 2024

Makita grinders are no doubt the most popular angle grinders out there. So much so, that it’s often used as a general term. What are their uses?

An angle grinder is a versatile tool that’s essential in every handyman’s toolbox. Although the tool is capable of serious jobs, it can be dangerous if you don’t how to use it. The best part about angle grinders is that they can deal with labor-intensive tasks. With the right attachment, it makes projects easier to handle. The tool is a welder’s best friend and almost all construction workers have one on hand for various tasks.

How Does an Angle Grinder Work?

angle grinder cutting

An angle grinder can be battery-powered or come with an electrical cord. Today, you may also find some pneumatic versions in the market. It has a threaded spindle at a 90-degree angle from the tool’s body. There’s a distinct nut that secures different attachments to the spindle.

Once you turn on an angle grinder’s power, the attachment in the spindle turns up to 12,000 RMP along with a fair amount of torque. Due to this power, the tool is able to grind, cut, and polish effectively. You can find angle grinders in different sizes. Depending on what you need, you can determine the size through the largest disc that can fit into the tool.

A Closer Look at the Various Uses of a Makita Grinder 

makita angle grinder polishing

Depending on the task you’re handling, your Makita grinder is ready for any job. With the right attachments, an angle grinder is an efficient tool that’s worthy of investment.


The main purpose of angle grinders is to grind surfaces. You can use it in any type of area. The grinding discs are available in different types of abrasive materials such as carbide, aluminum, diamond, etc.

There are several types of grinding discs, which are available in various styles and sizes. Heavy-duty ones are ideal for industrial projects that involve large amounts of material, while their lightweight counterparts are suitable for DIY use.

On the other hand, you’ll need different grinding discs for the roughing and finishing processes. The former requires sturdier discs, while you’ll want to use soft-touch ones for the latter.

You’ll also have to consider the quality of carbon brushes in your grinder. It comes in contact with the commutator on the armature of the grinder and is responsible for conveying electric current to the rotating armature.


You can also use an angle grinder to cut materials. The tool can cut almost any construction material, such as masonry, metal, plastic, ceramic, and wood. Its ability to cut different materials makes the grinder one of the must-have power tools that you should invest in.

Makita has also produced a cordless grinder, which makes it easier to move without worrying about unwittingly cutting a wire and electrocuting yourself. This increases the efficiency and safety of your workspace.

Smoothing and Polishing

When using the smoothing and polishing attachments on your angle grinder, you can improve the appearance of any surface. You can transform a rough surface into a smooth finish. A material with a dull appearance or stain can turn into something that has uniform color and texture.


If you are going to drill something, you can use your angle grinder. You can use drill bit chucks that attach to the spindle of the grinder. After attaching, you can fasten drill bits in various sizes into the chuck like an ordinary drill chuck. You can use the diamond-tipped hole saw attachments. Attach to the spindle of the grinder. Use it to cut through ceramics such as tiles or even kitchen or bathroom ware.

Cleaning Surfaces 

An angle grinder is also a good tool to use when cleaning up rusty or painted surfaces. When dealing with this type of task, you should use a cleaning wheel. The plastic stripping discs have a soft nylon web-like material with fine silicon carbide. It works by removing paint, lacquer, or any coating that did not fuse to metal.


Angle grinders are also useful in sharpening other tools. Although this is not always the ideal way, it might be an option if your tools, like knives, shears, and lawnmower blades, need immediate sharpening and all you have is your angle grinder. You can use an angle grinder for both the roughing and finishing. Some of the tools that you can sharpen are those that have an edge, both single and double-sided for home or industrial purposes.

The Takeaway

Makita angle grinder

An angle grinder is a versatile tool that has a variety of applications in homes and other industries. Regardless of what you are going to use the angle grinder for, you must always invest in high-quality equipment, like the ones manufactured by Makita. This way, you can have the best output while boosting your efficiency and safety when you grind, cut, smooth, polish, drill, clean, and sharpen stuff.


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