When it comes to home décor, wood cannot be overlooked. In fact, many people around the world can’t think of a home without wood. It is true as well. You need furniture, bed and flooring to make a room or place complete. But the inconsiderate use of wood over the last few decades has sent alarm bells ringing about environmental concerns. Here is a great solution. Use bamboo. It is such an adaptable, versatile, trendy and durable thing that you won’t miss the presence of traditional wood types like pine, deodar, or oak which are disappearing fast.

Is bamboo a type of wood?

Technically speaking, no. In fact, it is considered a grass. However, if you have seen a bamboo plant you must realize that it is an extraordinary grass as it can rise to hundreds of feet in the sky and stand the toughest of the storms.

Is it strong enough?

If you know about Chinese tradition, you would realize that bamboo was the main item used in home construction and buildings. And the decades and centuries old buildings that stand even today are testimony to the strength of bamboo. So, bamboo is strong enough to be used in homes for furniture, flooring and others things.

Can it be used in different styles?

Yes, bamboo can be used in any way you like it. Millions of homes use it in different forms, colours and shapes. You can make a bed from it or a sofa. In fact, furniture made from bamboo is quite popular around the world. Bamboo comes in different qualities and sizes. The costing depends on these two factors. Though it is less costly than many wood types, it is not actually cheap. However, with different types of bamboo and its varying prices, you can always find something that would fit your budget.